281 Good Memories

    At Life Hospital...

    An accident patient was rushed in the emergency room in a very serious condition due to head injury. His scans and other examinations showed that his head injury needed an immediate and major operation that only Yera was perfect in performing. Yera was out of the hospital so Dion attended the said patient and called Yera to reach soon and ordered the staff to start preparing for the surgery.

    Yera was panting when she arrived inside the operating room. She saw Dion preparing for the surgery as the head surgeon as he told her on the call.

    \"Are you confident about it?\" Yera asked Dion who smiled and nodded. Yera heaved a long sigh and signaled Dion to continue in scrubbing his hand.

    Dion entered the operating room as the head surgeon while Yera was the assisting surgeon in the surgery.

    \"This is Dr. Dion Han and I will be the head operating surgeon. The nurses and doctors inside were caught off guard but none commented.

    The nurse relayed the current condition of the patient while the anaesthesiologist confirmed that the patient was ready. Dion began with the operation while Yera monitored her brother closely. She smiled seeing how meticulously Dion mustered everything flawlessly. It was a complicated operation and she was worried at first, but seeing how her well brother was performing the surgery and how he paid attention to each and every tiny detail she taught him, she felt really proud of him.

    The operation lasted for several hours but it was a successful one. Yet it was too early to rejoice because the patient's status needed to be monitored for the coming couple of hours.

    Dion went out of the operating room and faced the wife and daughters of the patient who were anxiously waiting for any information with bulging red eyes that was most probably because of hours of crying.

    Dion smiled and said, \"the operation is successful but we have to...\"

    That instant the wife slumped on the floor and sobbed as she kept saying, \"Oh God thank you. Doctor thank you... Thank you so much you saved him...\"

    Same went with his two daughters who were still in their school uniforms, they mumbled with a cry, \"Dad is alive Doc right?\"

    Dion helped the wife to get up as he nodded to the kids and whispered, \"yes dad is alive and you all will see him soon so you two must behave well so he'll be happy as soon as he opens his eyes...\"

    Dion tried his best to compose himself and control the tears that were starting to build up in his eyes. This was the feeling... the feeling that he wanted to experience a lot... Saving lives and helping people like this... He wanted to continue living like this.

    Yera watched her brother with a satisfied smile. 'He looks so happy and achieved...' she mused. When the patient's family left, Yera patted Dion's shoulder and said, \"I guess I can enjoy a lot of vacations now... Since you can cover for me everytime...\"

    Dion grinned and said, \"Nah... You can as early as tomorrow sis. Enjoy my brother-in-law and I will handle everything from here.\"

    Yera laughed. How nice it would be to go out of the country with her husband.

    Evening came and Yera was picked up by Xander. \"Hmm, it's not the way home. Are we going somewhere else?\"

    \"Yeah... I want to date my wife this evening...\" Xander answered with a grin and added, \"We have a bucket list of things you wanna do so we will do them little by little.\"

    They stopped at a private port and Yera blushed as she recalled that she had mentioned to Xander that she wanted a date in a private yacht with him since the first date that she had on a yacht was a nightmare with Lyndon where she ended up getting kidnapped.

    \"I will remove all the memories and nightmares about your yacht date and replace them with good memories darling...\" Xander whispered in Yera's ear before the couple boarded the yacht.

    Yera crinkled her nose and blushed seeing how romantic her husband was to think of this idea. There were petals everywhere and at the center was a table, where a candlelit dinner was prepared, on the yacht deck. with a beautiful view of the city and the sky as the yacht moved further.

    The romantic music was so enticing that each action of her handsome husband started sending waves of happiness in her. Yera was overwhelmed with the romantic ambience and the pampering by her husband who had arranged the best meals that were all her favourite for the dinner. She enjoyed every bite of everything thoroughly.

    Xander had some wine but he had Yera served with fresh fruit juice instead.

    \"Why?\" she asked with knitted brows. \"Well you must be careful now. We don't know yet if you are pregnant or not. Yera grinned and drank the fruit juice then commented, \"Hmp, don't expect too much alright it's too early and we will get disappointed if it did not end up as we expect it to be.

    Xander with a mischievous grin teased, \"Well we can always work on making it happen, like tonight...\" Yera twitched her mouth and grumbled. \"You pervert.\" Xander laughed and he suddenly stood up from his chair and offered his hand to Yera, \"Mrs. Yang, would you like to dance with me?\"

    Yera smiled and accepted her husband's hand for a dance. \"It's the prom night compensation that you missed...\" Xander whispered in her ear as she felt him pull her waist and body close to his. She placed her arms on his neck as Xander began swaying.

    \"Geez... You should have let me change into a gown first so it could be more realistic...\" Yera commented with a grin. \"Nah, no need, I will eventually only remove it soon, so no need of wasting any energy in changing into a gown...\" Xander seductively whispered in her ear.

    \"You're such a naughty husband huh?\" Yera murmured with pouted lips as she turned around to show her fake anger to him but Xander grabbed her from behind and dragged her into his embrace, keeping his head on her shoulders he hugged her waist from behind and locked her in his arms.

    Yera also leaned her head on her husband's chest and clung tightly onto him. She wanted to feel his warmth against the cold breeze brought by the sea.

    She felt blissful and blessed to be in this place with the most handsome man who not only was her husband but also loved her deeply.

    Yera lifted her head and saw the handsome face of her husband. She gently touched his lips and murmured, \"You have successfully replaced my nightmare with sweet memories like this. That's so nice of you darling and I really appreciate it. Thank you...\"

    Xander chuckled lightly and grumbled in affirmation and started swaying with the music slowly and seductively, moving his hands all over her front and sending shivers down her spine.

    The music was very deep, slow and romantic. Yera was unable to stand strongly on her legs. Xander wrapped her in his arms and inhaled her scent with his face on the crook of her neck.

    Yera could feel the heat in his breath and when the cold wind from the sea hit her face, her senses told her that she needed her husband to be more close to her and provide her with warmth all over her body.

    She turned to face him and leaned in to seal her husband's lips passionately...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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