282 Tear It*

    Xander was lost in that passionate and intruding kiss by his wife and was completely dominated by his desires as Yera used her lips and tongue in a very seductive way making his whole body desire for more and more.

    After a while Yera pulled back from his lips and said, "Mr. Yang, thanks for the prom dance with me. I would never forget this lovely prom night on the deck of the yatch."

    Xander lifted his brows and smiled, with eyes filled with mischief he said, "Welcome beautiful, but don't you think there must be some reward for making a beautiful young high school girl so happy?"

    "Was that kiss not enough reward for a dance Mr. Pervert?" Yera exclaimed when she sensed the meaning of his words.

    Xander rubbed the back of his right hand on her cheek and playfully said, "Beautiful lady, a kiss is not the reward, in fact it is just the starting of a reward any man would take from such a gorgeous beauty in front of him."

    Yera gasped and flicked his hand from her waist and ran away from him. Seeing this, Xander ran behind her, caught her and smirked before saying, "Wife, if you are trying to test the patience your husband has, then let me tell you... I can not keep any more restraint when you are in front of me. You seduced me and now you are going to pay for it."

    Yera on the other hand laughed out loudly and said, "I am waiting for this punishment darling, but wouldn't your wife mind you punishing me in such an extraordinary manner?"

    Xander was flabbergasted on seeing her role playing mode, seeing his looks, Yera seductively smiled and kissed his neck and then licked him there. Xander gasped heavily and with one hand tightened his hold on her waist and moved his other hand to rub on her breasts and cupped one of her soft balls of butter and squeezed it.

    Xander and Yera started the game of foreplay on the deck of the yacht and while Yera used her hands to open a few buttons of his shirt, Xander slid his hands under her crop top and got hold of her breasts and pinched on her nipples. He could feel the hardness of her and the intensity with which she wanted him.

    Yera on the other hand, kissed him all the way from his neck, licking and kissing his fair beautiful skin came down to his strong chest. She was panting with pleasure at what Xander was giving him, yet she didn't want to surrender in front of him by showing her weakness.

    Xander whispered in his hoarse voice, "Darling, agree to come inside the cabin with me or else I will punish you right now and right here."

    "Mr. Yang, does this behaviour suit your status in any way? What would you do to me once I agree to come into the cabin with you." Yera continued her act and said, smirking at her husband who seemed to look frustrated with not getting what he wanted.

    Xander then pushed Yera to rest her back on the railing and abruptly slipped his hand inside her skirt and pushed his two fingers inside her cave and thrust them deeply. His actions were very fast and sudden and Yera was caught off guard by him. Her eyes widened, gasping, she looked around and saw a few staff members walking at a little distance from them. She immediately forgot her act and looked at him with pleading eyes. Xander moved his fingers making her whimper and she then dared not move even an inch from her place.

    "So beautiful woman, have you remembered who my wife is and how jealous she behaves when I come close to anyone else other than her?" Xander asked her. Getting no response from her, he thrust his fingers again and this time a little more deeper and with faster movements, making Yera fluster and pleading to him.

    "Darling, please not here, see those staff members, those waiters can come here anytime... ahh!! Please..."

    "So, who is my wife?"

    "I am... ummhh... I am sorry..."

    Xander again thrust his fingers in her and said, "Next time you tease me darling, I will finish the act and not spare you."

    Xander pulled out his fingers and pressed his lips against hers and kissed her deeply. Yera was already feeling weak in her knees and his kiss made her desire for him rise to sky high.

    "Please darling, let's go inside the cabin." She pleaded to Xander.

    Xander immediately carried his wife inside their cabin. "Darling, why do you have to tease me in such a way and make me lose control and want you like I want nothing else in  my life..." Xander muttered with a devious grin as he gently placed his wife on the bed.

    "You will have to pay for your mischief now darling..." Yera teasingly whispered as she pulled her husband's neck and had him on top of her while she kissed him carelessly, making Xander whimper for more from her.

    His wife was feasting on his upper and lower lips alternately before it went all the way into deepening her kiss. Xander thought his lips would swell with the longest sucking his wife did on his lips. He could not even interrupt her and he could only moan in enjoyment. His wife seemed to be transformed into a wild tigress suddenly?

    "Darling let me unbutton my sleeve. No need to tear it like that," Xander huskily whispered as he got an opportunity to breathe when Yera's lips spared him for a few seconds. Yera did not listen and continued tearing his sleeves apart as she wanted to feel the heat of his skin mingle with hers. She even rolled over him and undid his pants.

    Xander was breathing heavily as the soft touch of his wife sent sensations of ripples of excitement and passion in his entire body. Ecstasy filled his body with his wife's rough but sensual actions. He was breathless as he watched his wife strip in front of him effortlessly with an evil grin on her face. Xander blinked several times making sure it was really his wife on top of him. "Since when did you learn grinning like that?" he unconsciously voiced out.

    Yera wrinkled her nose and seductively bent down on his face and whispered in his ear, "I learnt it from you... Where else?" Xander shivered as his wife breathed and playfully licked his earlobe.


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