283 Don’t You Dare Visit My Wife**

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    Xander growled as Yera's lips began trailing on his jawline to his neck, collarbone and then chest where she lasted long while she licked and kissed and sucked on his nipples and made him ask for more and more...

    It was torturing for him now as he could feel the dripping down in between his thighs with the sensual and ecstatic feeling his wife was sending throughout his body by simply sucking, licking and nibbling with his nipples alternately. She seemed to enjoy it while her fingers would tease the other protruded nipple of his.

    Xander groaned in enjoyment but Yera paused. Xander opened his eyes and looked at his wife who was chuckling as she winked. Then she suddenly grabbed Xander's member, gently stroking it, which made Xander gulp. Yera intently stared at him while she rubbed him as if checking the expression on his face well whether he was enjoying it or not.

    "Darling... Do you enjoy the hand or the mouth?" Xander heard Yera ask out of nowhere. Xander almost choked at that question and could not answer that instant.

    Yera grinned seeing her husband was in deep thought. "I will give you a demonstration so you can compare and tell. How about that?"

    Xander was about to answer but before he could find words and put it in his mouth, Yera was  quick and crawled down in between his thighs and she started to do his member with her mouth first and then she stopped and replaced it with her hands. Xander did not know how to react but the result was just the same. He was soon about to reach his climax and he did not want it to happen outside and waste this opportunity of planting his extraordinarily handsome genes in her womb for fruiting as soon as possible!

    Xander gently pulled his wife and rolled over as he pinned her down under him. Pressing her down, gaining control of the session, he lay on top of her and said, "You are teasing me darling... Do you know what I enjoy the most? Not your hand or your mouth but being inside you..." Xander whispered with a hoarse voice as he began to move between Yera's thighs for one strong deep thrust after confirming his wife was ready.

    Yera moaned as she felt her husband inside of her, gently thrusting inside her, that gradually fastened. She wrapped his neck with her soft arms while she kissed him and joined his rhythm, sending sparks of love in both their bodies as both reached their pinnacle together.

    Yera hugged her husband tightly and Xander felt it was hard to breathe so he gently moved and whispered, "Darling I can't breathe..." Yera immediately loosened her grip and snuggled into her husband's warmth as soon as Xander was beside her.

    Xander chuckled because it was usually him who would embrace and hug his wife tightly as soon as they reached their climax. This time he could sense his wife was very clingy.

    "The party is tomorrow and we will announce our marriage ceremony at the party. I'm too excited..." Xander whispered with a smile. Yera chuckled. It was decided that the next day, at Dion's party, the announcement about their relationship would be made making it look like she and Xander were just engaged and would soon have their marriage ceremony, since the secret marriage they had was not known to others.

    "Yes me too. I hope Dion clears everything about Cali and himself and let Mr. Lua know the truth because I'm afraid Mr. Lua will also prefer to take the opportunity tomorrow to formally announce or probably request rather force Dion to formally announce his so-called relationship with Cali, though I could be wrong..." Yera voiced out her mind. She then lazily snuggled closer and buried her face on her husband's neck.

    "Hmm, I'm sure Dion will not let it happen. Anyway, I'm really excited to announce our marriage and I will not let that Mr. Lua take away our spotlight tomorrow..." Xander grumbled. He wanted to crush that old man down completely, but then Life Hospitals group would get adversely affected.

    There was a moment of silence. Then Xander felt a warm kiss on his neck and heard his wife say, ""I love you so much Xander Yang... you are my life"

    Xander blushed and had a wide smile on his face and whispered, "I love you more than my life darling." It was exhilarating to hear such words from his wife, as it rarely ever happened that she would say those beautiful words to him first. It feels like melodious music to his ears... Words he would want to hear from his wife more and more often.

    "Darling?" Xander muttered when he heard no response. He chuckled hearing his wife's little snoring. Lately his wife had been busy with a lot of emergency surgeries, she was possibly too tired that she would easily sleep like that while talking within a couple of minutes.

    He stared at the ceiling as he imagined himself holding a cute little baby in his arms. He chuckled as he imagined his father being a proud and spoiling grandfather. He bet his father would either live with them only or would be often present wherever they would be, just to be always able to play with his grandchild.

    Xander then let out a long sigh and kissed his wife's head. How he hoped his wife was finally pregnant that he chanted, "You Red Alert... Don't you dare visit my wife tomorrow!" Yera's period should begin tomorrow and Xander was praying for it not to happen.

    "Little Xander... or little Yera... Dad is hoping for you..." he whispered while caressing her abdomen gently, before totally closing his eyes.

    Yera heard her husband's mumbling in her light sleep. She smiled knowing at how excited he was. She too was hoping for it... Hoping that red alert would not dare disappoint them. She of course had been noticing some changes in herself from a few days however, there were also possibilities that it could be just a simple hormonal change due to change of sleeping pattern and anxiety she had in the past few days because not only was she back to surgeries but her sleeping schedules were changed too.

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