284 Any Hiccups

    The evening of Dion's party finally arrived. Dion was honestly waiting for this day because he had prepared something special for Rizie. He picked up the small delicate and beautiful box and opened to see its contents once more before keeping it in his pocket, and grinned. Today he was confident about asking Rizie for her hand in marriage because he could feel that Rizie had deep feelings in her heart for him already like he had for her. He had planned to confess to her tonight and ask for the two of them to get engaged.

    He called secretary Ness once again to re-confirm if everything was already in place. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and admired himself for looking a little more handsome than usual in the white shirt and maroon tuxedo with a matching tie chosen by his mother. He heard knocking on his door and he smiled seeing his gorgeous mother, looking extraordinarily beautiful in her lovely evening dress that enhanced her slim figure and highlighted her beautiful collar bones in the boat shaped neck, when she opened the door and entered inside.

    "Hmmm, you look like you're just in your early thirties gorgeous. Who would have thought that you're a mother of a grown up handsome man? All those single women have no match with your beauty madame..." Dion praised, teasing his mother with his grin.

    "Well no wonder you're handsome... That's because I have passed my good genes generously to you. Look at you. I'm so proud of you my son. Thank you for growing out to be such a fine young man." Liz mumbled with love as she fixed Dion's tie. "Hmm, thank you also mom for always being there. I can't thank you enough for always supporting me in whatever I do..."

    Liz smiled as she wrinkled her nose trying not to cry because her make-up would get messed up. "I'm lucky too to have such a nice sister mom..." Dion added.

    "Yeah your sister is so excited and busy in giving you a grand party. She wants to make sure that the world knows your existence as her brother. She really adores you, I can not be more happier about all this. There's even a lot of media invited..." Liz whispered.

    Then she continued, "Your sister has already left for the venue to check everything... and Xander is still at Yang Globals, but will be on his way and reach on time he said. Rizie was the early bird, making sure everything is perfect."

    Dion chuckled, he narrowed eyes at his mother and teased, "How about uncle Yang? You didn't tell about his plans for tonight. Don't you know his itinerary? I'm sure you're so happy since you got invited to dine with him in his mansion but I don't know why you turned him down, don't you think dragging this act of playing hard to get might keep you in loss somehow..."

    Dion was talking about the day elder Yang had called everyone for dinner in his mansion including his mother. Well unfortunately his mother did not join them at the dinner  saying she had some other dinner appointment. Dion being the kind of son he was, knew she was pretending and did not buy her excuses at all.

    "Mother, if you are really serious about uncle Yang I will always support you in this and wish you also get the desired happiness in life. But do not drag it too much and try to sort things out soon, because even for uncle Yang it might be a difficult decision to make, seeing his son has already settled down and the love he had for his wife because of which he never got together with anyone again. Even if he would have feelings for you he might hesitate in voicing it all out. So I would suggest to make things clear in your heart and then get his clear view as well."

    "Hmm... I will talk to him later. Don't worry I will not drag it too long son. That would be the last time. I think he has realized something already." His mother answered followed by a laugh then paused as she recalled something thrilling she accidentally witnessed just this morning.

    "By the way... Is your sister alright?" Liz suddenly asked Dion that made him crease

    his forehead in concern as he asked, "Yeah... Why?"

    Liz went down early to help Yera prepare the breakfast when she saw her eating green mangoes early in the morning.

    "I think she's pregnant. I saw her eating green mangoes this morning... Maybe she's craving from something sour? I was about to ask her but then my mobile phone rang and I got an urgent call, then later it slipped from my mind to ask her about it. Anyway, she's herself a doctor so she should know better." Liz nonchalantly commented.

    Dion recalled that instant where he had seen her the other day in the office with green mangoes and shrimp paste. Could it be that his sister was pregnant already?

    "Hmm, maybe she's not aware yet since bro Xander is not yet bragging about it? But I will talk to her later and advise her to take a pregnancy test so she could take care of herself properly in case your hunch is right..." Dion commented feeling giddy and excited to tease his sister.

    "Well how else can you explain it? Eating sour things so early in the morning unless she has a craving for it... But anyway, I hope she is and I'm sure even James will be too happy about it..." Liz commented because she often heard how he wanted to be a grandfather from Xander's father. The old man was really aching for a grandchild to play with. She too would love to have kids around so she would probably encourage Dion to give her one soon.

    At Yang Globals Hospital, Rui shook his head seeing the bag of different pregnancy test kits that Xander had asked assistant Ron to buy. "Seriously Dr. CEO? Do you think Yera will try them all?" Rui commented as he waited for Xander to finish dressing up for the party.

    Xander laughed as he fixed his tie in the mirror. "Well, I have to have Yera collect her urine sample this evening and hand it to me. I asked her and she still hasn't had her period... She just needs to pee in a cup and I will do the dropping of samples in those test kits..." Xander excitedly hummed.

    Rui was so speechless but looking how his friend was so happy and proud, he couldn't help but be happy for him too. "How I wish you are right my dear friend... Don't forget to make me the godfather alright..." Rui bantered as he stood up seeing Xander was ready to leave for the private parking area.

    "Make sure you guard your subject well..." Xander mumbled before going inside the backseat of the car. Rui let out a sigh and watched Xander's car move. He went inside his car as soon as it stopped in front of him.

    "Go tot Candice's place first, let us pick her up..." Rui instructed his driver.


    Meanwhile at the other side of the building, a man was focussed on his telescope not far from the Dami Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the city.

    Another man entered the room and he asked, "Are we all set? I don't want any hiccups this time or the King will definitely kill us after several failures!"

    "Yes Sir... I'm sure this time we won't miss..." the man who was one of his lackeys confirmed. He grinned and hissed, "Make sure hammerhead or else I will be the one to eliminate your team this time before the King even finds out about it!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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