285 Collapsed

    At Lua's Mansion

    Mr. Lua creased his forehead at Cali. "Why don't you ask one of our men to get that instead?" he exclaimed because Cali told him to go to the venue first since she needed to do a stopover.

    "Don't worry grandpa, I won't be that late okay. You go first and tell Dion that I'll be there soon. I want to personally check my gift for him so please go now alright. I'll be there soon following behind you." Cali insisted and gave her grandfather one last smile with a pose and asked, "Before you leave, how about you comment first on how your granddaughter looks?"

    Mr. Lua shook his head and said, "You look perfect my dear. Dion is definitely lucky. Okay I'll go ahead now and make sure you are there in time. You know how the traffic at Dami Bridge can be and how slow the car will run at times there." Cali nodded with a wink.

    To be honest, she had a gift both for Dion and Rizie so she wanted to go to the party in a separate car instead of going with her grandfather. Besides,  she was even contemplating whether to attend the party at all or not, as she had a feeling that her grandfather had schemed something regarding the relationship of Dion and her at that party and that was a major factor for her to hesitate.

    She had already warned Dion and Rizie about it but the couple was still in disagreement. Dion wanted to stop the act while Rizie insisted to continue saying they could stop it once they achieved something out of it. Rizie seemed to be ready to go all out with the plan.

    Cali released a frustrated sigh as she went inside the car. She was touched by how Rizie put so much trust in her or maybe Rizie was just overly confident about Dion's feelings towards her. She was sure Dion would not fall for her but no one knew what the future held, and this act was going to stretch for a few more months if not brought to a stop soon. But of course, she herself was confident about seeing Dion with a brotherly feeling only and nothing more.

    Cali went to pick her gift and after that stop over decided to be on her way to the party. She creased her forehead when the car slowed down. "What was that?" Cali asked her driver as she looked out the window. Vehicles were slowing down in different lanes as they crossed Dami's Bridge.

    "I'm not sure I missed it. Maybe it's just simple traffic. This bridge is well known for one of the busiest areas in the city... the government should do something about it already." Cali's driver commented.

    Cali twitched her mouth and mumbled, "Politics..."

    Suddenly she heard an ear deafening loud sound like a bomb blast... Her car suddenly shook like a leaf in a storm and the whole scene in front of her turned into chaos. She saw people running from both sides while others went out of their car to look at what was happening. Cali screamed as she saw the bridge where their car stood started collapsing in front of her and as she was trying to pick her phone to call someone she felt something hit her head and then she could see nothing but there was total black out in front of her eyes and slowly she lost consciousness .

    News flashes appeared on every television screen at home and outside the city. Dami Bridge had collapsed and an emergency team rushed to the site to check and save every survivor they could.

    It was a heart wrenching scene, people were trapped in the debris and some were crying for help. There were many casualties and the impact of the bridge collapse was huge... Ambulances had lined up and the sound of their sirens could be heard from afar and all the ways along the road were blocked as those cars rushed only to one site, at Dami Bridge. Media people had gathered too quickly and were reporting live. The policemen were everywhere along with the disaster management teams and everyone including civilians and NGOs were ready to give help.

    Back at the building not far from Dami Bridge, a loud laugh was heard in one of the rooms as the man watched the smoke from the bridge. "Bravo!!! Now, I wanna hear the names of the dead. Give me the names and make sure I must see the name of that person in it!!!" he exclaimed to one of his men while still grinning. Finally, the mission was completed!


    At Regent Hotel

    "What's going on?" Yera mumbled when she saw a commotion inside the function hall as most of the guests started checking their mobile phones. Many of them frantically started calling their family members and even receiving calls from their loved ones about their whereabouts. She could hear the loud murmurs in the party hall and almost everyone had a shocking expression on their face. She was too busy with entertaining the guests that she could not even get a hold of her mobile phone.

    "Oh my gosh... This can't be true," she heard one of the media persons breathe in disbelief..

    Yera saw Rizie rushing towards her, she was panting and worry was written all over her face when she asked in panic, "Sis, where is bro Xander now? Have you talked to him already? Is he near the hotel?"

    By that moment Dion and his mother had already arrived, as did Senior Yang who were all looking for Yera and Xander as soon as they reached inside the function hall.

    "I can't reach Xander. Rui said he left first from the hospital" Senior Yang muttered with trembling hands as he dialled assistant Ron.

    "What happened? What's going on?" Yera asked with a confused look. Everyone looked worried and distressed before her.

    "Sis, the Dami's bridge had collapsed..." Dion muttered. Just like Rui, Dion was hoping that his brother-in-law Xander must have been stuck in traffic only and was not anywhere close to or was passing by Dami bridge when it collapsed because they would eventually pass through the said bridge while going to the venue.

    Yera's facial muscle trembled while her heart suddenly pounded hard. She gulped and grabbed her mobile phone in her purse. With trembling hands, she dialed Xander's number but it could not be reached. Her heart was sinking and she started to have some bad premonition...

    "There are many casualties and many patients are brought to our hospital as well. Most of our medical staff is here. I have to send them back to the hospital to take care of the situation there." Dion burst as soon as he read all his messages. He looked at his mother and Rizie, "Mom... Riz... please take care of the rest and other guests."

    Dion at that instant announced what happened and asked all the doctors and nurses to report back to the hospital urgently to help.

    "I got Ron on the phone," Yera heard her father-in-law exclaimed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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