286 Hang In There

    "Are you safe? Where is Xander? How is he? Why is his phone not getting connected? What! I can't understand Ron. Slow down Ron..." Senior Yang said. He looked anxious though he tried to calm his voice.

    Ron was talking anxiously and very fast, his words almost jumbled coming out from his mouth as he shouted from the other side. He was conscious though he felt his entire body aching and small and big wounds were there on his entire body as well.

    Senior Yang looked at Yera as the call ended. "What happened father? Xander? Where is he? He's safe right? He must be with Rui? Both safe right father? Please say his safe..." Yera asked, gasping while she was saying her silent prayers for her husband to be safe.

    "Xander... was on the bridge when it collapsed dear, Ron is in the ambulance with Xander... Please don't worry, everything will be fine..." Senior Yang muttered with trembling lips. He could not dare relay what Ron said to Yera.

    Yera immediately understood the seriousness of the situation seeing the conflicted and worried face of her father-in-law so she  said, "Father, tell Ron to make sure they are brought to Life Globals, I will personally look after Xander's case."

    That instant, Yera rushed with Dion and the rest to Life Globals where everyone involved in the accident was brought.

    Among the guests who rushed to the hospital was Mr. Lua who came to know that Cali was also being rushed to the hospital because she was also involved in this accident and was in a critical condition.

    The emergency room was filled with patients from the collapsed bridge. Yera assessed other patients as she waited for Xander's ambulance that took more time than usual  because of the traffic jam on the road..

    "Dr. Han, CEO Yang's ambulance is here..." Dr. Xiao informed her after some time and Yera rushed to the entrance. She saw Xander being moved out of the ambulance on a stretcher. Blood was everywhere on his face and his body. He was almost unconscious, while Ron was on his side. "Go check on him..." Yera instructed Dr. Xiao to check Ron who was also injured.

    Yera got the initial findings of the doctor in the ambulance and she instructed all necessary tests for Xander who was unconscious. She leaned down, touched his face and in a low yet strong voice whispered in his ear, "Stay strong darling. I will save you. I am right here with you... please... Hang in there..."

    Another ambulance arrived... Mr. Lua burst out crying seeing Cali's condition. "Oh God, my child, what happened to you? Please open your eyes! Somebody please save her!!!" He personally pushed the stretcher along with the medical staff and followed her to the emergency room. His eyes were constantly raining tears and he felt completely broken when he saw this condition of his dear grandchild.

    Mr. Lua was almost hysterical inside the emergency room and he had to be given a shot to calm him down.

    "This is a total mess," one of the emergency doctors murmured. Forty were already proclaimed dead on arrival while many were in critical condition and others were badly injured. Everyone who needed surgery was almost immediately engaged in surgeries.

    Except for two more patients who needed one major and complicated surgery in the head since a lot of things were needed to be considered before deciding whether to proceed or not for operations, not to forget that Dr. Yang was the CEO of the rival hospital and if any mishap happened in his case things would go very wrong.

    One of the doctors sighed while looking at the CT scans in the doctor's room at the ER. "This is too complicated..." They were looking at the CT scans of two patients. "Only Dr. Yera Han would be brave enough to handle these both cases..."

    Yera entered the room and immediately focused on her husband's case. She was expressionless, among all the doctors she was the only one who looked calm and emotionless.

    "I will personally handle Xander Yang's surgery. Prepare the operating room" Yera instructed while she closely studied the scan and all other reports of Xander's tests.

    "We must inform his guardians before we..." one of the doctors said.

    "I am his wife..."

    Yera simply and calmly answered while she reinstructed the nurse to get her the team and prepare the operating room including the patient. Yera was about to leave the room when Dion entered.

    All the doctors inside were left mouth agape. "I haven't seen someone as strong as her. I mean did you see her shed a single tear since she arrived? Everyone looks toxic while she is so calm looking at each patient... To think that she is Xander Yang's wife? CEO Yang who was in the most critical condition... Still she will operate on him?" one of the doctors commented.

    Dion sighed. His sister was definitely crying inside but she must compose herself physically and mentally to conduct a successful operation on his brother-in-law. If she collapsed at this point... Another frustrated sigh escaped Dion's mouth... Just the thought of it was killing him...

    That was how strong she was, that was how a doctor should be and that was what Dion had yet to learn from his sister...

    Dion looked at her and patted her one shoulder and said, "Sis, stay strong, he will be alright. You are the best brain surgeon and when you are going to operate on him nothing wrong will happen."

    Yera lifted her head and looked into Dion's eyes. She nodded slightly and hugged him tightly before leaving for the operation theatre.

    Dion then asked for Cali's reports and looked at her CT scan. He shook his head in frustration. "Did you already inform her grandfather?" Dion asked.

    "Yes we did... he called for a few specialist doctors from another hospital who could perform this surgery but unfortunately they are not available, they are out of the country and would not be able to reach on time. Mr. Lua doesn't trust any other doctors available in our hospital at all. I mean only Dr. Yera Han can pull this through but she has decided to operate on Dr. Yang as the same case has happened to him and he is her husband..."

    Dion let out a long frustrated sigh and asked for Cali's other laboratory results. 'Poor Cali...'

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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