287 Life And Death

    Yera immediately headed towards the operating room but saw Mr. Lua was standing at the entrance, blocking her way inside. "Yera, please do me this favour, save my child, I request you to please operate on Cali first. I will do anything you ask me to do. But please operate on her, please save Cali please..." Mr. Lua burst crying while begging to Yera, holding her arms.

    Then he suddenly slumped on the floor, sobbing loudly. He knelt before Yera and begged, "Please Yera. I will give you whatever you want everything you desire that I have, I will return everything that I have snatched from you. Please save my Cali. Here, take this..." He was handing her an envelope of documents. "These are transfer papers of all my shares on Life Hospitals. I will return everything, all the shares, the position and will never trouble you all... Just save my child please, I beg you Yera, I beg you to save Cali. Operate on her..."

    Yera blankly watched Mr. Lua with no expressions on her face and heard all he wanted to say.

    "Please gather yourself Mr. Lua... This has nothing to do with your actions or the right over Life Hospitals at all. I can sacrifice ownership of hundreds of such Life Hospitals for my husband. Right now and always, for me what matters the most is my husband. I only need my husband to be fine right now and nothing else matters..." Yera simply muttered and entered the operating room with a blank face.

    Life Hospitals group did not have any significance to her. ... She would save her husband at all costs and nothing would stop her from doing that. She had once failed and couldn't save Bernard but she would not fail today and would for sure save Xander this time...

    As soon as Yera entered the operation theatre she saw Xander on the operating table... She took a moment and tenderly watched his unconscious face and before her emotions could move her she moved towards her position before saying, "We will now start with the operation..."

    She sat on her chair above Xander's head. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh before looking at the surgical tech and said, "Count.."

    "Done..." Replied the surgical tech.

    "Let's start." said Yera and opened her palm towards her surgical tech and asked for instruments.

    Inside the OT Yera was probably fighting the most difficult battle of her surgical history and outside the operating room, Senior Yang silently kept praying with calm and quiet mind, while waiting for good news in the waiting lounge.

    'Kanya... Our son. I can't lose our son like this.' he mused with eyes closed. Rizie and Liz arrived at that moment in the waiting lounge and the corners of their eyes turned red on watching Senior Yang in this state.

    "I will look for Dion auntie, you please look after uncle Yang" Rizie murmured and left Liz who went and sat beside Senior Yang.

    Liz sighed and gently patted Senior Yang's shoulder to console him. She could imagine his sorrow and knew how painful it could be for a parent to go through all this. How much pain he must be going through in waiting while his child was on the brink of life and death.

    "This is not fair and it really is frustrating..." Senior Yang suddenly heard Liz murmur. He turned to look at her. She was still patting his back. Liz smiled and muttered, "Hmm, I mean bad things like this, happening to good people. But you're really doing great James... I'm sure Xander is also as strong as you are. Trust me he will be absolutely fine."

    Senior Yang's eyes turned red and a tiny tear dropped from his eyes releasing the anxiousness, pain and helplessness he was feeling till now. He nodded at her and said, "Yes, he is a fighter and very strong man. Nothing can happen to him. And when Yera is standing by his side, her magic hands will not let anything happen to my son. I trust them both."

    Liz wiped her own tears and smiled faintly. She didn't know what to say more and simply decided to stay by his side until the surgery was done and he was ready to go back home.

    "I will get you some coffee and let's stay awake together while waiting for him and Yera." Liz said softly to Senior Yang.

    James nodded and looked at Liz's back as she walked towards the vending machine. He removed his coat and gave it to her to cover herself up when she returned because she was still in her evening gown.

    He felt much better after Liz had arrived and with the cup of coffee in his hands. He thought how lonely he felt earlier and how he had started drifting into sadness as his thoughts wandered off abruptly. Thanks to Liz, she brought him back to hope and positivity and suddenly he realized being optimistic can work wonders because truly God had His plans for everything. God was always in control of everything so he should trust in Him and put Xander in his care... He was willing to accept  whatever He decided too but he requested Him to save his son and keep him sound and healthy, so he kept on silently praying if He could please save his son....

    Hours passed and the surgery was still ongoing. "It's quite late and uncomfortable in here," Senior Yang whispered. Liz smiled and said, "Nah that's okay. I have insomnia anyway so even if I go home I'll stay awake for a long time too."

    "I guess as we age, we tend to sleep less," Senior Yang commented, not even sure if it made sense. Liz grinned and said, "I'm kidding... I actually don't have insomnia. I just want to stay here with you because I don't want to leave you alone in this difficult time of yours, also because I know how frustrating it could be when you wait alone..."

    Senior Yang looked at Liz's smiling face and did not say a word because in honesty he wished she would stay with him, like she said it would be great not to be alone in the waiting room like this. It would be encouraging to have a companion in times like this.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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