288 Bleeding

    Ron was admitted in the emergency room. He was on bed staring in one direction unblinkingly while the doctor was bandaging the wound in his leg. When the doctor left, he stared at his only major wound on the leg. He had bruises on some other parts of his body too but he felt numb.

    The scene of the accident kept replaying in his head over and over again. It was the first time he had seen his Boss in such a critical condition. His Boss was critically injured because he tried to save him from a big block of falling concrete. He should be the one in the critical condition and not the boss. 'How imcompetent I had been!' he inwardly cursed himself.

    He was startled and brought back to present when he heard Shan. "Ron, how are you? Are you alright? Where are you hurt? Oh my God!" Shan exclaimed and took him in her embrace and tightly hugged him.

    Shan heard about the accident soon after it happened and she came to know about Xander's injuries also. But she was kept busy in managing everything due to the chaos in the entire city. She noticed how Ron seemed just out of himself, as if he was lost in some deep thoughts, looking dazed in one direction.

    "Shan I'm alright but the Boss he..." Ron murmured followed by the tears that suddenly burst out of his eyes staining his face with them. "Shhh, everything will be fine. " Shan muttered as she gently rubbed Ron's back. The doctor told her that Ron had an injury on his leg but luckily nothing was broken and had only a few minor bruises on his body.

    "Shan... He is critical because he saved me... That big block of concrete... then blood everywhere... boss... Oh God. Why was he stupid? He risked his own life to save a nobody like me..." Ron was sobbing hard as the scene replayed before him and the words of his Boss Xander echoed in his ears again when he smiled at him and murmured, "You dumbass...Stay alive and fine, you know I rely on you a lot..." Those were the last words he said before losing consciousness.

    "Shhh... Calm down Ron. You know ma'am Yera will save him for sure. He will surely be fine so don't feel guilty or anything... had you been in his shoes, you would have done the same thing for him, for sure..." Shan comforted him while she added, "Make sure you are strong enough to scold Sir Xander afterwards when he is completely fine, so stay strong and get yourself to heal fast."

    Shan could still smell blood inside the emergency room. There were cries of pain not only for the body injuries but from kins of the victims, who were pleading to every doctor to save their loved ones.

    She sighed. She was considered lucky for arriving early at the party site, Sir Rui too was lucky for being late and thus was caught up in the traffic when the incident happened. No one truly could predict things like this but Shan was glad and grateful that she was given another life ahead of hers and that Ron was also fine except for a few injuries. All she was anxious about now was Dr. CEO Xander Yang.


    A few hours passed...

    Rizie sighed, and looked helplessly towards the ceiling. She was sitting on a waiting chair at the hallway outside the Operation Theatre- 5 where Cali was being operated. Dion was incharge of the surgery and was the main surgeon of the team handling her operation. Rizie was extremely nervous, hoping Dion would successfully do the surgery and save Cali somehow.

    Mr. Lua on the other hand, had no choice but to agree to Dion to perform this surgery because no other doctor was confident enough to take the case and be responsible for Cali's operation except for Dion. Cali would die if she would not have an operation as the swelling in her brain was continuously increasing and the increasing pressure could be fatal for her, if they waited for her surgery to get Yera as her surgeon.

    She was there when Mr. Lua begged Yera on bent knees to operate on Cali first. Sis Yera was Mr. Lua's best shot, who could perform that surgery with the highest percent of success rate and with almost all of her patients returning to their normal life. Rizie didn't see a proud and arrogant chairperson at that time instead she saw a grandfather who was so broken and afraid to lose his grandchild. Cali was right, she was truly her grandfather's weakness.

    Rizie was sure Yera would never deny to operate on Cali if the situation was different and bro Xander's life was not on the line.

    Dion... he was a specialist in neurology and a very good neurosurgeon indeed but when it came to such complicated surgery, he didn't have many feathers in his cap. He very recently had one successful surgery, but the patient was still under strict monitoring and observation and had yet to recover completely after the surgery.

    Rizie let out air on her forehead... She prayed that Dion would perform a flawless surgery and manage to save Cali because she was a good person and deserved to live a happy life, dying like this seemed to be too tragic at such a young age.

    Rizie stood up to go to the waiting lounge where Senior Yang and Dion's mother were waiting. A lot had happened in just one night and she could not go home at all in this difficult situation. She was worried for both Han siblings...

    She saw Rui panting and running towards her direction. He reached near her and asked, "How is he?" he asked, still catching his breath. "Still inside. The operation is still ongoing..." Rizie stated and looked at the glass door of the waiting room where Senior Yang and Dion's mother were waiting.

    Rui brushed his face in exasperation... With gritted teeth  he cursed and said, "I will take care of something first Rizie. Please call me and keep me updated on Xander's situation..."

    Rizie nodded and followed Rui's back. He had just arrived but looked like he had some thoughts running in his mind and he needed to take care of some urgent things, it seemed like he caught something important that needed immediate attention for which he ran out.

    She went inside to join Senior Yang and Dion's mother in waiting for the result of the operation.

    After a few more hours... The door opened and Yera stepped out. The three of them immediately stood up from their chairs and ran towards her. Rizie could feel the tension in Yera's entire body so she stepped near her and held her arms. That instant Yera's knees weekend and Rizie held her and helped her to sit.

    "The operation was successful. We have to wait for him to wake up soon..." Yera muttered with a stuttering voice and all her emotions that she had swept away since hours streamed out of her eyes. Yera started sobbing suddenly.

    Rizie hugged her and gently rubbed her back. She too cried hearing Yera's loud weeping.

    "Dear... be calm... you saved him..." Senior Yang whispered as he patted Yera's shoulder.

    Liz's heart ached seeing Yera crying so loud. The poor child managed to contain her emotions until a while ago and broke down soon after she finished the operation.

    Her eyes widened as she saw Yera's legs where blood was dripping "Oh God, dear... You're bleeding." she burst out. Rizie gently pushed Yera and looked. It was clearly visible because Yera was wearing a knee length dress.

    She looked at Yera and gasped.

    "Sis!" she exclaimed when Yera lost consciousness as her head dropped on her shoulder.

    Senior Yang rushed out to ask for help...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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