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    Meanwhile, inside the operation theatre -5, Dion was profusely sweating while he was intently indulging in Cali's operation. He was extremely focussed, being meticulous with his every single movement. Cali was his second for such a case, and she was not only a patient but also his and Rizie's good friend. He still knew she was hanging in there, if she lasted this surgery, she would survive for sure.

    "Doc, her vitals are dropping," Dion heard the nurse say. He looked at the monitor and mumbled, "Cali... Hang in there please. Keep fighting..."

    He continued with what he was doing, hoping that Cali could live with his help... He only needed to stay focused and apply everything he learned from his sister and everything would be fine.

    Afterhours, Dion sighed as he started stitching the innermost layer and asked his surgical tech for the count and when he received the satisfactory answer he wrapped up everything. He was too exhausted... He relayed the result to Mr. Lua and quickly went to his sister as soon as he found out what happened with her.

    "How is she?" he asked his mother who was there in the private room where his sister was admitted.

    "She's stable now. The doctor said that we have to make sure she has someone around with her as soon as she wakes up. She handled everything very bravely but the pressure she kept within affected the baby in her womb..." his mother relayed with a heavy sigh.

    As Liz expected, Yera was pregnant, three weeks to be exact, but she sufferred a miscarriage probably because of the extreme psychological pressure on her. Yera was still unconscious at that moment. "How is Xander?" Liz asked Dion.

    ""He is still being monitored at the recovery room and would be transferred to the ICU as soon as the effects of anesthesia starts to wade off..." Dion murmured. He too let out a frustrated sigh. His brother-in-law was saved but another life that he had been waiting for eagerly was taken away.

    "What matters now is that my dear sister is stable... and bro Xander too." he muttered. Truly it was a very sad thing to happen, but the couple could always have another baby after they surpass this.

    After a while, Yera finally opened her eyes. Seeing she was on the hospital bed and in her hospital gown, she already had an idea of what had happened. She recalled her last memory when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and something gushing out of her body and heard auntie Liz that she was bleeding.

    She bit her lip as she prepared herself for the worst. She sat up and straightened her body on the bed and saw Rizie and Dion, both sleeping on the couch. Both looked exhausted and worn out, yet they were waiting for her to gain consciousness. They had fallen asleep while waiting with their heads leaning at each other together.

    Yera picked up the phone and dialed the nurse station to ask the physician in charge about her condition. Tears fell from her eyes but she remained calm and requested the station to bring her to Xander, who was now at the ICU for close monitoring. She felt weak and exhausted.

    Dion opened his eyes and immediately placed Rizie in a comfortable position before standing up and walked to his sister who was already awake. "Sis, how are you feeling?"

    Yera smiled and muttered, "I'm good now Dion. You and Rizie should go home and have some proper rest. Send someone from home here to assist me instead. You have a lot of things to do... Both of you..."

    The nurse and the wheelchair arrived. Dion no longer debated because he could understand his sister's frustration. If he was in her shoes, he would also have insisted on going inside the ICU as soon as he gained consciousness.

    Yera creased her forehead seeing private security posted outside her room. "What's going on?" she asked puzzled.

    "Ma'am, sir Rui instructed this. The ICU where sir Xander is shifted, had been guarded too..." explained one of the security personnel. Yera saw Rui approaching and told the nurse who was pushing Yera's wheelchair, "I will take her from here..."

    Dion sighed as he witnessed Rui explain everything to Yera. Dion had given all the authorization for Rui and his team in and out of the hospital including all facilities. The team who was monitoring Xander had doctors from Yang Globals too. He was also confused at first but Rui said to trust him on this and Dion knew he could, so he did. Rui believed that Dami Bridge was not an accident but an intentional attack. He had some hunch about all this but it would still take him some time to get to the root of it, if he could, meanwhile Rui wanted tight security around Xander and his loved ones while the investigation was still ongoing.

    "You should rest more okay. You are still weak and I am answerable to Xander about you, I will just give you a few minutes inside the ICU Yera. Don't worry about Xander because he is recovering well and steadily as I expected.. You did a very good job on him Yera except for one thing that I'm not sure how he will be able to accept the fact that he was now a bald man. That man loves his hair so much geez. Just a little less than he loves you. This is going to be a war as soon as he wakes up," Rui said, making the atmosphere lighter, which made Yera chuckle. She was aware how possessively her husband took care of his hair, and was very proud of how naturally bouncy and thick it was.

    When they reached the ICU area, a huge team of doctors and nurses specialising in neurology and critical care greeted Yera. She recognized them all and smiled. They were the best from Yang Globals. Doctor Gong relayed Xander's condition to Yera before they left her alone with Xander.

    Yera held Xander's hand and gently brushed it on her cheeks. "I told you darling... I will never lose you, now please open your eyes soon! I am waiting for you,  don't you dare disappoint me. Don't be lazy and don't sleep too long or I will be angry with you. I miss you so much darling..." Yera whimpered as tears fell non stop from her eyes and she kissed his hand.


    Meanwhile, a man stood on the window waiting for a report and lighted his cigarette. After some time, his mobile phone rang.

    "You dumbasses!!! I told you not to get caught. The King had instructed us to do things discreetly without her knowing! Dumb**s!!! Find a way to execute the mission discreetly and make sure she doesn't find out about it!!!" he shouted and threw his mobile phone.

    Everything was a mess. He could not believe that eliminating those bastard's bloodlines would take him this long, just to make sure his name wouldn't get dragged along the way.

    He couldn't afford to get tagged with this ** or else not only the police would haunt him but the King whose name he had used being his brother and right hand to mobilize his people. The King was still in a coma so he still had time in hand.

    "Shit! Shit!" he cursed as he dialed Tyron to check the whereabouts of the freaking stubborn little devil of his brother!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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