290 Family History

    "Easy... You're too hot headed. I know what I need to do so you don't have to remind me about it, dammit! Why are you monitoring me? Do you wanna die Tyron? Don't you dare interfere in my things or I'll not hesitate in silencing you myself!" The loud yelling sound vibrated all the four corners of the cozy and spacious room.

    The line was immediately cut and all Tyron could hear then was the beeping tone of call that ended on his mobile phone. He was watching the video of Dami bridge collapse sent by his men. The modus operandi made him more sure that it was Yun who orchestrated that tragedy at Dami Bridge. However, it did not bring results according to Yun's plan.

    All that chaos, planning such a huge attack all along just to target one person, one single person whom Yun had been trying to kill since past few years. He kept escaping everytime because of his good luck, he didn't even know that he had been the one who was the target.

    Yun did not want to have any involvement so he was orchestrating a good plot where it could be seen as an accident, not caring whether other innocent people would get involved, his only aim was to kill his one and only remaining threat... Xander Yang.

    "Sir," his assistant handed him an envelope. Tyron let out a long sigh before he cursed and moved his neck left and right then he took his hand on the back of his neck to massage his nape. A mark was visible on his nape, a black crescent moon tattoo was there, the same mark that embedded and sealed the envelope his assistant had handed over to him.

    "Dammit Raine, what's with you lately..." he cursed and complained before he dismissed his assistant. They had never failed and took so long to complete a task before. But it happened just now because Raine was being slow! They needed to return soon but until now they were not done with that simple task because Raine's mood swings were horribly active from past few days. Tyron irritably scratched his head and went out to get some fresh air. If Raine would still stubbornly act in her own ways, her uncle Yun would take the whole clan soon under his own palm especially now that the King was still in coma.

    Xander Yang was the last heir in that bloodline that Yun needed to wipe out. It took the old man years of planning to make everything perfect but Yun seemed to be having a hard time in eliminating his final target.

    Tyron shook his head, Yun was really sly. He had even been framing all his evil deeds at Quan Clan group, using their cyclone mark on his people and distracting the investigations of all other groups and agencies. Such a sly fox yet success was nowhere near him even when he had planned things for years in the name of the King.

    "Damn..." Tyron cursed as he tried to dial Raine's number once again. He was babysitting another sly fox and he was on the verge of giving up... if not only... Another sigh and cursing came out from Tyron's mouth when he couldn't get through the line.

    He looked at the invitation. He was a part of the Yue Clan and the right hand of the 'Princess' or most commonly known as 'Raine'. Recently they had lost one of their 'Shadow Beauties' Megan who was held captive by the military and if the King would find out about it they would all be doomed. Their mission was to rescue Megan but Raine was interfering  with her uncle's own things, prolonging the rescue mission saying Megan would be fine inside the military captivity and would not get hurt since the military needed information from her. Raine was confident that Megan would not utter a single word to jeopardize their clan.

    If Yun found out that Raine was messing up with him like this, it would create a total chaos. Tyron puffed air out from his lungs and closed his eyes as he felt the warm wind blowing from the mountain caressing his face.

    "Xander Yang..." he muttered. Xander Yang was the only one left. He smirked at the thought about how stupidly Yun planned out everything. Xander Yang's hospital was a competitor of Life Hospitals group. Lyndon Chu unfortunately asked help from a gang under Yun's men and the old man came to know about the kidnapping of Yera Han. Yun ordered one of the gang members to kill Yera Han if there would be an opportunity then later he would frame Xander's involvement in it, not Lyndon's.

    He wanted Xander in the prison as it would be easier for Yun to terminate Xander inside the cell than out in the open, as his security teams were indeed capable and extraordinary men that were guarding him and his family were always on high guard. But the turn of events was really surprising. Yera Han was alive. She survived, lost her memory and worst, with a turn of miraculous events, even married Xander Yang.

    Tyron shook his head that had become too heavy with tension and would soon burst out with a lot on his plate at a time not to mention the war that was still going on between the Mirage Triad. MIRAGE... just the name could bring horror to people who knew about it.

    "Ahhh.." Tyron shouted before he turned and headed back to track Raine. He wondered how many lives Xander had and if he would still be able to survive Yun's incessant plotting because Yun would definitely not stop until Xander Yang was eliminated, until that old man lived. Yue Clan, one among the three clans of Mirage Triad, had a real complicated family history that he himself was too curious to find out.


    Rui's eyes suddenly opened when Dr. Gong entered the room. "Dr. Dee, we can take care of this. Why don't you get a proper sleep on the bed?" Dr. Gong suggested seeing how uncomfortable it would have been for Dr. Rui sleeping on a chair while he never left Dr. CEO Xander Yang's side since his transfer in the ICU. He even wondered why the security was so tight having a guard even outside the room whereas they would always check if the same assigned person were the only ones who was entering in and out. Things looked really weird and complicated.

    Rui stretched his arms and yawned. "Ah... I will definitely make this boss of ours pay for all this inconvenience I had encountered. He should be opening his eyes today right?" Rui asked in a low concerned voice as he looked at the screen where he could check that every vital sign of Xander was normal and stable.

    "Yes... I'm sure he will open his eyes soon," Dr. Gong answered as he administered some medicine in Xander's cannula.

    "Hmm, alright. I will just go and grab a quick breakfast Dr. Gong. Don't leave while I'm gone alright. I'll be back soon. Do not in any condition leave Xander alone. Remember to press this button if anyone happens to enter because no one is supposed to enter except me, Dion, Yera and you. Remember to press this button okay?" Rui reiterated before leaving. Though a bit confused, Dr. Gong nodded and took it to heart. Things really were complicated...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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