291 Upperhand

    Rui rushed back to the ICU in a panicked state when he heard the alarm on his mobile phone beeping. This clearly meant that the alarm button inside Xander's room was pushed and his room was breached by some intruder. Rui felt his heart would burst as panic hit him realising the gravity of the situation as he ran towards Xander's room, hoping everything was fine.

    When he arrived at the ICU entrance, Ralf and his men were standing outside discussing something. "What happened?" Rui asked panting.

    "There were two intruders caught in the camera right inside the boss's room, but we could not recognize their faces as they were wearing masks. More baffling and weird thing is that both of them were fighting with each other silently inside the Boss' room. I think you should first watch the entire footage. We got a hold of one of them, but the second one was able to escape and we lost him." Rui nodded and watched the footage in which he saw one intruder attack the guards posted at the entrance and then attack Dr. Gong. He then headed towards and was about to attack Xander but suddenly the door of the room opened and another intruder entered and kicked him away from Xander. The both of them started fighting and one was trying to find just one swift chance to kill Xander whereas the other one was determined to save him. The two fought fiercely and both were excellent mercenaries, they both wore masks and lab gowns as if they were doctors too.

    Rui shook his head because he felt like he was watching an action movie when the second intruder was blocking the first intruder from getting anywhere near Xander's bed. It was a good thing Dr, Gong managed to push the button before losing consciousness.

    Ralf explained that the intruder managed to enter using the thumbprint of one of the doctors assigned to Xander at that time. "What? Literally cut the thumb?" he burst out when Ralf reported that the doctor was knocked out and his thumb was cut off from his hand by that cruel mercenary. His thumb was retrieved and the unconscious doctor was now being attended to.

    Rui massaged his temple... Losing a thumb was like killing that doctor instead because he could no longer operate. "Make sure the best team from Yang globals is also mobilised and assigned for the reattachment of his thumb, also reassure him and his family that he would be well compensated for all the trauma and inconvenience caused. Provide him everything that he asks..." Rui instructed.

    His hunch was right though it was also because someone anonymously gave him a warning to make sure Xander would have tight security but then they still managed to penetrate so he was more convinced that the enemy was not just that simple. He was too frustrated that the enemy could have an upperhand, making their team worthless!

    "How about Dr. Gong?" Rui then asked. "He was knocked out too but is fine now. Those two had a fight with our men as well when they tried to escape." Ralf answered.

    "Yera, must not know about it yet okay? I will personally tell her what happened." Rui said because Yera needed not to worry at this time. She had suffered too much already and this incident would give her more distress.

    "Brief Dr. Gong too that this must be kept with him only." Rui instructed one of their men before he looked  at Ralf and said, "Bring me to that person you caught."

    Ralf nodded and led the way. Ralf told Rui that the one they were able to catch was the one who had entered first and attacked Dr. Gong.

    They headed out of Life Hospital and proceeded to the underground Yang Globals dungeon where only a limited number of trusted people had access to.


    Meanwhile, Yera got ready to visit Xander after her breakfast. Dion entered the room and smiled to see her so restless to see Xander. "You look better sis. I heard Bro Xander would wake up any moment now... I will bring you to him.." Dion offered.

    "How's Cali?" Yera asked. She was already aware that Dion did Cali's surgery. "She's good sis. Hopefully she will wake up too anytime now. My operation on her was flawless sis. I put all my energy and effort into it, hoping for her to live. She's too young... I did it but then let's wait for a good result." Dion proudly narrated.

    Yera smiled and stood up from her bed while Dion assisted her in her wheelchair. She wanted to be there in front of Xander when Xander opened his eyes. She wanted herself to be the first person he would see.

    While they were in the hallway, Yera asked how her father-in-law was. "He must have been disappointed when I... He so much longed for a grandchild," Yera whispered with a down tone.

    "He only hopes for you and bro Xander to get well soon sis. Yes it was a little sad event but he left with a smile on his face. He was very much thankful to God that you and Xander are both safe now. Honestly, he wanted to stay but thank goodness he listened to my mom and went home to get some rest." Dion responded grinning as she recalled that funny scene where his mom scolded uncle Yang saying, Yera and Xander would be distressed if uncle Yang got sick instead due to lack of proper rest and sleep for staying there that long.

    Yera chuckled at how Dion mimicked his mom's tone and voice while he narrated the scene.

    "How about Rizie?" Yera asked next. "She took enough rest and had reported back to work today. You must know how chaotic the hospital was after that incident. A lot of people have died and a lot many were badly injured..." Dion answered followed by an aggrieved sigh recalling those bloody scenes at the emergency room last night.

    "Yes... and it's a tragic sight..." Yera commented. Outside the ICU, Yera saw assistant Ron in his wheelchair too.

    "Madame..." Assistant Ron whispered and he could not look Yera in the eyes. "You should go back to your room Ron and recuperate properly because as soon as your Boss wakes up you'll definitely get scolded big time for not looking after yourself, plus you'll soon have a huge pile of work..." Yera said with a grin.

    "Madame, it's my fault..." assistant Ron was about to say more but Yera cut him off and said, "It's no one's fault Ron. It's an accident and what happened already happened. Don't think much about it and let's all move forward shall we? Go back to your room now and get well soon so we can both take care of your stubborn Boss..." She then winked at Ron reassuring the man that he should not worry about what happened.

    Yera entered the ICU room and Dion left her as soon as she was settled. Yera held Xander's hand and had his palm feel the warmth of her cheek as she gently kissed them.

    "Darling... Can you wake up now please... I miss you badly. I need you around me you know that? I want to hear you praise me everyday and sleep in your embrace every night. Please wake up now..." Yera almost cried as her eyes turned red and she begged Xander to wake up several times.

    "Are you trying to seduce me even when I am unconscious darling?" Yera barely heard those whispers. She immediately pushed the button for the medical team, so that the assigned team could check on Xander who was now smiling at her but still weak to talk long. "Shhh... don't talk much, it's not good for the stitches in your head. Opening your eyes and remembering everything is enough," Yera muttered while sobbing. She was crying because of too much joy in her heart.

    "Good morning Dr. CEO! It's good to see you awake like this." Dr. Gong heartily greeted him with a smile before he turned to Yera and said, "Madame, we can perform preliminary examinations on him by evening and shift him to a private ward by tonight or tomorrow."

    Yera nodded and instructed the nurse to have Xander transfer to the VIP room with two beds where she would also stay alongside him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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