292 Chaotic Path

    Yera stared at the peacefully sleeping face of her husband with a relieved smile on her face. They were already shifted in the VIP room and all his tests came out good as far as Xander's memory and other senses and vital condition was concerned.

    She sat beside him holding his hand feeling his warmth between her palms. Others would think she looked strong but deep inside she was deeply hurt, operating on the man she loved the most was not only difficult as a doctor but it also took a toll on her as a wife and she even lost her first baby due to this stress. Everything that happened was really heartbreaking for her. But she knew, she had to stand strong not only for Xander but for herself. She had experienced a lot and one thing it taught her was not to break down due to any worst circumstances but she learnt to stay calm and clear headed in any situation because breaking down would do no good in any kind situation.

    "Darling... Let's travel somewhere far... abroad for a few days and have a honeymoon as soon as you fully recover. Let's just focus on each other for a while, without our work haunting us and anything else to bother. Just the two of us and let's make another... I mean make more babies all you want," Yera whispered as she kissed Xander's hand.

    "I guess being operated and being in this situation has its own benefits..." Yera heard Xander whisper. Yera stood up and smiled. "If you get well soon... You'll see how I give you more bonus," Yera jested then added, "Now close your eyes and rest more..."

    "Darling, why are you wearing this hospital gown and have this cannula for iv fluid too?" she heard Xander asked. Yera smiled and said, "I performed the surgery on you myself darling. Imagine how stressed I might have been, in fact I lost all the energy in giving my all, just to make sure that you wake up perfectly normal and fine, like nothing had ever happened to you. Please don't talk anymore now okay and rest. We will talk about it later once you're fully recovered."

    Xander smiled and gently squeezed Yera's hand before closing his eyes and obeyed his wife to rest more since he was feeling a bit exhausted too.

    At another VIP room not far from Xander's, Dion visited Cali who had just been shifted to the VIP room from the ICU. Like Xander, her operation was successful too and she had already gained consciousness.

    Mr. Lua was also inside the room when he checked Cali's condition who was now resting. "Dr. Dion Han, may I have a word with you, alone..." Dion heard Mr. Lua speak when he bid his farewell and was about to leave. Dion nodded and signalled the team of doctors and nurses with him to leave first.

    He sat on the couch as signaled by Mr. Lua. Then Mr. Lua handed him an envelope.

    Dion creased his forehead and opened the envelope and checked the documents. "These are...." he gasped because those were the transfer papers of shares and resignation from the Chairman position.. He even had all his minions sign an affidavit that they had no problem in assigning the Chairperson position to anyone from the Han family.

    "I guess the mere thought of losing my granddaughter, just like that, made me realize one thing..." Mr Lua muttered then he added, "I could sacrifice anything for my granddaughter's life. Why would I need power if she is not around... It is all for Cali and her lineage. But  what meaning will that hold if I lose Cali and my money and power can't even save her?"

    "Dion, it must be my punishment for being greedy. Cali kept telling me to leave my greed, she was right,  I should be content with what I have. Yes aiming big is good but not by stepping over others and worst is by robbing others of their rights. Today, I know and understand that all this has happened to teach me a lesson and at least correct my mistakes now, so I want to return all that I had robbed from you and Yera."

    Mr. Lua sighed before he added, "Your sister didn't even blink an eye before kicking away all that she was fighting for from the past so many months, for the sake of her love. I send my blessings to her and will always try to be of help to you and Yera from now on."

    He used Lyndon and tailed him like a hawk. Used every detail he could find about him to bring him down later when Lyndon had grabbed the position of the CEO. Lyndon quietly agreed to all his unusual demands because of one mistake he committed in life and that was Yera's kidnapping. But then an unexpected thing happened, and he no longer needed those secrets he had against Lyndon to bring him down since he could directly get the position on his own. He thought that heaven was on his side because of that...

    "Thank you Dion, for saving my granddaughter and this is the least I could do to repay this kindness." Mr Lua mumbled leaving Dion speechless at that moment.  Dion looked at Cali and sighed. All he wanted at that time was to save his good friend and a very good human being Cali... wished for her to get better. He did not expect this at all.

    Dion went back to his office and slumped his body directly on his couch. He was too exhausted at that point that he dozed off. Rizie quietly entered and shook her head looking how worn out her boyfriend was. Good thing he had no meetings that day but just a few rounds on his patients.  She looked at the familiar envelope on the table and checked it.

    'Mr. Lua probably decided to give it to Dion since his granddaughter was saved,' Rizie mused as she read the contents of the envelope.

    She let out another sigh then grabbed a blanket and put it on Dion. She wondered when the Han siblings could finally have their peaceful life. She was aware that Xander got attacked in the ICU. Yes, everything seemed to be solved but the other mystery was added to make it more confusing. Did Xander's attack have a connection with Yera's shooting? Or was it simply a mistake by one of the abductors? But Lyndon was firm with his claim that there was another party involved and that party was the one responsible for the killing of that leader of the gang who killed Yera. Their only hope now, was the patient X under Xander's custody. The man who shot Yera that night.

    If her family would find out the chaotic situation her boyfriend was involved in, Rizie would surely be bombarded with a lot of scolding like her brother Zach normally got. She could see her grandma Terry begging that old bro Zach would be enough and she should not tread the same chaotic path...

    Rizie grinned as she gently touched Dion's face and mumbled, "But I love this chaotic path... and the companion I have with me throughout... It's challenging and exciting..." That was one of the reasons she agreed and pursued the idea of Dion getting involved with Cali. She wanted to test their relationship.

    'Maybe I really have a mental disorder to even have ever thought about it,' she mused afterwards and thought to have a follow-up check-up with Dr. Rui about it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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