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    At Yang Globals Hospital....

    Rui felt the frustration building up in him while he found things more and more complicated. He felt like they were thrown further back with each clue they somehow gathered.  He was more angry because even before they could manage to get the captured man to talk, he suddenly wriggled violently and died. Later on investigating, they found a chip implanted in his brain in such a way that it completely controlled his life.

    "This is an improvised device that controls the functioning of the brain to extreme levels. It has the power to shut the brain down of the person in whom it had been implanted... We must bring this sample to our facility at country U for further examination and studying." suggested the doctor who was also an expert with high technology in their team.

    Rui nodded and understood it since their facility at country U was the most modernized facility whereas they combined biotechnology with health care. "Send this to country U this instant. We need to track where this thing came from..." Rui frustratedly remarked.

    "How about the other intruder?" Rui asked pertaining to the one who escaped from the clutches of their team. He was getting anxious each passing day by the long resultless investigations. Xander had just woken up and he was now shifted to the VIP room with a round the clock neurosurgical nursing team around and Yera being there as well. Informing Xander about the situation at that point would not be a good idea. Rui knew he got to handle this on his own for now since Dion was engaged too in managing Life Hospitals group.

    "Geeez, and yet I thought I could now travel and roam around the world..." he complained after blowing a gush of air on his forehead. He was glad that assistant Ron was in good health enough to handle things at Yang Globals during this time.

    He left the underground dungeon with Ralf to go back to his office and was startled to see Candice in his office and swinging on his chair comfortably as if it was hers.

    "Do you think you are having fun at your home?" he scorned and sat down on his couch instead. He should scold his secretary next time for always allowing this woman to wait inside his private office.

    Candice laughed and said, "Why are you that harsh Dr. Dee... Don't worry, I will soon disappear from your sight, so at least be good to me during my days in your hospital.

    Rui's face became dark and gloomy as he looked at Dr. Yao intently. Dr. Yao laughed and stood up from her chair and sat in front of him, crossing her legs and then  crossed her arms too.

    "You see... This environment in your country is too stifling for me. I feel like someone or other dies every now and then. By the way, how is Dr. CEO? I hope he is doing well. I wanted to visit him but the security around him is.... hmmm should I say it's tight? Such tight security that even a mouse can't enter his ward!!" He heard Dr. Yao scorn and Rui could sense the mocking tone of her words as if she was aware of the current attack that happened in Xander's room.

    Rui straightened his back and leaned a bit forward towards Dr. Yao. "Yeah, I guess it's quite tight, since they are not allowing a mouse like you to enter in his room. Anyway, if you want you can visit him with me as soon as he's all well. Tell me Candice how soon are you going to disappear?"

    Candice stood up and smirked, "Don't worry I might disappear for not too long and return here soon, to bother you again. I just need to fix a lot of things..."

    Rui watched her back as she left the room. Dr. Yao filed an indefinite leave with her valid reason... One long frustrated sigh escaped his lips... At this moment, he should focus on Xander's safety before anything else. Although they were not connected by blood, Xander was his brother by heart and they have always protected each other.

    Rui travelled back in his memories of the time when they both met and became friends. Rui remembered, he was often bullied in his school when he was a kid. He was practically disliked by almost everyone and no one wanted to befriend him,  partly because of his nerdy looks but mostly because he was an illegitimate child... a bastard son who just showed up in the circle of elite students all from prominent families like a patch of soiled piece of cloth on silk fabric. He had almost gotten used to being bullied like it when one kid stood up for him and even fought for him when needed.... and that was Xander Yang.

    Xander taught him to be confident regardless of the circumstances. He could clearly recall his words, 'No matter what your background is, it doesn't define your goodness and your capabilities. Your success defines who you are, so always keep your head up in front of all these bunch of idiots who hide their flaws behind their family names!'

    Their friendship started since then and their bond became strong like brothers with each passing day. They practically grew up together, both taking up medicine course but he got himself enrolled for further specialization while Xander just finished the bachelor of Medicine and did not take any more specialization.

    Rui smiled as he recalled the good times he and Xander had shared together. He recalled how  Xander was the one who often took good care of him most of the time. Rui stood up from his chair and walked out of his office to drive to the Life Hospitals. Xander was awake now and he wanted to see how he would react once he teased him with his new bald look. Rui laughed while walking in the hallway recalling all those memories.

    At Life Hospitals, Xander was busy in deep breathing exercises to help re-expand his lungs and prevent pneumonia. Yera watched carefully with a grin. Her husband looked so roguishly handsome with his bald head, it somehow added more points to his sex appeal, she thought.

    When the doctors and nurses who would conduct frequent neurological checks on him left, Yera could not help but comment, "I never thought that bald head look would suit you so much and you could look so sexy this way...."

    She chuckled seeing how her husband reddened of embarrassment.

    Yera held his hand and winked at him as she added, "You should keep this new look. I think it looks way cool than having hair."

    "Stop that..." Xander mumbled with pouty lips. He was frustrated when he found out that he lost his loveable hair and yet his wife seemed to be enjoying teasing him like that.

    "Oh by the way darling, don't you dare let that Rui visit here. Tell him to stay at Yang Globals and keep the company organized..." Xander suddenly remembered because he did not want to witness that enjoyable look on Rui's face as he knew Rui would kill him for sure with non stop teasing.

    Yera and Xander were both startled as the door opened and a very energetic voice roared inside the room.

    "Talking about me? Good day Dr CEO!!!!"

    "Speaking of the devil..." Yera heard her husband murmur. She laughed as she watched the two of them start their banter.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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