294 See You

    Liz sighed and looked at her baggage. She wished she could stay longer but she needed to return home for an important event and a few urgent business meetings. Everyone at home was so busy that she did not want them to bother about seeing her off at the airport. Rizie insisted to accompany her up to the airport but Liz scolded the latter because she knew how burdened they were all at work those past few weeks. How they had been taking care of family and work at the same time. She knew how busy they were at this point.

    Dion then assigned a driver for her and bid her goodbye. She was inside the car and kept on looking at her mobile phone. She was subconsciously waiting for someone's message to pop up there but there was nothing on her phone.

    Although she knew she should not expect any special treatment from him, yet she was somehow expecting a little from him. This morning, she sent a simple message to Senior Yang, telling him she was leaving for some urgent work and thanking him for his good treatment and his time throughout her stay. Also, she gave him some encouragement about their current circumstances.

    "Hmm, no reply..." she whispered. She was grateful that she only sent text messages instead of calling James. She would have to fix a lot in her family business that she was managing, and prepare a lot before she shifts her office, if she would decide to accept Dion and Yera's offer to stay at Han Mansion permanently instead. But she must take care of the pending works that were waiting for her approval, ever since she left to spend time with Dion. She knew a lot of projects were hanging due to her absence, so she should fix them first.

    She was already inside the airport checking in when her mobile phone beeped. She smiled and excitedly read the messages immediately seeing it was from Xander's father.

    [I'm sorry for the late reply. I woke up a little late... Thank you so much too for everything... See you again soon and have a safe trip ahead...]

    She was giddy that she even scolded herself inwardly for acting such childishly at her age. But she could not help it because the words 'see you again soon' had a good impact on her somehow.

    "I mean he could just say 'take care' right? Or 'have a safe trip' only..." she mumbled with a grin as she walked to head in when her flight was called. Then she paused and looked back for a moment before saying, "I will definitely see you soon..."

    Meanwhile, Dion was working double time because he also had to return to country V soon for a few days. He would follow his mother in two days time to check a lot of things. Though he would stay just for a day or two after visiting his grandfather and confirming something.

    "Your tea is ready... I don't get why you and auntie don't want to use the private plane..." Rizie commented while she brought Dion some tea.

    "Hmmm, that is because we both love to be with other people. It's really lonely to travel alone. Me and my mom are the same..." Dion simply answered with a smile. Rizie nodded and joined him for a cup of tea while she checked some documents before giving it to him. It was true that Dion liked to live like a normal average man and not the usual trope of a rich person. He wanted to blend with others, do things and stuff that simple people did.

    He sighed as he kept sneaking glances at Rizie every now and then. His proposal for her would be delayed too. The timing would not be right to do this with a lot of things going on but... He wished to propose to her before leaving for country V.

    He was caught red handed by Rizie who was now staring at him with narrowed eyes and raised eyebrow. "What is it? I can feel your glances and staring you know. Do you wanna say something?"

    Dion gulped and gave her an awkward smile. He scratched his head and muttered, "Are you free tonight? Let's have dinner and spend some quality time together."

    "That's it?" Rizie scoffed. "Hmm of course I'm free tonight to have dinner. I thought you would confess your sin or something because of that hesitating look of yours." she teased that made Dion turn red.

    "Wait what's with that look now?" Rizie teased more, enjoying the timid and bashful expressions on Dion's face. The teasing was interrupted with a sudden phone call that Dion received.

    It was Vin who managed to get the CCTV footage of the truck accident that involved a motorcycle man chasing his sister and Xander.

    "Thank you so much Vin. I knew I could count on you," Dion gasped as his heart lifted up at the thought that it could somehow solve everything.

    He heard Vin sighing heavily from another line so he asked, "Is there any problem Vin?"

    "Yes Bro... You have to take extra caution. This is not as simple as it looks. Have you heard of the Mirage? Mirage... the unified power of three clans. This Triad is rumored to be a deadly combination of power, money, skills, vengeance, trust yet betrayal and what not? I mean everyone once thought that it really did not exist, but some say it does, but until now that Triad is impenetrable. I think it's best that we discuss this in person and not on the phone because they basically can have access to everything bro... I will wait for your arrival here. You know where to find me. I have sent you the files..." Vin remarked before the call ended.

    Dion immediately opened and watched the videos. Rizie also got up and stood behind the sofa where Dion was sitting and watched the video along with him.

    "What? A woman?" Rizie burst seeing a long raven haired head bounced out as the helmet was taken off. But the face of the driver was not clear... The woman even looked at the camera and waved as if she knew that she was being watched.

    "What's this? Are we in some kind of a game or what?" Dion exasperatedly cried. He felt like his sister and brother-in-law were inside a maze at this point. He immediately sent the video to Ralf and Rui for further investigation.

    "That woman saved bro Xander and sis... So is she kind of an ally?" Rizie commented, puzzled with what they found.

    "We don't know yet Rizie... She can be an enemy too. I feel like we are back to square one again." Dion helplessly muttered.

    "Nah... Don't get discouraged. We have already obtained justice for your father and grandfather. For sis' kidnapping too we have captured Lyndon... Just that the intended killing is unsolved but at least the perpetrator and only witness to whoever instructed him is still under our protection. Everything will sure come to light soon." Rizie comforted Dion.

    Dion inhaled and exhaled loudly. Mirage.... The Triad... He needed to find more about that triad to see how it was connected with everything, to his sister and brother-in-law.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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