295 Resting Time

    Yera arranged Xander's bed and had it a bit elevated seeing his face was a bit swollen.

    "Staying inside the hospital is actually boring but thank goodness I have my beautiful wife by my side who made this stay enjoyable. I can just not thank my luck enough that I have you around taking care of me like this..." Xander commented.

    "I guess we can leave from here in five days time seeing how flowery your mouth can be... And how talkative you are..." Yera said with a grin as she sat on the chair beside Xander's bed. She decided to tell him about their miscarriage but not yet, now was not the right time, perhaps once they were already at home and this time they would stay at Yang Mansion for good with Xander's father.

    "What is it you're thinking darling?" Xander muttered. He was now used to feeling the warm cheek of his wife in his palm because ever since he had woken up, Yera found solace in grabbing his hand and placing his palm on her cheek, this made her feel his presence beside her.

    "Hmm, nothing... Just that I'm thinking of a nice country to visit for our honeymoon." she said with excitement though it would probably take them a month more at least to be able to travel.

    "Your cousin Keira gave birth to twins. Maybe we can have twins too this time... Who knows? You have it in your family." Yera murmured with a sigh.

    Xander was quite... The word 'this time' struck him. He looked closely at his wife's sad eyes and right at that moment, he understood everything. At first he could not actually believe that his wife would need I. V. administrations for being stressed out not to mention her pale face, it all said a lot about her condition.

    He smiled at her and gently caressed her cheek and said, "Don't worry darling. You know how capable and determined your husband is. I will absolutely beat my cousin and we will have a lot more babies than she has, once I recover we will start our mission, so you must prepare yourself pretty well for when that time comes. Have you heard about this saying?"

    Yera who was now smiling hearing her husband's words asked, "Heard about what?"

    "Hmm, well you will have no rest but to get time to pee only..." Xander teasingly murmured that made Yera laugh. She was missing this a lot, her husband's sense of humor, hearing his humorous words made her feel like she won a huge jackpot by having someone like him in her life.

    "Yeah. But first make sure that you are fully recovered as I don't mind peeing time as the only resting time..." she timidly seconded.

    Yera's dinner finally arrived brought by her father-in-law. "I can see my son is regaining his health very fast. Seeing you both happy and teasing each other feels so blissful. I pray to God to always keep you both together and happy," Senior Yang voiced seeing the couple's grinning and smile as he entered. He was glad that his son was doing fine.

    Yera stood up from her chair so her father-in-law could sit there and check Xander. She smiled as she listened to how her father-in-law was encouraging his son to be a fighter. "I'm so proud of you my son. You are indeed a true Yang! A real fighter!"

    "Dad you're exaggerating..." Xander moaned. But later on teased, "I bet you got scared a lot at that time dad. But I heard you had a gorgeous lovely companion comforting you all this while..."

    "This brat!" Senior Yang with wide eyes scolded him but smiled because he knew if his son could joke around, this already indicated that he would be fine really soon.


    At a camping site near the city...

    "We are almost there..." Dion commented while he guided and assisted Rizie, holding her from side, on the way to his surprise. He actually had her eyes blindfolded. Dion had her blindfolded from the moment she stepped in his car.

    "Where the heck are we going? You're killing me with suspense." Rizie complained and that made Dion chuckle. Rizie loved surprises like this, though her mind was going crazy thinking about what could it be that Dion had prepared for her.

    "Hmm... I can smell trees." Rizie sniffed as she tried to guess where they were going. "Are we in a garden or something? Hmm, it can't be since the ground is not flat. A mountain at this hour?" she guessed more as they walked but Dion only chuckled.

    "Alright we are here. I will now remove your blindfold..." Dion whispered in her ear. She felt him gently remove her blindfold. Rizie slowly opened her eyes and the breathtaking view of the beautiful place Dion has brought her to. It was a place filled with natural beauty and a tent could be seen at a little distance, there were lighted bulbs marking their way into the tent and a lovely dinner table set outside with two chairs.

    "Oh we are really in the mountains?" she mumbled as she walked forward to see the view of the city from their spot. 'This is so beautiful," Rizie gasped. "I knew you would like it," Dion muttered with a grin.

    He held Rizie's hand and led her to the table and the two of them ate their dinner under the night sky holding each other's hands.

    Rizie was overwhelmed with emotions and with a big smile she said, "You're too busy from the past few days and I feel honored by this gesture of yours. Did you set this all up yourself?" Rizie mumbled during dinner.

    It was true that he had been really busy lately and yet he wanted to give this surprise to Rizie as he couldn't do this last time when he had it planned in front of everyone. That was why he had asked secretary Ness to reprepare it tonight in a very exclusive and romantic ambience.

    "Hmmm sort of, it's solely my idea but I asked secretary Ness to handle everything." Dion defended with a wink.

    "I like it very much. Thank you." Rizie said followed by a wink too.

    'Is there a special occasion I'm missing?' Rizie then mused because the atmosphere felt very special and sweet but she couldn't think of anything they should be celebrating about that she had forgotten.

    After dinner, Rizie stood up from her chair and looked at the bright clear sky and then at the city lights that looked really beautiful from this height.

    While she was lost in watching the beautiful scene, she felt Dion cross his arms over her and put a necklace on her neck. "What's this?" Rizie whispered as she felt a pendant on the necklace. No... It was not a pendant but a ring...

    Dion hugged Rizie from behind while he rested his chin on Rizie's shoulders. "Riz, I want to marry you. I want you to know that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

    Rizie was speechless as she  heard Dion continue, "You don't need to answer me now because I'm willing to wait until when you are ready. For now you can use the ring as a pendant and the day I will see you wearing it in your ring finger then I will take it as your affirmative answer for my marriage proposal..."

    Rizie did not really expect that... to the point that she even pinched her arm to make sure that was a reality she was experiencing right at that moment. She wanted to say something but no words were coming out of her mouth and all she could do was gently grab and hug Dion's arms tightly that were wrapped on her waist.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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