296 Art Of Seduction*

    Dion was nervous because he was worried about getting rejected by Rizie and he was at least glad that Rizie did not reject him when he proposed though he had received no answer yet except her silence.

    'Don't some people say silence is a form of acceptance!' Nevertheless, as he expected, she would need more time to accept his proposal and he was willing to wait and give that time to her.

    They both stared at the city lights while Dion kept hugging Rizie from behind for a long time and kept talking about every small thing of their lives  when the rain suddenly started pouring down heavily.

    Both of them quickly ran inside the tent trying to escape getting drenched.

    Rizie was playfully laughing while she searched for something to wipe the water away from their wet bodies and she grabbed a towel to dry herself and Dion while she said, "Did you know it would rain tonight?" she asked with the thought of why there was a tent.

    "Nope actually... I arranged for this tent in case you wished to stay longer so just for you to rest or if you want to stay overnight to spend more time with me, for you to save from being cold. But I certainly did not expect this rain." Dion commented with a grin while he sat down on a chair to let Rizie rub the towel on his head and subsequently on his arms to dry him up.

    Rizie paused and stared at him. "Why?" Dion asked with a gulp. But Rizie only answered him with the mischievously blinking of her eyes before she leaned forward and rested her arms comfortably on his shoulders. "Why do I feel like the tent has been specifically arranged for a purpose," Rizie teased and mischievously smirked seeing how red her boyfriend turned on her teasing.

    "Of course not... I mean I didn't..." Dion stuttered and cursed inwardly for losing out of words to explain as he was already at a loss for words, not because he was guilty as charged. "I mean it's just that I thought you would like to stay longe..."

    Before he could say more, Rizie, along with that teasing grin, bent her head down and shut his mouth with a gentle kiss. Dion felt her kiss deepened and he unconsciously wrapped his arms on her waist while he let her lead the kissing.

    He waited until Rizie let him go while he controlled himself because he did not want her to think that he did the tent set-up for the purpose of getting intimate with her after proposing to her. "Riz," he whispered when his lips were finally free.

    "Hmmm?" Rizie muttered while she playfully caressed his face with her fingers touching every part of his face as if she was memorizing it. Dion could not help but get excited with her little touches all over his face. It was getting cold outside but his body felt hot inside.

    He was about to move away from her but Rizie suddenly said, "Aren't you cold? Close your eyes..."

    Dion creased his forehead but did what she said. "Open now." Rizie mumbled after a few minutes. He blinked seeing Rizie on the bed covered with the comforter while her clothes were taken off her body and spread on a chair to dry. "Remove your clothes too since you are a bit wet too lest you will catch a cold. Let's let the clothes dry for a while. I will now close my eyes so you can take off your clothes and join me here..." she said, referring to the comforter.

    Dion felt weird doing so when he looked at Rizie with her eyes closed. "What? Are you done? I'm going to open my eyes now." Rizie mumbled laughing.

    "Wait!" Dion burst as he undressed himself quickly and proceeded to join Rizie in the comforter and laid beside her, maintaining some distance with her.

    "Hmmm, there. Let's stay here for a while or maybe we can sleep here like this tonight..." Rizie whispered as she snuggled herself in Dion's embrace sharing each other's warmth.

    Dion pursed his lips and felt the air in his lungs left his body that moment. His heart was erratically beating because his body could feel Rizie's bare skin entangled with his body, and she was wearing nothing else but her lingeries.

    All his controls started failing and he knew that he was at his limit of tolerance. Her closeness was too much for him to take without doing anything now. He was not a saint and he could feel his private buddy drastically reacting down below.

    Rizie moved closer as if she wanted to get more warmth from him while Dion tried to move his lower body away from her so that Rizie would not feel his...

    But to his horror, Rizie moved her leg and wrapped it around his thighs and hugged his lower part of the body intimately while he felt her breath on his neck.

    "This is too much!!!" he inwardly complained. "Riz, are you sleeping already?" he whispered in his hoarse voice and looked down to get a clear view of her facial expressions.

    Rizie tilted her head up and their gaze met... She opened her mouth to say something but was quieted by a sudden attack of his burning lips on hers.

    Dion did not know what came to him but he suddenly moved and kissed Rizie passionately. He thought to stop after satisfying his burning fire but the flames of his desire were fueled more when Rizie started reciprocating his passion with the same heat as she deepened the kiss with her tongue entangled with his.

    "Riz," he moaned..."Hmm?" Riz answered, pulling him closer with her hands on his face. Dion could no longer control his body as he spun around and moved on top of her. He felt Rizie's arms encircling his neck while they immersed in yet another passionate kiss like there was no tomorrow. Dion kissed her lips and then sucked the corners of her mouth and gave her wet kisses all over her jawline and started trailing further down...

    Rizie moaned when she felt Dion's lips trailing at her neck. She arched her body and felt Dion's hands unclasping her bra and then he swiftly removed it without any protest from Rizie. She too was so lost in the heat that she did not want him to stop with what he was doing. She gasped when she felt his warm hand on one of her breasts as he gently squeezed it while his mouth began to tend on the other one.

    It felt too good to her that her body started burning with desire while his lips and tongue continued doing wonders on her peaks. She grasped his hair and bit her lips in passion. As she was losing her sanity with his wonderful work on her, she felt Dion's right hand moving downwards between her thighs and rubbed his thumb on her most sensitive spot. She gasped as she realized what Dion was upto.

    Dion was feeling the heat rise in his body with each passing moment as he witnessed how Rizie reacted to each of his touches. He then cupped both her breasts in his palms and slid a little down resting his both elbows on her sides. He leaned down kissing her on her belly button while he removed her underwear. He felt Rizie stiffened. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

    Dion tilted his head and met her rounded eyes. He smiled seeing the terror in her eyes. "Just relax..." he murmured before he gently kissed her inner thighs swiftly putting his focus on her womanhood.

    Rizie's mind and body were in debate at that moment and her body prevented her from stopping Dion from whatever he was doing. Rizie felt her body would explode anytime soon with what Dion was Doing to her. She never felt something like this, unaware that kissing her down there would be like this.

    Dion was encouraged to continue and gave more attention to her flower because of Rizie's moaning. He wanted to please her as he had heard this from his brother-in-law who told him that the art of seduction was very effective in making your woman stay by your side forever. Doing intimate things such as this, makes a woman to get more attached and also yearn for more. He now knew how right his brother in law was.

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