297 Worthy

    Days passed and Xander showed great progress in his condition. A physical therapist assisted him in his exercises in the hospital and his body responded very well with the continuous body therapies he was given. His wife monitored him closely, even his diet was monitored by Yera along with a dietician.

    "Darling, can I just have a single bite please? I'm really craving for it." He cried seeing the pastries and cake that Yera was eating. Yera's eyebrows arched while she firmly said, "No! This can cause constipation."

    Xander pouted his lips, among them, he was more fond of eating sweets. How cruel his wife was to eat all those in front of him. All these bakery products were brought by his bastard friend Rui for Yera saying eating them would help Yera to avoid getting stressed out because of the pressure she was facing due to his condition. 'Pft...'Xander inwardly cursed, breaking the neck of his dear friend in his imagination.

    Yera grinned seeing the sulky expression of her husband. Actually, she could give him a few bites of it already but she wanted to tease him a little more before making him happy. The next day he would get discharged from the hospital, but his therapies and continuous checkups would continue at their home till he would be completely fine.

    Yera then playfully smiled and walked to sit at Xander's bed side while she was still eating the cake on her plate.

    "Hmmm, this is really yummy darling. Rui bought your favorite cheesecake from your favorite bakery, and I have never eaten such delicious cheesecake before. Before today, I didn't understand why you liked sweets so much, but now I know why..." Yera muttered while she continued to spoon more and eat more with a luscious expression.

    Xander gulped with a twitched mouth. He hated the food given to him. Everything was bland with no taste at all, and he was a complete foodie who had a sweet tooth!

    Xander watched his wife enjoying all those luscious sweets in front of his eyes without sharing even a single bite with him, so he mumbled, "Come here closer."

    Year creased her forehead but before she could understand his intention and stand up and move away, her husband pulled her in for a lousy kiss.

    Xander was giggling while she pulled out from the kiss. "What the heck..." she snorted. Xander shrugged his shoulders and panted, "You wouldn't give me any bite, so I decided to just taste if it's yummy as always or does the taste changes in your mouth."

    "What are you looking at? Go on, eat more then kiss me afterwards..." Xander instructed with a sullen look. Yera did not know whether to laugh or scold her husband. In the end, she ended up giving him some bites but Xander insisted on feeding him using her mouth.

    Xander was grinning hard seeing how his wife could not resist him so he commented, "I guess the new hair did boost my sex appeal..."

    "This is actually gross..." Yera mumbled before having another bite and feeding it to her husband to shut him up. "What gross? I even prefer your saliva as dessert more than anything else."

    "I love you..." Xander said next without blinking. Staring directly into her eyes, he grabbed Yera's hand and whispered, "I'm sorry darling about what happened to our baby..."

    "How?" Yera murmured, confused. She was shocked because her husband mentioned it out of nowhere. Xander kissed her hand and hugged her, letting her rest on his chest. "I am sorry..." Xander heard Yera whisper and he could feel her sobbing.

    "Shhh. Don't be sorry... Our baby is in a good place and we can always make another one..." Xander explained, telling Yera how he had a hunch and later he confirmed it from Dion when she was not around.

    "I just didn't want you to keep that burden on your mind about finding a way and time to tell me regarding the incident, so I mentioned it to you myself today." Xander whispered while he gently stroked Yera's hair and kissed on her head lovingly.


    Rizie visited Cali every once in a while whenever she had some free time. Like today, she visited her room during her snack break.

    "How are you?" she asked as soon as Mr. Lua left the room to give them some time alone. Cali smiled and said, "You ask the same thing whenever you come over..."

    Rizie laughed and responded, "It's because I wanna make sure you are feeling better than before, every time I meet you." Like her bro Xander, Cali was also bald now though she still looked pretty. "I'm good Riz. You know, I feel all this probably happened so that my grandfather can be enlightened." Cali commented. Lately she had noticed a lot of good changes taking place  in her grandfather's entire personality. She also heard about her grandfather returning everything to Hans and repenting for what he did, from Rizie. She was really relieved that her grandfather returned everything to Hans.

    "Hmm tell me about you and Dion, how are things progressing? Now we will no longer need to pretend..." Cali whispered. Rizie nodded but the reddening of her cheeks were visible when the intimate scene they had inside that tent popped up in her mind.

    That whole night they both spent in each other's arms in a very intimate way. Dion took control of her whole body and made her convulse over and over again in sheer pleasure with his excellent skills and methods. He spent the entire night with her in pleasing her until she was dead tired and begged for rest.

    The next morning was the most difficult moment for her when she woke up in his arms, with her soft skin brushing against his hard muscular chest. She didn't know how to respond and was then again greeted by a passionate kiss by Dion as soon as he opened his eyes. His teasing smile and satisfied face made her happy even though they had not gone all out with the deed, yet, the closeness and intimacy that they had during that encounter had moved the strings of her heart to a higher level.

    She did not feel shy during the time when Dion was sucking and rubbing her, but afterwards, she was so conscious that she could not even look into Dion's eyes directly. She was even grateful that Dion flew immediately to country V after that intimate encounter.

    "Dion has left right? A reliever visited me instead..." Cali murmured. "Yes, just for two days though and he will return soon, by the way Josh keeps on pestering me..." Rizie suddenly recalled. Her brother was asking her about Cali and the situation about Dion and all. Josh was not aware that Cali was also one among the victims of the Dami Bridge collapse.

    Cali chuckled and said, "tell him I'm out of the country and studying abroad right now... now that everything is fine with you and Dion. We can see each other once my hair grows long..."

    Rizie could smell the bickering between the two but no longer pondered about it. Cali was still young and Josh was too busy growing their business. If those two were meant to be then for sure those two would meet regardless of the circumstance.

    Cali noticed the ring on Rizie's necklace so she nonchalantly commented, "Why don't you wear the ring in your finger? I believe Dion has given this ring to you."

    "Hmm, yes! But I'm still thinking if I'm worthy enough to wear it or not..." Rizie answered with a wink.

    Cali shook her head and said, "Hmm, I don't think you should worry if you are worthy or not Rizie. What you should consider is, if he is worthy enough for you to wear that ring? I mean you were always worthy of that ring dear... Yes you may have imperfections but everyone has some imperfections, do not think less of yourself and feel worthless for someone else's love. Have faith in yourself."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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