298 Mirage

    Dion immediately went up to the study and paid respect to his grandfather as soon as he arrived home.

    "Come here..." his grandfather instructed with a sigh. Dion smiled and hugged him. "It's been a while child... so long I thought you have already forgotten me..." his grandfather muttered. Dion could feel the sullen feeling of his grandfather.

    "Sorry grandpa..." with a low tone he muttered. Another deep sigh from Old Master Chen was heard. "Don't mind me, my child. I understand the situation you were in and your desire to protect your only sibling... Just that, this grandfather of yours is probably getting old now, don't know how many days I will live." Old Master Chen said and gently pushed his grandson.

    "Let's see. Hmm, you look manlier. Liz! How come you did not bring with you my granddaughter-in-law!" Old Master Chen scolded his daughter. Liz, who had just arrived in their library, twisted her face. As usual, she would receive the scolding on behalf of her son because her dear father would never say anything to his only grandson directly.

    "It's your responsibility to arrange everything and let me meet her! Why bother to tell me everything that's happening to your son when you can't even arrange simple things like that?"

    Liz pouted her lips. "Excuse me, dad? It's you who keeps on pestering me to tell you everything," she silently buzzed like a bee.

    "Liz! What are you saying? You're mumbling again like a bee!" Old Master Chen exclaimed with a furrowed forehead.

    "Nothing dad..." Liz meekly answered with a sigh before giving her son a sharp look while Dion only grinned. This kind of scenario happened a lot where he was the one his grandfather wanted to scold whereas his mother would end up receiving all the scolding in the end.

    Dion sat down on a chair in front of his grandfather and said, "Don't worry grandpa... Just that this time it's very chaotic over there, but once everything is settled down I will definitely bring Rizie in here with my sister to meet you. Actually, they are also looking forward to meet you, just when we were planning to come here together, an incident happened..."

    "Ohh yes I saw that on the news... I was planning to meet with Lucas tomorrow about it." Old Master Chen murmured.

    "Uncle Lucas?" Dion remarked then added, "Grandpa, can I know more about the MIRAGE?"

    Old Master Chen's eyes rounded and looked at Liz who immediately tilted her head down and bit her lip.

    "Before this you seemed to be not interested in it whenever I tried to talk about it..." Old Master Chen commented that made Dion give him an awkward smile. It was true that he would always find ways to escape his grandfather whenever he would tell some stories because he often ended up sleeping while listening to them and they never piqued his interest.

    "Hmm, grandpa... the truth is that I have a lead that points towards a connection with what's going on right now at country D and Mirage, though I am not sure..." and then Dion started to narrate the part about the cyclone tattoo.

    He noticed that his grandfather's face darkened. "MIRAGE is a reality my child. It was basically a triad group, a group formed by three clans together, based here in our country but like what the name implies... They prefered to stay as an illusion, because each clan wanted to protect their privacy. So some thought it's a myth and some who knew it was real, kept their mouth closed about it because those clans are really scary when it comes to offending them."

    The three clans, Quan, Tai and Yue... are all powerful clans independently also. They have access to everything. To maintain balance, peace and order they had signed a peace treaty but then something went wrong..."

    Dion was finally enlightened while he listened to his grandfather and showed him some of his writings. He was keeping journals for the group like he was writing a history.

    "To be honest I'm too old for these but Lucas, King of the Quan Clan wanted me to have a proper and reliable record about the Mirage triad's history ever since it was established..." Old Master Chen explained and told Dion that everything he heard from him should be kept absolutely confidential and must remain between the Chen Family only, him, his grandfather and his mother.

    "I will meet King Lucas tomorrow... His son would run for presidency in the upcoming elections." his grandfather added that made Dion crumpled his forehead in confusion. "I thought his son was missing and was reported dead...."

    This time Dion heard his mother laugh and say, "You stayed too long with your sister and now you're so outdated about all the information here. They just hid Chad and now he is back... you know there's still a silent war going on between the three Clans so everything is pretty complicated right now. But like what father said. That cyclone mark you all saw that was doing the evil deeds was definitely not from the Quan Clan because Quan Clan is a good and respectable one... They are just framing the Quan Clan for everything..."

    Dion scratched his head because he was more confused with the mixed up information. He still could not find the connection of his brother-in-law and sister with that Mirage Triad...

    Seeing the mayhem on his grandson's face, Old Master Chen suggested, "Here, open my private room with this and you might probably find whatever it is you're looking for. I hope this helps you solve the missing piece of puzzle to help your sister.."

    Dion accepted the keys his grandfather handed him. He immediately stood up from his chair because every second was precious. He was hoping that somehow he could find something  because Vin's words were alarming. Vin... he almost forgot that he had to meet him also.

    As he went out, his mother followed him from behind. "You! Such a cruel grandson. Can you at least spend at least an hour with your grandfather before getting to whatever purpose you have come here for. Don't you know how your grandpa misses you, my mouth is paining and head spinning by telling him about you and Rizie again and again everyday. He just asks about you and wants to hear about your daily activities, I  get no rest at all unless I do the detailing of everything to him ever since I came back..."

    Dion laughed because it was true that his grandfather loved him too much and he would be definitely pestering his mom by asking her a lot of questions about him. He even loved to ask everything and listen to people then write about them afterwards. No wonder he was a great author of many bestselling books of almost all genres.

    "Of course mom I will and not just one hour... I will also sleep with him tonight in his room later." Dion muttered before walking directly to his grandfather's room.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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