299 Monster

    In one of the capital city's best hotels, Yun was having a meeting with some of his business associates when he received a report that his men could no longer find an opportunity to accomplish the mission inside Life Hospital because of the air tight security.

    He cursed and excused himself, "Gentlemen, my assistant in here will take over and discuss the rest because I have an emergency..."

    "Bunch of idiots! Go and bring me to Raine this instant!" he hissed to his driver.He had been watching the cctv footage they had from his assassin whom he sent to finish Xander Yang off. Those familiar movements, he couldn't be wrong. Only Raine could move like that, the flexibility, the skillful attacks... 'This was definitely Raine.' But Tyron insisted that Raine was not in that area at that time. Raine had a perfect alibi that he would definitely not buy. He would confront that sly little devil fox himself.

    He reached the private resident where Raine was staying. As he expected, the security was so tight there that even he had to wait long before he could enter.

    He creased his forehead seeing Raine was doing her exercise in one of her private working areas. "Why do I have a feeling that you're stabbing me in the back?" Yun directly hissed while sitting on a chair watching Raine sweating profusely while walking towards him.

    "Uncle... Are you accusing me? How can I stab a pillar like you? Surely I'll die if I do that.'' Raine jested as she grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat on her while she joined her uncle and sat beside him on the bench chair.

    Yun ignored her words and continued, "Xander Yang is mine. I need that credit before your father wakes up. Let me handle it and don't interrupt!!!"

    Raine's face became serious and she calmly stated, "Uncle... You  are messing up things. I told you I will handle the man myself but you chose to plan very lousy attacks on him every time... Putting the name of our whole clan in jeopardy. I know everything that you're doing behind my father's back. Because of your lousy plans, I will not be surprised if Xander and his people will find out the truth soon. I'm also sure father won't be pleased if he comes to know of your failures and even brings the mirage triad connected with these stupidities..."

    "You!!!" Yun abruptly stood up and was about to swing his cane on Raine but Tyron blocked Raine with his body. "You insolent!!! You are sharpening your horns thinking you're the heir that would soon succeed your father but let me tell you one thing... You are just a thing that's still useful simply because my brother will surely throw you out after he's done with using you, bi*ch!!!" Yun shouted in rage. Raine could see the old man's red face with veins bulging on his forehead.

    "Shh... Stay low..." she heard Tyron whisper.

    Raine had a mocking smirk on her face while she remarked, "Uncle... Careful with your heart and blood pressure. Remember, you're not getting any younger and your project for immortality is always a failure so if you don't wanna end up like father, I suggest you keep your cool. Geez. Look what you did? Tyron is bleeding... Anyway, I hope I will no longer receive any disturbances like this again, because I'm focusing on rescuing some of our important people you had assigned to do another lousy job, and who ended up caught by the military and are still in their custody. Geez, I can't believe you ordered them using the King's name. If I were you, I would better stay quiet at this point and let me clean all the mess created by you."

    Raine stood up and gave her uncle once last glance. "Tsk... Tsk... " she mockingly breathed.

    "Tyron, she is getting out of hand!" Yun exclaimed with his burning glare at Raine's back. "Does she want all the credit to herself?" he added with gritted teeth. That woman was getting on his nerves ever since she was born. She was a pain in the ass! Always sticking her nose in his business ever since his brother fell in a coma!

    "You know the Princess has been like that ever since. Please don't take her words to heart. Her concern is just that Yue Clan won't get involved in any scandal. Military intelligence has already found out that the mark of the cyclone you used on our people is a fake one, so right now, they have Tai and Yue clans as suspects because of that..." Tyron explained.

    Yun's face cooled down as he let out a long loud exhale. He wanted Xander to die in a natural way but the man was like a cat having a lot of spare lives, escaping death every time they tried to kill him. The war was still ongoing so he thought it would be good to frame the Quan clan and get them involved with various terrorist attacks in different countries including country D where Xander was residing, and use this opportunity to kill the man using any such attack and yet the man always managed to escape death.

    He wanted to wrap things up before the King wakes up. He wanted to prove to his brother that he was more reliable than his stubborn daughter who knew nothing but to make a fuss!

    He looked at Tyron and said, "Make sure you keep her in place Tyron. How come you cannot babysit her well enough? Maybe you should  be replaced and I will personally ask the King about it as soon as he opens his eyes!"

    Tyron clasped his fist as Yun left him. He let out a long disoriented sigh. Babysit her? Raine was a monster and nobody could babysit a monster unless you're a monster too.

    Xander Yang, he wondered how long luck would keep him alive. How long Raine would be able to keep the man alive...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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