300 Good Companion

    Yera and Xander were greeted by Senior Yang's warm hug as soon as they arrived at Yang's Ancestral mansion.

    "Oh my children... Finally we're all together again. If you only knew how lonely it felt to be alone in this big mansion." Senior Yang blurted out with pouty lips.

    Xander's left eyebrow lifted up and with an evil grin he muttered, "You should add a few more people in our family who would live here in the mansion to accompany you, someone like auntie, who never left your side in the waiting room during my surgery. I bet you did not feel lonely during that time..."

    Yera chuckled seeing the blushing of her father-in-law. He was too adorable at his age. She gently elbowed her husband to stop teasing their father.

    "Hmm, see dad is speechless darling so he actually likes it. We can still tease him a little more." Xander continued, still grinning because his father could not dare scold him.

    "This brat... Enjoy your moment because you are not in a condition to get beaten up by me right now, but the moment your hair grows I will personally shave you back to being bald." Senior Yang said with a crumpled face.

    "Dad's reply is lame right darling?" Xander chuckled and walked with Yera in their room. Yera continuously signaled him to stop already but Xander did not stop there. He paused and added with a little seriousness in his tone, "Dad, I want you to have a companion. You've been alone for too long already and it's really lonely sometimes when we both don't have time for you. I'm sure even mom would want to see you enjoying your days while living here."

    Senior Yang left staggered with his son's words as he stared at the couple getting inside their room. "That brat, how could he sell his father out like that? Doesn't he know that seeing him living healthy and happy is more than enough for me to not feel lonely and enjoy my days in satisfaction while I'm alive?" he defended in a whisper.

    Inside the couple's room, Yera scolded her husband and said, "Your father is old enough to know what he wants and what to do. Stop bullying him like that. Let him be or else I will not take care of you."

    Xander pouted his lips and complained, "How come you favour my father more than me? Anyway... It's just an option that he can consider of course. We all know auntie Liz has a big crush on him, and my dad may like her too, however, I know in my dad's heart it will only be my mom, so I feel like he will turn auntie down. Well,  no matter what happens I just want him to give himself a chance too, because unless he is determined about things, it will be unfair for auntie..."

    "Unfair?" Yera asked, a bit confused.

    Xander nodded and replied, "Yes unfair because he won't be able to commit his heart to auntie..."

    "Hmm, how about you?" Yera suddenly asked while helping Xander to settle on their bed.

    "Me? What about me?" Xander asked.

    "What if I die. Will you have a companion too or another woman in your life?" Yera asked out of curiosity. She was keenly looking at her husband, wondering what his answer would be.

    Xander's eyes widened in disbelief and he burst, "Stop saying words like that!"

    "What? I'm just curious..." Yera mumbled as she shrugged her shoulders. "Tell me..." she encouraged and even moved on the bed to face him.

    "Of course I will never have another woman okay! I  will only have one woman in my heart and in my life and that would be my wife... My lifetime partner... You..." Xander firmly declared with a heavy tone.

    Yera frowned and muttered, "Yet you are encouraging father to have a companion? I bet he too thinks the same way about mother-in-law."

    Xander gulped and then thought to ask his dear wife the same question. "How about you? What if I ended up dead? What are you going to do?"

    "What else? I will move on of course. Remarry and have a good companion to enjoy my days while I live," Yera answered with a serious face and tone, controlling hard not to laugh seeing how sulky her husband's face had become.

    Xander felt his face had been splashed by cold water hearing the serious answer coming from his wife.

    "You said the same thing to your dad. So I presume you will want the same thing for me too, right darling?" Yera teasingly confirmed. Xander gulped and cleared his throat before answering, "Well... Yes of course. I will definitely want you to be happy and move on."

    There was a long pause and a moment of silence before Xander could not help but say, "Darling, can you at least just say, that you will only have me in your heart and you can't picture yourself with another man but only me...? Then at least let me be the one to say to you about me wanting you to move on and have a good companion and... Geez... Why are you being so straightforward." His face couldn't be painted at all, sadness clouded his features...

    Yera laughed and quickly cupped his face and with her sweetest smile countered, "Dear... I'm just messing with you. Of course you're the only man for me in this life, but whatever happens in the future, though it might be painful... The two of us must keep on going with our lives. We might not need a companion or anything but I'm pretty sure that people around us will be enough to have a meaningful life until we are on earth alright? Nothing is certain, with or without a new companion or whatsoever, life goes on and we need to be strong..."

    Xander sighed and complained, "Darling... That's a long essay. Of course that's what I want you to do also..."

    "Hmm, then what's with that sulky face?" Yera whispered, crinkling her nose..

    "Well it simply feels good to hear such words like, you will only have me of course through eternity... Oh let's stop this topic now." Xander burst with a creased face. Yera chuckled and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips while she uttered, "Darling... Stop thinking about what can happen. Let's enjoy what we have now and look forward to being with each other as days pass by. Focus on getting fit so we can have little bunnies as additional companions for our lives, shall we?"

    Xander nodded and gave his wife a bashful roguish smile.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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