301 Sleep Here

    Shan quickly wrapped things up in the office so she could visit Ron at his home. She felt bad that she couldn't take enough good care of her boyfriend because of the busy schedules at work, especially now that the bosses were both out. She was grateful enough to have Rizie around and a reliable assistant that started working a few days.

    She let out a long sigh as she grabbed her bag and a paper bag of fruits. She had brought some of her clothes inside her bag also because she had planned to stay overnight at Ron's house, if the latter would allow and feel comfortable with it. But then she was a bit skeptical about how she would tell Ron about it.

    She was already inside a cab and she constantly kept on practicing how she could open to Ron about her intention to stay overnight. "Maybe if I'll just stay up till late? Then probably he will offer me to stay and sleep there?" she mumbled.

    "Ma'am, are you saying something?" The cab driver asked, thinking that she was talking to him. "Nothing sir, I am just talking to myself," she said with an awkward smile.

    After a few minutes, she reached Ron's apartment. She did not inform him that she was coming but she did call him once and check if he was home.

    She pressed the doorbell and he opened the door for her, "Why are you here?"

    Shan gave him an awkward smile and murmured, "To give you a surprise visit!" Ron let her in and asked, "You should have told me. I could pick you up instead and we could then go out for dinner..."

    "For me?" Ron asked when Shan handed him the paper bag, Shan nodded and handed the paper bag to Ron before entering his apartment.

    "It's okay. I mean you're hurt and I was unable to check on you these past few days, I was already feeling bad about ignoring you, so I came straight here as soon as I wrapped up everything in the office. Today, I will cook dinner for us both. Now fast, show me your kitchen. This is the least I can do for not showing up in the last few days." Shan explained as she removed her shoes to change into the slippers Ron gave her.

    Her forehead creased when she saw a familiar pair of shoes in the cabinet of Ron's various shoe wear near the door. 'Are those my shoes?' she mused, recalling the same shoes she left the first time she saw Ron. She picked it up and smiled seeing it was the same shoes not only that the shoe with a heel broken was already repaired as well.

    "Hmm that, I kept that with me. It's quite a sturdy pair of shoes, I must admire your choice, seeing how many years had passed," Shan felt Ron's breath as he whispered in her ear and she forgot to breathe for a while. She suddenly felt the lack of oxygen and she exhaled loudly when Ron walked away at a distance from her...

    'Is he trying to seduce me?'

    "Why cook? Sit here on the couch and I'll cook for you." He simply said and guided her to the living area. Shan was still silent while she tried to calm herself and her pounding heart. She felt weird with a simple whisper on her ear by him, so much so that her heart was still beating erratically.

    "Why did you keep those shoes for so many years? They are too old and dull..." she nonchalantly commented as she sat on the couch. Shan heard no response.

    'Didn't he hear me?' she thought as she followed Ron's back who probably went straight in the kitchen. She stood up and looked around Ron's apartment. She bet that there was not a single speck of dust in the entire apartment because everything she looked at was clean and shining.  She was aware that a man like him was too tidy and organized. But now she had a hunch that he was also a clean freak.

    Shan's face cringed. She would never let Ron inside her apartment or else it would look like a junk shop compared to his apartment. Ron's house was simple and spacious. It was big enough for a family. She giggled as a silly thought flashed into her mind while she stared at the beautiful mini garden he had looking at his veranda.

    She was too advanced in thinking and she already started picturing their kids playing around in that beautiful little garden. "Silly me..." she voiced out.


    She almost jumped up with that sudden comment near her ear that she almost lost her balance with the sudden twirling of her body. Good thing Ron  caught her with his arms on her waist while she unconsciously wrapped her arms on his neck as a reflex.

    "You easily get startled," Ron commented with knitted brows. Shan gave him another awkward smile and murmured, "Haha... I guess so..."

    "I forgot to tell you to feel at home and roam around but I guess I don't need to..." Ron with a blank face said while he helped her back to her feet allowing her to maintain her balance. Ron gave her a quick smile and said, "Arms please. It's almost dark. I'm cooking dinner."

    Shan's face reddened and she quickly removed her arms. Her lips pursed as she watched Ron walk back into the kitchen. Then she let out another sigh... She wondered why Ron was a bit stiff most of the time but he talked such straightforwardly.

    "He should be more straightforward in action than in words..." She complained with pouted lips guessing it would be not good to stay overnight because she was sure Ron would insist on sending her home after dinner.

    Shan was even betting on herself if she would end up being sent to her apartment or not as she walked back inside to watch Ron cook dinner.

    "Don't you need help?" she asked as she sat on the chair at his kitchen counter. "No, it's  fine. It's your first time here so I want to cook for you." Ron replied while cutting onions.

    "How's your leg?" Shan asked next.

    "My legs are fine now." Shan nodded and murmured, "That's good." She noticed that Ron was walking normally now, so he must be in good shape already besides she heard he was still working at home though he was not directly reporting in the office.

    "Do you wanna sleep here tonight?" Shan heard Ron casually ask while he was chopping some vegetables.

    She was caught off guard and blinked several times at Ron who seemed to be busy with chopping.

    'What should I say?' she mused as she bit her lower lip.

    "I mean I have a guest room where you can stay and relax for the night. I would like to chat more with you tonight so we can spend more time together because we both usually have a busy schedule..." Shan heard Ron explain further.

    'Chat, only chat the whole night? Nothing else? How boring would that be?' Shan silently asked in her head but did not dare to voice out. Instead she whispered, "Alright. Let's do that..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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