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    At Country V...

    Dion yawned as he put down the journal he had been reading for quite some time now. He came to know of the triad's history with the journal that had been passed on to his grandfather. He looked at the side table and gulped. Those were the drafts done by his grandfather. He wondered if he could skip some pages but somehow he was intrigued about Mirage's history.

    His grandfather was quite old now and he would pass this information soon to another writer. According to her father, the King had already chosen a person who would continue to write the happenings between all the three clans and it was none other than her sister's idol, the known news anchor turned writer Gavin Wu.

    He stood up to stretch his arms and legs when the door opened and his grandfather entered. "Look at you still awake till this late." his grandfather commented. Dion grinned and muttered, "It's because you're not allowing me to take these files away with me. I really pity Gavin. I mean endorsing these files?" he commented while shaking his head. His father followed the old ways while everything could be organized well with the use of the latest  technology these days.

    "Well it will be his problem anyway," his grandfather answered with a laugh as he walked towards a shelf and pulled out something.

    "Here, I have made a family tree of the three clans. It's best you see this one and remember each member from this, so in case you meet any of them you'll be more careful with your actions. It's not updated though so some of the people in these photos might be the same age as your mother. The young generations pics are also not in here yet but I do have their names written so maybe you can remember those names and be careful not to offend any of them in case you come across them." Dion's grandfather explained as he handed him the albums.

    Dion skipped the old ones and years of those photos of the persons who were already dead by now. He flipped the pages fast but paused at one picture and flipped the page back.

    "Why? You noticed someone you know?" His grandfather asked while he looked at the photos of women in that picture. Dion's forehead creased as he stared at the particular photo. The photo was taken too long ago and if Dion was right, they were just in their early teens in the picture.

    "Grandpa...." Dion muttered.


    "Who are they?" Dion asked while his heart started to beat like a drum roll. He even took his mobile phone and took a snapshot of the photo.

    "Hmm, gorgeous aren't they? They died so young... Such pity... If I'm not mistaken they died when they turned eighteen..." His grandfather started to narrate.

    Dion was starting to understand the situation and somehow beginning to start assembling the jumbled puzzle in his head. But of course those were just his assumptions based on the story he was hearing from his grandfather. He would still need concrete details of certain things.

    "Grandpa, are these the only photos of them we have?" Dion asked as he flipped on the other pages of the album.

    "Yeah, that's all child. Why don't you rest now and continue tomorrow?" Dion's grandfather suggested.

    Dion sighed and gave him a smile. "Grandpa, you go to bed first and I will follow you shortly. I will just make a few calls and send a few important emails first."

    "Alright then. I will leave you now..." Dion's grandfather said as he stood up.

    "Grandpa," Dion muttered, stopping his grandfather from walking out on his private room. "Do you think it will be possible for me to meet uncle Lucas tomorrow?" he asked, which made his grandfather sighed.

    "I will check but you see that Lucas... How should I put it... There's no way for me to contact him and he was always the one reaching me for anything. Well, let's try approaching his secretary, though I never had tried doing this before..."

    Dion sighed and said, "Thanks grandpa... Goodnight."

    As soon as his grandfather left, Dion took a lot of snap shots and sent everything to the team.

    He then paused for a while and stared at his mobile phone. There was no message nor missed call from Rizie at all. He tried to call her but her number only kept on ringing and he was getting worried already so he again pressed her number and called her.

    He made a sigh of relief when the call was finally answered. "Hello," he smiled hearing the familiar voice of his girlfriend.

    "How come I manage to get a hold of you only now? Why are you not answering my call since hours?" he asked with a bit of sulky tone.

    Rizie bit her lip. To be honest she was still feeling shy after their intimate encounter, soon after which Dion had left to meet his grandfather, she felt so flustered whenever she thought about that night that she did not dare talk to Dion normally.

    Even a while ago, she kept on turning and tossing on her bed as she tried to sleep but all those moments with Dion kept on flashing in front of her eyes like a movie. Then she would pull her hair like a crazy person and let out a suppress scream of embarrassment. Recalling how loud she was and how she acted that night... Rizie wanted to hide in a pit forever...

    "Oh yeah. S- Sorry about it. Just that today, yes I...I was busy, too busy to return your missed calls and messages..." Rizie explained in a low voice, stammering a bit. Hoping that Dion would end the topic here not bring up what happened between them in that tent to tease her.

    "Oh! Were you busy or were you trying to avoid me because of what happened between us in the tent?" Dion teased, grinning hard because he had a hunch that Rizie was intentionally avoiding him. Well, knowing his girlfriend so well he knew, she was surely avoiding him.

    Hearing the silence on the other line made Dion chuckle. "Stop teasing me." she said after a moment of silence.

    "Hmm, alright I won't tease you but make sure you won't ever avoid me. How come it seems that you do not miss me at all?" Dion asked next, still grinning while he pictured how red, like a ripened tomato, his girlfriend would be right at that moment. Just too bad he was not there to see her beautiful red face.

    "Of course I miss you. Just stop teasing me now, okay? I'm so embarrassed." Rizie could not help but voice out.

    "Why? I liked it too much but... I mean hearing you call my name over and over again, in your such enticing voice and your soft moans..."

    "Stop!!!!!!" Rizie burst out with a shrunken face. She would definitely pull her boyfriend's hair if he dared to tease her like that in person.

    Dion laughed and said, "Alright. I just wanna hear your voice. Rizie, I miss you, I really miss you very much. Sigh! I might be busy tomorrow but I will still call you whenever I get time or in the evening."

    "Alright, please take care of yourself there..." Rizie said.

    "Hmm... I will. That's all you wanted to say to me?" Dion asked.

    "I miss you too..." Rizie quickly said before ending the call. She was too embarrassed due to that one time, that she did not know how to face Dion when he would return.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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