303 Control

    Shan yawned and looked lazily at the four corners of the room. She again looked at the wall clock and saw it was still three in the morning. She was having a light sleep tonight... She sighed then pouted her lips.

    "Why did I even plan to sleep in here?" she mumbled. She was still at Ron's apartment and she was wearing Ron's pair of pajamas. She's been like that for quite sometime now, having a small nap then waking up every now and then.

    After another few minutes of staring at the ceiling, Shan decided to get up to drink some warm milk to help her sleep. She went out of the room with pursed lips as she looked at Ron's room door. 'Am I not attractive enough for him, at least he should ask me to sleep on the same bed with him?' She mused with her most sour face.

    She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

    "What are you looking for?"

    "Ahhhh!" She screamed suddenly hearing Ron's voice from behind.

    "Are you trying to kill me?" She complained with her hand massaging her chest because she felt she almost had a heart attack because of that.

    It was dark and she had not opened the lights in the kitchen, so she couldn't clearly see Ron's face. "I can't sleep. Do you have milk? I couldn't find any in the fridge." She casually said as she turned around back to check the fridge.

    Ron turned the lights on and said, "I have powder milk..."

    Shan turned and stared at him as he grabbed the milk inside the closet. "Why are you still awake too?" She asked.

    "It's hard to sleep when you know your girlfriend is just right there in the other room beside your's, in your own apartment!" Ron muttered.

    "Huh?" Shan breathed. She wondered if she could interpret that as a compliment. She watched Ron prepare two glasses of hot milk, one for each one of them.

    Shan was curious to find out why it was hard for him to sleep so she murmured, "Why is it hard to sleep for you while I'm here?"

    She saw Ron chuckled for the first time. 'Did I say something funny?' She wondered. Ron now with a small smile on his lips looked at her closely and bluntly said, "It's hard because I keep having evil thoughts of crossing into your room."

    Shan blinked and suddenly became so nervous that she unconsciously grabbed the cup of milk and drank it mindlessly.

    "Ouch! it's hot!" Shan exclaimed and Ron quickly gave her water. "Didn't you see that I just poured hot water to make the milk in cups?" Ron scolded.

    Shan bashfully smiled. "How about we sleep together?" She voiced out without her knowing.

    She blinked several times, flushing profusely on the words that left her mouth while Ron stared at her with arched brows unblinkingly. Shan's face twitched as she covered her lips gently slapping her mouth for betraying her emotions.

    "Are you sure?" She heard the hoarse and heavy voice of Ron confirming her words. Shan nodded.

    Both of them ended up sleeping in Ron's room on the same bed. Shan did not dare to move a single bit on the bed and kept lying there with her eyes closed. Ron was beside her not moving at all just like her so she mused, 'Is he asleep already?' She sighed because she could not sleep at all with her heart thumping so fast. While she was thinking about ways to drift off to sleep, she felt Ron move and whisper to her, "Are you sleeping?"

    Shan turned to her side and moved to face him and answered, "Not yet..." Their faces were too close. "This is why I wanted you to sleep in the other room because I knew it would be really hard to control this..."

    Before Shan could ask, Ron moved his hands, held her head from the back and suddenly she felt Ron's lips on hers. They kissed for a long time while cuddling each other and Shan felt like she was at cloud nine. Everything felt like a dream but she knew it was happening for real. Ron was becoming aggressive with each passing second and then he suddenly deepened the kiss when he felt Shan was responding to him.

    They started to become more intimate and started moving their hands and touching each other when their lovely time was interrupted by Ron's mobile phone's ringing.

    Ron ignored it once, but the mobile phone kept on ringing continuously. Shan was the one to pull out from the kiss and said, "Answer it. It's probably an important call..."

    Ron gave him a sounding kiss before grabbing his phone and said, "I'll be right back soon."

    Shan saw Ron answer the call and leave the room for talking. She smiled and pulled the comforter to hide in it. She was giggling as she closed her eyes. "I'm sleepy..." she mumbled before closing her eyes and dozed off.

    Outside, Ron switched his laptop and checked the files Dion sent. After making a few calls and endorsement, he went back inside the room after around half an hour.

    'Mirage' they already tried to get some information about the triad but there was only limited information, unless there would be a whistleblower from one of the clans. Yet they got to know from a reliable source that before a traitor from each clan opened their mouth, they would end up being killed first.

    He went back inside his room and smiled seeing Shan was already having her little snores indicating she was already in deep sleep. He gently joined her on the bed while carefully embracing her. He gave her a soft kiss on her forehead.

    "Goodnight..." he whispered before closing his eyes to sleep. He was grateful Shan visited him because he truly missed her a lot. However, he understood the hectic schedules not to mention that this was a crucial time since all their bosses were not around so both of them needed to fill in. So he kept controlling the urge to be with her so she could keep her focus on her work properly. Being an executive assistant was not that simple and easy.

    He sighed. He almost lost control but he was irritated and thankful at the same time both to Rui and Dion who distracted his crucial moment at this hour. He snuggled his face on Shan's neck to feel her warmth and smell her scent before sighing hard, hoping he too could sleep soon, despite getting distracted with Shan's warmth.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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