304 Worth Of Life

    At Life Hospital

    Yera took out time to check on Cali herself, who was still in the hospital. She wanted to make sure Cali was well, not only because of Dion's request to personally check on her while he was away but also because she understood Cali was a girl of very clear heart.

    "It's nice to see you doing well. I guess Dion did a meticulous operation on you as he claimed. Surely you can go home as early as tomorrow." Yera said after checking Cali's condition.

    Cali had her warm smile on her face as she said, "Yes, I'm really grateful to Dion for saving my life. By the way, how is Xander?"

    "He's also doing well. You two can soon go back to your usual life routines in not a very long time, just make sure to follow every instruction carefully..." Yera stated as she briefed Cali with her condition.

    "Miss, your mobile phone is ringing again," Cali's nanny informed her as soon as Yera left the room.

    "Who is it Nanny Shine?" Cali asked but somehow she felt like she knew who was it.

    "My slave..." Cali's nanny answered with a teasing look. Cali frowned. "What's with him pestering me these past few days?" She mumbled, wondering what it was Josh needed this time.

    Her grandfather would not allow her to hold her mobile phone saying she should avoid using gadgets yet, so her nanny was the one holding her mobile and she was relaying to her the text messages coming in.

    "Shall I read the messages from your slave? I see a lot of messages from your slave in your inbox." Cali's nanny asked, still covered with that teasing grin on her face.

    Cali simply nodded. She was curious what it was this time. Last time he asked why she was not answering her at all after the fuss she made with his family.

    Cali giggled recalling that funny face of Josh the moment she entered the restaurant and found out he had an instant girlfriend.

    "Primadonna, answer my call will you. Be responsible and face me. Do you know what I have to endure because of that act and scene you did? I will make you pay for it... Don't you dare run away..." Her nanny read.

    "What the heck?! Why does he sound irritated by my act of me being his girlfriend? Duh! He should feel honored. It's a great privilege to even fake a relationship with such an awesome girl like me. Right nanny Shine?" Cali hissed with furrowed eyebrows.

    Nanny Shine gulped and immediately said yes seeing the arching of the brows of Cali at her. However, she could not help but add, "Maybe he's a bit unlucky too because you are pretty childish and stubborn, so I think I can actually understand his sentiments."

    Cali pouted her lips and rolled her eyes. Nanny Shine was like a mother to her since she took care of her like her own daughter since her mother died giving birth to her. Not so long, her father followed... He killed himself... Since then she has grown up with her grandfather and nanny as her family. Her grandfather did spoil her to the maximum level since childhood.

    "Shall I type a reply to him this time? I think he's just worried for you and wanna make sure that you're okay? So he keeps on calling or messaging." Nanny Shine concluded. She was aware of Cali's situation since her child never hid a thing from her. The two of them were practically partners in crime as what Mr. Lua would always complain.

    "Hmm, tell him that I will not run away anywhere, but if he wants to chase me then why not and good luck Bullyman." Cali said giggling as she pictured Josh's irritated face once he read the word 'bullyman' since he hated it.

    Nanny Shine shook her head as she obeyed what Cali wanted her to reply.

    "Oh! Also tell him that I will be in hibernation for a month or so, and so he can get some rest from hearing anything from me. Tell him to tell auntie and his family that I won't be able to visit for a month because I need to go out of the country for some urgent work." Cali stated.

    "Hold on... Why don't you just tell him the truth. And Cali, my child... You both are just pretending, right? So why do you bother to send regards to his family?" Nanny Shine questioned.

    Cali wrinkled her nose at her while she said with a smile, "I like his family nanny Shine. A lot... They are all nice and warm people. I mean, I have high respect and admiration for his family. They are so loveable that I dreamed of having a family like his... I'm envious of him to be honest."

    Nanny Shine sighed and stood up from her chair and sat on the bedside of Cali's bed while she gently grabbed her hands. "Child, don't think much about it. You still have your grandfather and me. I'm sure your grandfather will soon be an adorable and understanding one... Especially now that he's changed so much and has realised the worth of life over money and power..."

    Then she added, "Also you too, of course will have your own family, once you find that man who can finally make you feel that thing you say you're looking for... what is it again?"

    Cali laughed seeing her nanny's brows knitted as she tried to recall the proper words she would often say.

    "Nanny Shine, it's the spark and impact I'm looking for..."

    "Oh right, who knows it could be your slave..." Nanny Rong teased, pertaining to Josh that Cali named as 'my slave' on her mobile phone.

    Cali's face crumpled as she defended, "Excuse me nanny Shine. He's not my type. The man is a total bully and very rough with words. No gentleness at all in his body gestures and vulgar too sometimes. He just speaks whatever is on his mind even though it's annoying. He often complains of my whining, calling me primadonna and spoiled brat. Could you believe that he even threatened me about cleaning his barn as payment for taking care of me during my stay in their province..."

    Nanny Shine shook her head as Cali continued to express her dislikes for the man. After she found some opportunity to interrupt Cali she said, "Child I can feel that spark and impact between you both..."

    "Huh? Nanny Shine what are you saying?" Cali asked, confused.

    Nanny Shine chuckled and said, "Rest my child... I will memorize everything, word by word, you said about Josh, if you repeat the same thing tomorrow once you get another call and more messages from him. The impact indeed seems to be heavy though you have just been with him for such a short period of time. I can also see the spark whe..."

    "Stop nanny Shine. You're spurting nonsense again."

    "Alright... Stop frowning and rest my child. If you say so about him then so be it..." Nanny Shine controlled her grinning seeing how irritated Cali was at that point.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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