305 Punishable By Death

    Rui and Dion decided to keep the situation in their hands without bugging the couple at all while Xander was still recuperating and on his therapies. They wanted the couple to focus on healing each other not only physically but mentally and mostly emotionally since they had been through a lot.

    Rui stared at the photos that Dion sent and he sighed. He grabbed his mobile phone and called Ralf. "Is there a way we can confirm about their deaths? Yes I know it's quite difficult but let's still try. Dion might extend his stay in that country to get more reliable information. I will talk about this to uncle James too today." Rui said before ending his call.

    'She looks so much like auntie... But something is missing and feels off with how the story goes.' he mused as he looked one more time at the photos.

    Rui got ready  to visit Yang Ancestral mansion. When he arrived, he saw Xander doing his required therapy in his private working room with his private therapist. "How's the company?" Xander asked while he was doing some arm stretching..

    "Well it's never been this great as it is now under my supervision. I think I can replace you soon as the CEO and I bet the board members will be happier  to have me as CEO too, given how easy I am to handle than to handle you..." Rui jested as he grabbed a bite of the snack Xander's helper brought him.

    "Where's Yera?" Rui asked next. "She's at Life Hospital now. Cali will be discharged today so she has gone to personally handle her case while Dion is still not here. I wonder why he is extending his stay..." Rui heard Xander commented.

    "Well, he's been away for too long and if I was his grandfather I would scold him big time if he dare leave again after a day or two. He should at least stay for five days if not for a few weeks you know."

    Xander nodded since Rui had a valid point. "Dr. CEO, let me leave you for awhile and give my respect to uncle James. You please focus on getting well soon, so that I don't have to disturb you for a long time my friend. I can't wait for your return because my feet are already itching to travel."

    Xander laughed as he watched his friend leave. Indeed, his friend Rui had already started complaining because the man could not even last staying caged for more than a few weeks, much to his dismay he was stuck for that long. Rui loved to explore the world and with his absence the latter had no choice at all but to stay put in his cage and look after the Yang Globals.

    Rui saw Senior Yang sitting in a garden outside the mansion, his late wife's garden, where he was having his alone and quiet time staring at the beautiful landscape before him. "Hmm, you are keeping the garden very beautiful and well uncle." Rui commented as he sat on the chair opposite Senior Yang.

    "Oh Rui, it's nice you visited. Xander is having his therapy..." Senior Yang commented with a warm smile.

    "Yup, I already saw him uncle. To be honest, today I'm here to personally see you and talk to you. But I want to keep everything that we discuss from Xander and Yera for the meantime." Rui started before letting out a long sigh. He heard that this garden was personally landscaped by uncle Jame's late wife. He hadn't got the chance to meet his wife because she was already dead when he and Xander became friends.

    Rui had no spare time to waste so he did not beat around the bush and told Senior Yang about what Dion found. "Let me see the photos..." Senior Yang muttered.

    Rui handed him his mobile phone to show the photos. "They said they died a long time ago at the age of eighteen. The family kept it a secret and did not disclose much about how they died..."

    Rui saw Senior Yang closed his eyes. "Rui to be honest I did not know much about the past of my wife... Her background or anything... All I knew was that she had an identical twin. Both of them, Kanya, my wife and Kelly, her sister, were orphans, that's what I know. I met Kanya during a charity event. She was an officer and was quite good at tracking criminals. How we first met is quite embarrassing but it was love at first sight for me. To be honest, at first she seemed the type not interested in a relationship but I pursued her incessantly..."

    Senior Yang unconsciously laughed as he recalled his past days with his wife, especially those times when he courted her. "It was more like stalking her..." Senior Yang jested as he stared at the photos of twins. "I wish I could help Rui but my wife's past... I have no idea at all because she did not disclose anything to me. I am also as confused as you are but these photos definitely look like my wife and her twin." Senior Yang confirmed while the sudden pain of the tragic death of his wife returned back in his memory.

    "Uncle... I'm sorry to bring this up but Dion strongly believes that Xander is connected to the twins that were under the Yue Clan. We are not sure as yet, but me and Dion believed that auntie Kanya was part of the Yue Clan and the twins in the photos we found were the same twins you met here in our country. It all seems to be connected... Xander's life had always been in danger because of this connection, and we have to go to the depth of it and find out everything as soon as possible." Rui expressed his mind.

    "My wife always wanted her identity hidden, that's why I made sure she was never exposed to the media or to anything at all. Now all that she did and hid from the media makes pretty much sense... Before I thought she requested that because she wanted her privacy since her status was very different from mine... To avoid her getting hurt also from malicious news and bashing, I did everything in my power to hide her identity and the same goes to Bernard's mother who even changed her name from Kelly to Nerrie..." Senior Yang suddenly burst out.

    "Oh God... Kelly's and Bernard's death? Kanya's death?" Senior Yang with a trembling body suddenly uttered with fear.

    Rui held Senior Yang's hand and said, "Uncle it could be so... I mean could be connected if auntie and her twin are the ones in this photo. Nothing is confirmed yet but Dion said that no one was allowed to go out of each clan nor turn their backs to their clan... It's simply punishable by death..."

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