306 Be A Friend

    Jam looked one last time at herself in the mirror. She gently caressed her stomach and murmured, "Baby, we are going to visit your dad today." Until now, she was contemplating whether or not she should visit Lyndon in the detention center. The trial was still ongoing but it was expected that soon a verdict would be released.

    She was in her house in the Capital city and Yera was generous enough to provide her a private nurse and doctor who  checked on her every once in a while. Yesterday, the doctor gave her a thumbs up to go out knowing she would only visit Lyndon.

    Jam had the same routine everyday and was engaged in cooking most of the time, simultaneously learning to make different cuisines and she was now highly encouraged to put up her own restaurant after she had paid for her sins.

    Her helper helped her in carrying the lunch boxes she had prepared for Lyndon. She also baked some sweets like pastries and cookies with the new recipes she learned. "Ma'am isn't this too much for one single person?" Her helper commented as they went inside the car. Jam chuckled and said, "I guess you're right. I just got too excited to let him taste whatever I made."

    Her driver started the engine and they hit the road going towards the detention center. Jam was quiet throughout the ride. She was occupied in deep thought and would let out a smile every once in a while, thinking how lucky she still was after everything. She would not need to worry about her child anymore and that was what mattered the most to her.

    The car finally stopped when they arrived at their destination. Jam released a loud exhale before going out of the car and entering the detention entrance. Last time it was her parents she was here to visit and now it was Lyndon.

    She waited inside the private room for Lyndon, feeling nervous while she thought of words to say to him. The door opened and Jam smiled seeing Lyndon entering the room. He was handcuffed and was wearing the uniform of a prisoner.  Never in her entire life had she pictured Lyndon in this situation ever. He had lost a lot of weight and there were heavy dark circles under his eyes that seemed to be the result of lack of sleep.

    Jam's heart ached seeing his condition. She could tell he was not doing good at all. But then everyone should receive punishment for all the wrongdoings they have done. She too was now mentally ready to face her punishment as soon as her child was born.

    Lyndon smiled at her and sat on the chair opposite hers. Jam sighed seeing Lyndon quickly retract his eyes from her and tilted his head down. "Please don't Lyndon... I can not see you bow your head so low like this in front of me." Jam whispered.

    "Tell me how are you? Looking at your thin body I can say you're not good. See, I have prepared a lot of food for you myself, so make sure you eat it all and finish everything and gain some weight." Jam said with a lively tone. Then she grabbed the ultrasound photo of their baby from her bag and handed it to Lyndon.

    Lyndon took it and tears suddenly fell from his eyes. Jam watched him as he touched the photo with his finger. "I'm sorry Jam..." Lyndon whispered.

    Jam smiled sadly and nodded, she was controlling her tears with all her efforts and then she stood up and walked to his side. She stood in front of him, she gently placed her hand on his head and let him rest on her belly as he sobbed. Tears rolled down her own eyes also as she also felt the pain that he was in.

    "Shhh... You just need to stay strong Lyndon. Whatever the verdict will be, just stay strong and keep yourself healthy and alive so you can meet our child well when the right time comes. I am sure you will not get a lifetime sentence Lyndon just a few years in prison at most. Just do good while you're inside the prison and wait for your freedom..." Jam murmured slightly sobbing herself.

    Then she wiped her tears and forced a smile on her face and continued, "Don't worry I will visit you more often and keep you updated about our child's each and every activity. I will make sure that you'll be able to hold our child too once he is born."

    Lyndon was speechless. All he could do was sob and nod to her words. He was ready to face his punishment for whatever he had done but somehow he was hoping that he could also be a good father to his child someday.

    Jam gently pushed Lyndon and said, "Next time I will bring you some books, blankets and some other things that you can use."

    She chuckled and jested, "You already need to shave or else you will look like a samaritan soon..."

    She was grateful that Lyndon accepted her visit because she heard that Lyndon refused to accept any of his family to visit him probably because he was too embarrassed to be seen in that state and also because he didn't want them to worry about his condition.

    "Lyndon, is it okay if I visit your family too? I think they should know about my pregnancy. I also want them to take care of our baby as soon as I deliver." Jam straightforwardly stated.

    Lyndon paused and wiped the tears from his face. He could not believe he cried like that in front of Jam. 'How unmanly,' he mused while he composed himself. "Yes you can talk to them and please tell them not to worry about me and that I'm doing well." he whispered, he couldn't look straight towards Jam and held his head down.

    "Alright... I will relay your message to them but you have to make sure you live up to your words. You must eat well and improve in health, don't think too negatively and when your family sees you at the date of verdict... You should at least look well Lyndon. Looking at you as you are now, their heart will surely ache..."

    Lyndon nodded only at Jam in understanding. Then Jam heard him say, "Can I keep the ultrasound copy?"

    Jam smiled and said, "Of course though you can't still see our baby there since he's still small."

    "He? Is he a boy?" Lyndon asked looking at Jam suddenly.

    Jam laughed at that. "You were the CEO of a hospital chain and yet you still lack the knowledge on simple medical stuff like this. Of course we don't know the gender yet. Maybe at three or four months the ultrasound can tell... I just presume it's a boy but then we'll never know yet this early..."

    Lyndon scratched his head and Jam could see him reddened of embarrassment. It was nice talking like this with Lyndon, a smooth natural conversation, something not forced like before where their conversations were robotic and dull. She hoped for the best for him. That moment on Jam decided to help Lyndon gain some positivity by  being an encouragement to him since Lyndon's pride was preventing him from opening up with his family. She would be glad to be a friend he could rely on at his crucial moment like this. After all, he was the father of her baby.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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