307 Dungeon

    At Country V

    Dion went to Vin's underground place. He shook his head as he entered his hiding point. "Geez... Why can't you choose a nice place to stay? This place is too creepy for a normal human!" Dion commented as he put the lights in Vin's place on.

    Vin only laughed as he dried his hair. He had just come out from shower and stood shirtless and with only a towel covering his lower body. "Bro, do you want some drink? Don't underestimate my dungeon because it's one of the safest places on earth, you know." Vin commented while he grabbed a shirt to wear.

    "Looks like you're working out well lately," Dion commented, seeing the abs his friend has made compared to the last time he saw him, another pack of muscles added.

    "Well with the kind of line of my work, it is necessary that I should stay fit." Vin casually answered and sat on the couch opposite Dion while he threw a can of beer towards his friend.

    "Work? Do you need abs and muscles while you do hacking?" Dion mumbled.

    Vin laughed out hard and justified, "Who says that I am only a hacker. I'm the jack of all trades bro. But anyway, here's what I found for you. I have all the info of your interest printed out and kept for you because it won't be safe to send to you by mail because of the risk of being traced by any of the clans in the triad."

    "How about you? Won't they manage to trace you?" Dion pointed and got worried for his friend's safety.

    "Nah... They won't be able to, so don't worry about me bro. Worry about your family because if we are correct and our suspicion is right, then this is something really scary bro." Vin muttered because being against any one of the clan meant you're as good as dead.

    "Bro, though I'm not sure about it and I don't want to give you false hope but I will try to help you out with this as much as I can." Vin stated.

    "Thanks Bro. But please make sure you stay safe. If you smell danger make sure to retract." Dion replied in a serious tone.

    "Of course I will. By the way, don't forget to call me at your wedding..." Vin teased upon knowing his best buddy finally had a girl.

    "Of course, you're going to be my best man bro. Try coming out of your dungeon also sometimes. Don't waste your good looks by always hiding in this dark pit!" Dion scolded.

    Vin only laughed at him while Dion's face twitched as he added, "Why don't you come with me and I'll arrange a decent job for you."

    "No thanks bro. I love what I'm doing here, you know..." Vin defended. Dion no longer debated with him and after a few more small talks he soon bid his farewell to him since he had another meeting scheduled that same day to meet uncle Lucas along with his grandfather.


    At Country D

    "How is everything?" Yera asked Rizie while the two of them sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafeteria at the ground floor of Life Hospitals. Yera had reported to personally handle Cali's discharge process and sign her discharge report, and since she was already in the hospital, she took time to check on Rizie who she knew was very busy in the office these past few days.

    Rizie rolled her eyes followed by a deep loud sigh. "Sis, how about I resign?" She muttered with a twisted mouth.

    Yera had a soft laugh and commented, "It's up to you Riz just don't resign being Dion's girlfriend." Yera intentionally said that because she noticed the ring on Rizie's necklace and somehow she felt sad that Rizie was not wearing it on her finger knowing Dion gave it to her, because Dion consulted her about the design of the ring.

    "Of course not sis. What makes you think I will ever do that. Also, I'm not serious about resigning at work too. I like what I'm doing and somehow being a great help to Dion." Rizie expressed her feelings. Yera pointed with her lips towards Rizie's necklace before she sipped on her coffee.

    "Oh this... Yes, Dion gave this to me before he left for meeting his grandpa, he told me that he will wait until I wear this in my finger. To be honest sis I have a surprise for him," Rizie giggled and Yera's face suddenly lit up while she listened to Rizie who sounded excited about her surprise to Dion. She even asked Yera for her opinions.

    Then Rizie's face suddenly became serious as she said, "Sis, I forgot to ask you, how are you?"

    Yera gave her a warm smile and said, "I'm already fine Rizie. Seeing Xander working hard to get back on track was enough encouragement for me Rizie..."

    Rizie held her hand and gently pressed it. "Yes sis, hang in there. Everything will be fine soon. Good things will definitely happen to good people. God never gives us a trial we can't surpass and I really admire you and bro Xander for staying strong throughout."

    Yera smiled and winked at Rizie. "Let's go back to you and Dion. I hope the best for the two of you... I was worried before but I believe I don't need to worry now..." Yera whispered that made Rizie blushed. Indeed that was true, her sis Yera did not need to worry because Rizie knew in herself that she loved Dion and he was the man she always pictured to share her life with.

    "By the way, why did Dion extend his stay there? I thought he would be back in two days?" Yera recalled to ask because Shan informed her that Dion would be out of the country for another three days.

    "Oh yeah... He needs to check more info about the Mirage. I think he will try to get more details about one of the clans in that triad. Oh do you know that bro Xander's mother could be a part of the Yue Clan?" Rizie burst and suddenly paused seeing Yera's confused face.

    She covered her lips unconsciously when she realized that Yera was probably not aware of the current situation. Rizie cursed herself for being talkative and Dion as well for not informing her to keep everything a secret from Yera.

    "I want to know every detail Rizie. Start from the beginning," she heard Yera instructed. Rizie gulped...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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