308 Would Never Get Tired Of

    Yera lazily slumped her body on the couch of their room as soon as she arrived in their home. She understood the reason behind Dion and Rui not updating her and Xander about the current situation, however, she felt that at least she should be aware of things like this if not Xander.

    "When will this all end?" She mumbled in a low tone as she lazily closed her eyes. Xander was on the bed taking a nap so Yera lied down on the couch that was not facing Xander. She then opened her eyes and let out a long sigh before stretching her mouth into a beautiful smile.

    She was grateful for having such a reliable brother like Dion who truly cared for her and such a caring husband like Xander and also for a friend like Rui, who along with Dion was doing everything they could to get to the root of the incident and to keep her and Xander safe.

    "Darling," Yera heard Xander called. Yera immediately stood up and carved a beautiful smile on her face as she walked towards Xander who was now in a sitting position on the bed. "Was it hectic?" he asked referring to her reporting at the hospital.

    Yera pouted her lips and gave her husband a peck on his lips followed by a tight hug. "Yeah. I missed you so much that I wanted to come home quickly. How was your therapy today?"

    Xander grinned and said, "Doing good as usual I can't wait to be fit like before you know... In no time you'll see, I will be just like I was before. By the way Rui visited this morning to check on us and he boasted about how well he is handling the group without me. That bastard is actually itching to run away as soon as I resume office, still he has the nerve to tease me like this."

    "Haha, him and Dion have a lot on their plates right now. Good thing those two aren't married yet or else they will both be doomed..." Yera jested.

    Xander chuckled in agreement with his wife and gently pushed her to take a better look of her beautiful face. But then he knitted his brows looking at his wife's face. "Darling, you look exhausted. Since Cali has already been discharged, now rest more here and stay at home with me."

    "Yes, I will darling," Yera answered smiling and again snuggled into her husband's embrace.

    "Dad said that he had prepared a lot of indoor and outdoor light activities for us both so we won't get bored staying at home." Xander relayed. He could still remember how excited his father was while he told Xander about it.

    Yera broke from his hug and looked at Xander intently. Xander felt something was running in her mind but she was not saying it.

    "What's wrong?" Xander asked, seeing the seriousness on his wife's face. Yera shook her head and gave him a gentle sweet kiss before she whispered, "I love you so much..."

    Xander's face turned crimson red because of the sudden rush of hormones because of her words, he raised his eyebrows in delight as he really didn't expect such sweet display of her love from her own mouth. He was squealing inside hearing those words in her voice. Those were the words he could never get tired of hearing from her because Yera rarely said such honey dipped words to him.

    "I love you so so so so so much too darling." Xander countered and showered Yera's face with his small kisses.


    Back at Country V, Dion met with uncle Lucas along with his grandfather in an exclusive high end restaurant set by uncle Lucas.

    "Dion, look at you. It's been a long time since I last saw you when I came to your mansion. Did you know how your grandfather longed for you while you were away? He never stopped bragging to me about how good a surgeon you have become, climbing the heights of perfection in your profession," praised uncle Lucas as soon as they were seated on their chairs.

    It had been a long time since he saw uncle Lucas. The man would always come to their mansion to visit his grandfather. What he remembered was the scenes after every time uncle Lucas visited them, every time both his grandfather and uncle Lucas would often lock themselves in his grandfather's private room for an important meeting. Now he knew the reason why.

    Dion smiled at the old man and asked, "How are you doing uncle?"

    "Hmm, doing good now that my son is back. Oh, I asked him also to come tonight so both of you can discuss the situation. Chad is familiar with the three clans and the military as well. You see he had also stayed in country D for a long time disguised as a bodyguard of the Field Marshal Chan's daughter. His name there was John."

    Dion noted because he knew Keira Chan as Xander's cousin.

    "Chad will help you to seek the truth and he can also make internal arrangements I believe." Uncle Lucas said. The dinner arrived a minute after the door opened and a man that seemed to be just a little younger in age to him by a few years entered.

    "Oh Chad is here," uncle Lucas uttered and he introduced Dion and Chad to each other. After dinner, they had some tea and a little more chatting.

    "Dion I can definitely help you meet with one of the trusted members of the Yue clan but then not right now... We can do it after the peace talks have been finalized." Chad explained and he too briefed Dion about the certain rules of the triad he should take note. Same as what Vin told him, it would not be that easy because each clan had classified information about their clans hierarchy. Uncle Lucas and Chad were from the Quan Clan and did not have a whole access to the data regarding the Yue Clan because it was considered an offense and violation thus punishable by Mirage's law.

    Dion wanted to choke whoever established that Mirage triad and their freaking laws. There were so many things to consider. He couldn't even believe that such a triad existed and was for real.

    "Dion you have to keep this thing up to you only and if urgently needed then pass it on to extremely trusted people of your's because if not then the Mirage will be compromised." Dion's grandfather reminded him as they arrived home. Dion nodded and said, "I understand grandpa."

    Inside, his room Dion called to check on Rui about patient X. They needed that murderer to be healthy soon so they would know who was really behind his sister's shooting so that they could confirm if it was really someone from the Yue clan who was responsible for jeopardizing both Yera and Xander's lives.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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