309 Anything For You

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion...

    Yera woke up a bit late, maybe because while Xander slept the entire night, she stayed awake till late trying to outline possible scenarios with the connection of Yue Clan twins to Xander and Bernard's mothers.

    She stretched her arms and lazily rose up from the bed. Xander was already awake and was on with his routine because he had an appointment with the therapist early in the morning.

    "How come he did not wake me up?" She whispered as she grabbed a towel to have a quick shower. Inside the bathroom, Yera took time also because her mind was occupied with various thoughts.

    She was brushing her teeth when she took a long pause staring at the mirror in front of her. "All my speculations could only be true if the twins in the pic are the same twins... But, what if they were different? Yet it doesn't make sense at all... I believe they faked their death at country V and fled here! Or could they really have died like me... But somehow stayed alive and stayed in this country for good? But why would that freaking Yue clan be after Xander's life and what had that got to do with killing me?"

    She then realized that her mouth was already bubbling with toothpaste. "Ohhh spicy!" she exclaimed before she gargled a lot of water. Her head would soon burst trying to figure things out.

    She did manage to have a private call with Rui and Dion last night, thanking the two for all their help and of course for  reiterating that the two should at least let her be updated about the situation because she was strong enough, physically, mentally and emotionally to handle it all. Well, after she surpassed even death itself nothing could scare her anymore, obviously... except losing her husband. So she wanted to join the two men in figuring things out and end this matter once and for all.

    After getting dressed, Yera looked at the clock and pursed her lips because it was almost lunch time. She went out and paused in the hallway where there was a portrait of Senior Yang with his wife with baby Xander, hanging on the wall.

    She sighed... Xander's mother really looked like one of the twins in the photo she got from Dion last night, although the photo was of the younger version but it could not hide the fact of great similarities in the facial features despite the difference of hairstyle and color.

    "Hmm, should I guess why you are staring at the portrait and keep on sighing?" Yera heard her father-in-law's voice from behind. Rui already told her that her father-in-law was already aware of the situation. Everyone except for Xander, of course because her husband needed to focus on recuperating and must not think of anything else at this moment.

    "They really look very much alike, father." Yera whispered. Senior Yang stepped beside Yera and also stared at the portrait of his late wife. "Yes, it seems so. If only I knew about my wife's past then I think we won't be as confused about the whole thing as we are right now." Senior Yang sadly muttered.

    He did ask his wife once but Kanya did not want to remember or even discuss her past with him, saying she could not remember anything about it and begged him to let her past be bygone and what was important was their present and future together. Kanya said that there was nothing special or worth knowing at all about her past, and it would be better if all that stayed buried in the past only.

    "She maybe belongs to that Yue Clan and had turned her back on them. That's the only and best explanation for Xander's current situation.But father why do they still bother with Xander? I mean Xander has a seperate life now and he doesn't know about their existence and he did not ever want to bother with their clan so why?" Yera frustratingly exclaimed.

    "There must be something more to it all, something that we are not able to get a grasp of..." Yera added in despair. She felt her father-in-law's hand on her shoulder and the two of them let out a long deep sigh of helplessness.

    "Father, have you seen Xander?" Yera asked after a moment of silence.

    Senior Yang chuckled and said, "Well, your husband is busy cooking in the kitchen preparing something especially for you. He said you will have brunch today as you will wake up late, so he will bring it upstairs for you on the bed itself, but I guess you woke up a bit earlier than he thought."

    Yera giggled and took her leave from her father-in-law to quickly run into the kitchen. She saw Xander busily arranging all the food that he had cooked on a tray, and it looked like he was already done.

    She quietly slid her arms on his waist from behind and whispered, "I heard you are preparing brunch for me. How about you join me in my brunch."

    Xander turned around to face her while he caressed her cheeks then held her chin. "Yeah, you were sleeping so soundly that I felt bad waking you up... Come and eat." Xander said and broke from Yera's hug to arrange her food on the dining table instead.

    Yera sat down and pulled another chair beside her out then signaled her husband to sit there. The corners of Yera's mouth quirked up seeing the heart shaped sunny side up egg on the plate. "So romantic," she voiced out. Then she added, "I don't wanna eat this masterpiece. I just can't"

    Xander laughed seeing the amazed expression on his wife's face. He had made a stir-fried rice bowl with the heart shaped fried egg as topping. "I cooked it for you to eat and not just stare darling." Xander muttered as he grabbed the spoon and fork.

    "Noooo..." Yera mumbled seeing her husband crush the egg and scoop a spoonful for her. "Yesssss... Here eat..." Xander responded with a grin in the same tone and fed her.

    Yera opened her mouth and ate. "Why are you feeding me? Give me the spoon," Yera complained as she tried to grab the spoon and fork from her husband.

    "Ah-ah... No... I will feed you this time so you can see how I am becoming stronger with each passing day. Besides, I just miss feeding my wife like this and pampering her." Xander insisted and spoon-fed another bite to her.

    Yera stared at him with her love filled eyes and whispered, "I would do anything for you." She knew she would, just to make sure that her husband would stay safe.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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