310 In Deep Trouble

    At Yang Hospital Facility At Country U...

    "How are the patient's vital signs?" Dr. Black asked his assistants. They had done another surgery on patient X and this time they had applied advanced technology with the use of Artificial Intelligence and tested a novel device developed in their own lab to trigger more positive responses in the patient's brain.

    "His vital signs are normal doc." one of his doctors answered.

    Dr. Black nodded as he checked the monitor. Their facilities could be considered among the most modern facilities in the world, that was applying modern technology and had been developing advanced biotechnological remedies for many dreaded diseases that were still a mystery to the medical world. Country U was the only country that Yang Globals had their presence and that allowed such laboratories to experiment, because in some countries such extreme research was considered illegal.

    If they succeeded in this test to successfully revive the patient X, then it would indeed be a great innovation in medical history. Dr. Black was indebted to CEO Xander Yang for trusting him and supporting his endeavor by providing everything they needed in their facilities.

    Patient X was recovering very well and if they are all lucky he should soon wake up with all his memories intact. However, they would still need proper observation because they were yet to notice if there would be any side effect of all the devices used in the patient.

    He picked up his mobile phone to call Dr. Rui Dee and informed him about the progress of patient X as instructed.


    At Country D...

    Rui was having tea when he received the call from Dr. Black. "That's good. Inform me as soon as he gains consciousness."

    He soon ended the call to relay the same to Yera. After the call ended, Rui stood up from his chair and walked out to check on assistant Ron who had started reporting back at work.

    "Why do you always look so busy? Have some time for a coffee with me?" Rui asked and assistant Ron immediately stood up from his chair to follow Rui.

    "Are you sure you're already healthy to report in the office like this? I mean you can stay at home and work from there also. All the files are accessible everywhere anyway, wherever you are." Rui suggested as he felt bad seeing Ron  pushing himself so hard.

    "How is the Boss?" Ron asked.

    Rui's eyebrows arched as he scoffed, "Why asking me? You should go and see him for yourself Ron."

    Ron held his head down. He was monitoring his Boss's condition and he was grateful to hear he was doing great. He hadn't visited him yet since the accident happened because he was feeling guilty.

    Rui twisted his mouth and murmured, "Are you going to kill yourself by working nonstop because of what happened that day? Xander is already asking why you're not showing up yet. He wants me to tell you not to get scared and visit him as soon as you're able to."

    Ron drank his coffee and nodded. "I will visit Boss soon. Just that I feel really bad and guilty to see him at this moment..."

    Ron heard Rui exhale loudly before he said, "I wonder if I will act the same way as you are if Xander does the same thing for me. Well, I do understand your sentiments Ron but I hope you stop feeling guilty or anything because no one forced Xander to save you that day. It was his own conscious decision. Visit him soon Ron or else he will be the one to visit you very soon. Do you want that?"

    Ron's eyes widened in terror. "No!' He gasped.

    Ron was feeling very down after the conversation so he decided to pick up Shan from work. "What happened?" Shan asked, seeing his distressed face.

    "Do you mind having a drink with me?" Shan heard Ron asked.

    "It's okay..." Shan simply answered. She would in fact prefer her boyfriend to have a drink with her rather than getting drunk into a bar because looking at Ron, she could sense that the latter wanted to get drunk.

    Shan suggested that Ron and her sit and drink in his home, so they went directly to Ron's house. She could sense that something was troubling Ron.

    The two decided to grill some meat inside the house while both drank some beers in Ron's living area where they sat on the floor.

    Hours passed and the two of them already opened a lot of cans of beer gulping down one after the other. And Shan could feel the alcohol content rising in her body already. It was not her first time to get drunk but her alcohol tolerance was low.

    "Hmm, why did you want to drink so much today? Is there any problem?" Shan asked directly. Her cheeks were turning red already.

    Ron sighed and chuckled then sniffed, "That's the irony of drinking right? Why do people in trouble often look for alcohol?"

    "Hmm, because you feel great when you're drunk? Or maybe it's because you're getting loose when drunk. Hmm for me that's the case... Me getting crazy when drunk then falling in deep sleep is the reason i like to get drunk. Because at that moment I have that freedom to not to bother with my troubles." Shan tried to express herself.

    Shan heard Ron chuckled so she wrinkled her face and asked, "What? Is that funny?"

    Ron shook his head and said, "I don't know if I should call it a problem. To be honest, I'm just struggling to see the boss because I keep feeling bad to put him in this state while saving me... I haven't even visited him once since that incident."

    "What!" Shan burst out. "How come you didn't go to see him yet? Geez, can't you at least show some gratitude towards him by personally visiting him and thanking him for saving your a*ss!" Shan scolded Ron with her drunken voice.

    "How ungrateful!!!" She added with narrowed eyes and even made the creaking sound, "tsk.. tsk... That shouldn't trouble you. Visit him tomorrow morning and thank him personally, that's what you should do and not feel bad! Be grateful and you should feel lucky for having a boss like him who is willing to save you even at the cost of his own life, you don't get a boss like that easily!"

    Ron grinned seeing how Shan overreacted but his girlfriend did have a point. "You're drunk... We should stop..." Ron whispered while he grabbed the can Shan was about to drink but Shan struggled for it and Ron lost his balance and ended up with his back on the floor while Shan landed on top of him.

    Shan was giggling on top of him as she said, "Sorry..." Shan was about to move and stand up but Ron slid his hand on her nape and pulled her head closer to his face to give her a mind blowing kiss.

    "You're in deep trouble for agreeing to drink with me like this," Shan heard Ron whisper in between his passionate kiss.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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