311 Everything*

    "You're in deep trouble for agreeing to drink with me like this."

    Shan giggled hearing those words from her boyfriend. "Stop talking..." she scolded before deepening the kiss, she was kissing him like there was no tomorrow making Ron lose the tiny bit of control he had.

    Ron rolled on the floor pinning Shan beneath him while Shan voluntarily wrapped her arms on his neck. The couple did not mind the taste of alcohol because they were drowning in the fire ignited by their lips entangled together.

    Ron knew his body could no longer suppress his longing. He did not remember how many times he had dreamed of a time like this, getting intimate with Shan, holding her for real and not only in his wild imaginations. He had liked the woman for a long time already. He was not sure if it was love at first site but he never stopped checking on her every once in a while even after all those years and even though their bosses were enemies then.

    He almost kissed his boss that time when he had ordered him to work closely with Shan for the merger that he thought of a lot of things to prolong those private meetings with her. He was not good with words, with a flowery vocabulary, one like his boss so it took him so much courage to ask her to be his girlfriend when an opportunity opened.

    "I want you Shan..." he kept on murmuring as his kiss travelled on Shans jaw and neck. He was like a hungry beast that was tasting her right at that moment, every movement was wild.

    Shan was moaning and even ripped his shirt with a sudden pull scrambling the buttons all over on the floor. She would answer Shawn's words with "Uhuh," followed by sweet moans that gave Ron a signal he very much wanted at that time. He then stood up and bent down a little to sweep her from the floor and  carried her inside his room. They were still kissing as they walked inside the room, kissing like they couldn't get enough of each other's lips.

    Ron lowered and kissed Shan's front though she was still wearing her blouse. He was caressing her mounds both left and right, leaving Shan aching for more, she unbuttoned her blouse on her own. She knew what was going to happen. She was fully aware of it and was in her right mind but the alcohol in her body helped her to become as vulgar as she was at that moment. Had she not been drunk,she wouldn't be this confident to let herself go and be carried away with what she was feeling and desiring to do because her timidness and shyness would definitely overpower her in her sober state.

    She felt Ron stop and she stared at him for a second before muttering, "Don't stop..."

    She heard Ron chuckled and whispered, "No I will definitely not stop but I have to remove unnecessary things that are hindrances at this point." Shan bit her lip seeing Ron strip before her eyes. He had a lean body like what she had expected. Then her gaze went down and her eyes stared at his manhood that was proudly greeting her.

    Shan rose her body to remove her blouse but Ron stopped her and pushed her down and slowly moved to remove her clothes while kissing her bare skin right after he removed each piece of her clothing.

    Shan cursed inside because she felt as if she was being hypnotized and seduced by Ron's teasing movements where he kissed and licked her skin. She could feel all the hairs on her whole body rising up because of the sweet sensations he gave her. She felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach everytime his mouth touched her bare skin and kissed her.

    "Oh... Please..." she pleaded with a trembling body when Ron's mouth reached her hard peaks and took one of them inside gently sucking it. She had never felt these things before and she didn't want him to stop now.

    Ron felt himself growing harder and while sucking her peaks, he took his one hand down and slid one finger in her most sensitive lower parts. He kept sucking her both peaks while his fingers were teasing and playing with her most private parts between her thighs.

    Shan had had boyfriends before but she never let them touch her like this. The most intimate they could get with her was to kiss her but not kiss her whole body like what Ron was doing at that moment. He  was taking too much time in showering her entire body with kisses.

    She could not remember how many times she had mentioned Ron's name and begged him for more, her body was abruptly tosing left and right when he took his time in between her thighs. She did not know what happened but her body convulsed that instant and she pulled him up to a deep and passionate kiss.

    Ron stopped for a while to look into her eyes before he whispered, "I love you, Shan. Let's get married..." Ron finally had the courage to say it. Yes he already loved Shan and she was the person he could picture sharing his life with. He had been waiting all these years and he would not waste anymore time to let her slip from his palm. Shan was going to be his.

    Shan did not notice her tears falling from her eyes while she nodded and whispered, "Yes let's get married..." Shan felt Ron's lips kissed the tears in the corner of her eyes and gently went down on her lips.

    She could also feel him moving on her... So Shan unconsciously spread her legs to accept him. She was ready to give him everything at that moment, her  life, herself...


    In A Private Residence at the Capital City of Country D

    "He's quite brave..." Tyron mumbled after receiving an unexpected call from Gavin Wu, asking Yue Group for an exclusive interview. He probably got his calling card during the Yang Globals event for the reopening of their hospital. Well, he intentionally left his card as he thought no one would dare bother him since Yue Group was thought to be an organized crime group. Well of course it was yet a mystery and not proven real but was just a myth for most of the people.

    Yue Group who some speculated to be a crime group, a powerful group that was owned and founded by Yue Clan, was a multinational conglomerate. Their most important source of income being a multinational manufacturing company that focussed on electronics products, the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semiconductors.

    Tyron bet that the Yangs were now well aware of the Yue Clan. Tyron let out a long deep sigh. It was Raine who wanted to expose the Yue Clan to Xander's group. He couldn't understand Raine at all and neither what her plans were.  It was too easy to kill Xander Yang for someone like Raine but he wondered why she was prolonging it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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