312 Together

    The next morning, Shan woke up with such a severe headache that she felt her head would burst out due to it. But then she realised that it was not the headache but the aching and soreness of her body that suddenly turned her face into a red cherry. She did not dare to move nor open her eyes as everything that happened last night replayed in her memories.

    She felt too shy to even breath at that moment but she had this urge to pee. 'Damn!' she silently cursed. She did not want to wake up first because she did not know how to react because of embarrassment. She was like a wild pet that suddenly got out of the cage last night. She wished Ron would wake up first and get up from the bed.

    She tightly closed her eyes when she felt Ron moved. Their naked bodies were intertwined with each other. Minutes passed but there were no more movements from him. Shan slowly opened her eyes to check if Ron went back to sleep. But to her terror Ron was staring at  her face that was too close to hers with a sweet smile curved on his lips.

    "Morning..." he greeted with lethargic eyes before he gave her a gentle morning kiss on her lips.

    "Do you have time today?" Ron asked and Shan nodded. "Hmm then let's meet your family and I will introduce you to mine. We  have to inform them of our marriage. Is it okay if we register our marriage today first before the actual ceremony a little later? You know how families can be meticulous sometimes with ceremonies." Ron opened up first thing in the morning.

    Shan only nodded and could not actually process everything well yet because of her pee bag that was soon going to burst, not to include her brainstorming hangover.

    "Are we in a hurry?" she suddenly voiced out with an awkward smile, confused why Ron wanted to register the marriage today. Ron only nodded and said, "I want you to stay in here as early as possible. Besides, you should take responsibility for me because you took advantage of me last night. Yesterday was my first... So take responsibility."

    Ron looked so serious that Shan did not know whether to laugh or cry. Instead of answering him, she jumped out of bed and immediately went to the restroom without a word.

    Ron was left flabbergasted, wondering if he became too fast... He even hit his head thinking that he might have offended Shan by proposing without even a ring. Everything happened so fast and he just did not want to delay more. He wanted Shan to stay with him and it would not be a good idea if he would not marry her first. He wanted Shan to feel that she was secure with him and realise that he was sincere with her.


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    Xander was visited by his cousin Keira while he was having therapy. Keira and Yera chatted while they waited for Xander to finish his therapy. Keira heard of what happened and she felt sad that the couple lost their child but was grateful at the same time that her dear cousin was saved from the brink of death. She was able to visit her cousin only now because she was out of the country when the incident happened.

    "Rui asked me to have my husband conduct a private investigation of the collapsing of Dami bridge. The initial investigation said that because the bridge was too old already and there were some errors in the construction causing it to collapse and my husband and Rui were both convinced that it was not the case." Keira informed Yera. Her husband was a General and was also confidentially investigating the matter of Mirage Triad because of their involvement with various terrorist attacks. The two women talked more about it while Xander was still having his therapy.

    The two women were in the living room when Senior Yang approached and greeted his niece. "You are back in shape!" Senior Yang burst out, teasing his niece intentionally.

    Keira's face twitched and mumbled, "Of course... I must stay fit and sexy like I always did uncle." Yera laughed while she watched Keira and her father-in-law bantering. She couldn't imagine if Xander would join them - the living room would definitely roar with loud laughs.

    "I could hear your loud voices from afar guys!" Xander commented as he approached them with a smile. Keira immediately stood up and hugged him and stared at him from head to toe before focussing on his head. "Wow! My dear cousin, you look different. Hmm... How should I put it..." Keira commented and stared more at Xander, thinking of the right words to describe him with his bald head.

    Xander gave his cousin his roguish grin and proudly said, "What? I look more powerful right? More masculine? More dominant? More taller? More stronger?"

    Keira kept shaking her head and made a face because her cousin hit the right words she wanted to say but of course she had to tease him, so she mumbled, "Nah... I would say more OLDER!!!"

    Yera laughed seeing the soured face of her husband who pinched his cousin's cheeks. "Ouch! You're not allowed to do that again. I'm no longer a kid cuz! I'm already a mother okay! So stop doing that with my delicate cheeks. Geez!" Keira complained and massaged her cheeks.

    "Then behave like one... How come you're alone here?" Xander commented,

    "Don't worry mom and dad will visit you soon. Well with me again of course... I just directly came here from the airport, I was at my out of the country trip with Zach. He needed to report at the headquarters for an important meeting so he dropped me here only but later he will come to pick me up." Keira explained and grabbed some snacks served by the helpers.

    Xander nodded and then continued with having a fun talk. Yera adoringly looked at Keira, like her, Keira had also experienced a lot of hardships. All of them had different trials in life. Keira and her husband managed to surpass everything together...'I hope we also manage to get through all the hardships... together...' Yera could not help but mused.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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