313 Longing

    Dion made his arrangements to go back to country D without informing Rizie. Since, there was no way to meet with any of the members of the Yue Clan at that point, plus it would not even be safe to do so, hence he decided to go back and surprise Rizie.

    Chad said they could try doing business with Yue Group but then the company had its protocol of not entertaining any incoming offers. It was always the Yue Group that would contact the distributors and same went with the two other clans when it came to managing their businesses.

    His trip back home gave them at least a clue and an idea where they could start on. He sighed and asked the flight attendant for a glass of wine. He was too tired and deprived of sleep after reading the complicated history of Mirage. The group was indeed powerful to be able to stay quiet and hidden up to this time. Well some were aware they existed but not all could confirm that fact. The Yue clan was into electronics. No wonder they were good at deleting evidence and had best of the hackers, because almost all technologies worldwide were their products.

    Dion heaved another heavy and distressed sigh. If it was really the Yue Clan that was behind everything, Xander and his sister were definitely in deep trouble right now. Their only hope for now was embracing the Quan Clan who was willing to help them.

    He took advantage of a nap during the flight with a smile on his face, imagining his girlfriend's expression once he showed himself on her doorstep as a surprise. It was a good thing that it was the weekend so Rizie would be staying  on her condo unit only the entire day.

    Rizie was grinning hard as she continued to stare at her hand raised up in the sun rays beaming inside her room. Her ring that she wore in her finger was glistening. "Geez, I should get up now..." she grumbled before jumping out from her bed and then did some stretching.

    She ate breakfast first then went for her morning shower. She was picking an outfit from her closet after coming out from showering when she heard some noise. She paused and creased her forehead. She walked out of her room to take a look and saw nothing there. She walked to the living area and kitchen to check because she heard something dropped on the floor.

    "Huh?" she drawled seeing a broken glass on the floor. Her heart pounded hard as she became nervous. Why would there be a broken glass when she clearly left the kitchen area clean. Rizie's eyes widened. Her movement was quick as she grabbed the biggest pan she had in the kitchen.

    She cursed because her mobile phone was inside the room and not with her at that moment. She looked at the door that was not far. She was not brave to find the intruder if there was any of course. Her instinct was to run safely towards the door and ask for help. She was running towards the door when she felt strong arms catch her waist.

    Rizie was about to scream but stopped when she heard Dion's voice. "It's me!" Rizie abruptly turned around and hit Dion on his chest. "Are you trying to kill me or get yourself killed with my pan?!" she scolded, she was too red with anger.

    Dion kissed her on the lips, a peck before saying, "Sorry, I thought to surprise you but was a bit thirsty and accidentally dropped the glass. then I thought to prank you..."

    Rizie's lips drew back in a snarl and added, "And why not tell me you'll arrive today? Weren't you supposed to stay there for more days?" She was about to throw a surprise for him on his arrival, then her eyes enlarged when she realized something.

    It was too late because Dion had already noticed that she was not wearing her necklace with his eyes focused on her bare neck. She gasped when she felt his fingers touch her neck for confirmation. The ring was already in her finger that she excitedly put on as soon as she finished showering.

    Dion's lips trembled before a plastered smile posted on his handsome face. "Where is the ring?" he asked. Rizie's face crumpled because her surprise that she was yet to prepare was blown out like that.

    She felt Dion gently hold her hand with his and lifted it up to have a look. "It looks great on you, just as I imagined..." she heard Dion whisper. Rizie looked at him and she could see his eyes were reddening as tears fell on his cheeks.

    Rizie's eyes reddened too as she pouted her lips and complained, "I was about to surprise you... How dare you sabotage it and not inform me about your real arrival. You just spoiled it..."

    Dion chuckled and cupped Rizie's face while he gently removed the tears falling on her cheeks. "Silly, I don't need any more surprise. Just seeing you wear the ring makes me so happy."

    Rizie sniffed and was about to complain more but was silenced by Dion as he ravishingly captured her lips before saying anymore words. He was on cloud nine at that moment. He did not expect Rizie to accept him that soon. He had already readied himself to wait a lot longer, no matter no matter how long it would take.

    He could smell her sweet shampoo scent. Her hair was still wet and the thought of Rizie wearing nothing at all inside her robe was driving him crazy. He was dead tired but he felt the adrenaline rush in his blood waking up the desires he had kept in for so long. Nothing happened that night when they stayed in the tent. He controlled himself upto the last minute. Trying his best to seduce Rizie the best way he could.

    Dion was panting hard as he tried to release Rizie from the kiss. "We should stop now or else I won't be able to control any further Riz," he mumbled, stammering in his hoarse voice.

    "Who told you to control?" Rizie whispered while she wrapped her arms on Dion's neck and sealed his lips tightly with her longing lips for him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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