314 Another Man

    Dion's inhibition left his body  that instant. He had gotten the go signal and he wanted to accept that signal or else he would soon go crazy for having such wild imaginations on his own.

    He grabbed Rizie's waist, pulling her closer to him as he savored her sweet scent and taste. He felt Rizie move, pushing him to walk backwards while she clung onto him, nibbling his lower lip then sucked it hard. Next thing he knew was Rizie was able to push him towards her room without leaving his lips alone.

    Rizie pushed him on the bed and crawled on top of him that made his breathing stop for a second. She looked so gorgeous with her hair messed up and wet. Dion uttered a silent sound of impatience as he gently rolled on top of Rizie. His breath was ragged as he planted sweet gentle kisses on every part of Rizie's face then trailed down on her jawline and her neck.

    The tie on Rizie's bathrobe was already so loose that his hand easily gained access to her breast, sizing it with his palm. He heard Rizie gasp when his hand was followed by his mouth. He took his time attending to Rizie's chest but he suddenly paused and crawled back up to bury his face on Rizie's neck to calm his breathing and body.

    Rizie patted his back and said, "What's wrong?" She was confused.

    "Nothing just that I don't want to lose control. Let's wait until we get married." She heard Dion whisper.

    Rizie groaned internally. 'What is this?' she mused in disbelief. She would not let it slide like that where she was the only one getting embarrassed recalling what Dion did that night.

    She let out a long sigh after a moment of silence before she bravely pushed Dion and positioned herself on top of him.

    Dion was caught off guard and muttered, "What are you doing?"

    Rizie, with a smirk, simply countered, "Equality..."

    "Huh?" Dion breathed and he was shocked when Rizie stripped him off his clothes. He felt his body go numb as he felt Rizie's kiss from the head down. She seemed to be copying what he did to her that night inside the tent.

    He was really going crazy that all he could do was growl in pleasure every time he would feel Rizie's lips and tongue lick him then she would playfully nibble on his skin. Rizie on the other hand was taking all the time she wanted, slowly caressing Dion's every part like how he did to her. She wanted her boyfriend to remember every detail and get tormented like how she was getting tormented since that night.

    She was encouraged to do more as she kissed further south, hearing Dion cry in pleasure. He was controlling his voice but Rizie could feel his tense body when she got a hold of his most sensitive part. She tugged and rubbed while she kissed his belly then she crawled downwards. He was enjoying it, seeing his expression and dilated pupils. It was Rizie's first time to do such a thing but she did not mind it because she was doing it for the man she loved. She wanted to give him pleasure with this kind of thing since she was quite sure Dion would not take her until after their marriage vows and the last thing  she could do was help him not to get the so called 'blue balls'.


    After some time, Dion was resting in Rizie's arms when the latter asked him about his trip.

    Dion let out a long deep sigh and replied, "Nothing is concrete yet but all are mere speculations. It would be good if we at least knew the details of the Jiang twins, except for the fact that they were orphans. It was a long time ago and the orphanage no longer holds their files because of a fire that broke out there years ago..."

    Dion strongly believed that the fire in the orphanage years ago was also not an accident. All traces of the twins that could lead to their identification had obviously been wiped out intentionally over time. This was also one of the reasons why they strongly believed that the twins of the Yue Clan from country V were the same people as the Jiang twins in country D.

    "I don't get that group. I mean if someone wants to leave them and go out, without harming them at all, why not let them be?" Rizie contorted, furious for the fact that Xander and Bernard no longer had anything to do with them even if they really had the blood of the Yue clan.

    "Riz, don't you watch gangster movies. It's like the same in reality I guess. They kill regardless if it's their own blood because they swear a blood oath. Chad gave me the copy of the Mirage Law. You are considered a traitor if you back out from your clan. A traitor is punishable by death up to the last kin remaining of the person who broke the law. Though Chad is actually in the process of revising those laws... But Chad said that it also depends on the Clan's sole discretion."

    "The twins' father was the King at that time and when the twins died he was replaced by his brother - Chad told me that the Yue Clan has complicated family issues, like killing each other to get the position as King." Dion briefed.

    Chad emphasized that the Yue Clan was not united during that time and members of the family had huge disagreements on various things. So probably not everyone in the whole Yue Clan was responsible for planning attacks to kill Xander. There should only be a particular person who wanted to wipe out the last bloodline from the twins. But who among the Yue Clan was the enemy and who was not was the real question that they needed an answer to.

    "Chad?" Rizie mumbled, hearing the new name.

    Dion nodded and murmured, "You probably met him. He was one of Keira's bodyguards before. He goes by the name John in this country..." He explained to Rizie about Chad's situation and why he needed to hide as one of Field Marshal Chan's men, particularly as Keira's bodyguard.

    "Ohhh! Yeah I know him of course. He is one hot and sizzling bodyguard! So he has an interesting story. I knew that he's got more to it than being a bodyguard because that look is too damn hot" Rizie complimented.

    "Hot and sizzling? Too damn hot?" Dion snorted. He tilted his head to look at his fiance in disbelief. 'Seriously? Are you complimenting another man like that to my face?' Dion silently voiced in his head. He couldn't believe the look on Rizie's face as if she recalled one of her ultimate crushes.

    "What?! He is really hot and sizzling... Too damn hot..." Rizie repeated with a grin, giving a heavy dictation on her description because it was true. She even liked John's posture.

    Rizie chuckled seeing the sulky mood of her boyfriend. "Hmm, shall I make you scream once more? Cry like before?" She teased and laughed seeing Dion's red face. Now both of them called it quits. Dion could no longer tease her because of the tent incident because she could throw the same to her clever boyfriend.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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