315 Quite Fas

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion...

    That same day, Ron and Shan dropped by at the Yang Ancestral Mansion to visit Xander and Yera. He finally was able to personally thank his Boss for all that he had done for him. The living room was filled with his uncontrollable cries especially when his boss, Xander, hugged him and even patted his back saying that no matter what situation they were in, he would do the same thing over again so he did not need to feel guilty and burdened.

    "What's with you? Stop crying now... We've been together for so many years and aren't you aware of how awesome your boss is? You're so lucky to have a boss like me. Well, mind you, all this is still not for free and take it as a debt and I will demand payment for it. You should know that right?" Xander jested and Ron nodded while he wiped his tears and sat back beside Shan.

    "Wait did you two arrive together? Such a coincidence." Xander suddenly commented as he looked at Shan who was sitting beside Ron.

    Ron reddened and bashfully looked at Xander and Yera. Then after a while, he told the couple his current relationship with Shan and their plan to register their marriage after their visit to Xander and Yera.

    Xander and Yera were both shocked with Ron's statement and it took them a while to react. Xander looked at Shan who was blushing, then at Ron who was half smiling. Then he was the first to speak.

    "What? Do you mean you are going to register your marriage after coming here?" Xander burst still in shock. He wasn't even aware that Ron and Shan were in a romantic relationship. Since when? And now they would embark into a whirlwind marriage.

    "Have you two thought about it carefully? I mean marriage is not something as easy as that..." Xander scolded and Ron almost choked on his own saliva.

    'Wasn't it easy with you and Madame Yera Boss?' He silently chortled recalling how he even witnessed the whirlwind marriage of his Boss.

    Yera chuckled and jokingly said, "Hey Xander, stop that. They both are old enough and can decide on their own, do they need to hear your exaggeration like that? Didn't you also have a whirlwind marriage? I think Ron is just walking on the same path as you. That's how much he likes you."

    Ron smiled at Yera for helping him out. After a few more minutes of chatting. Ron and Shan bid their farewell to the couple and proceeded to the civil affairs office for registering their marriage.

    Xander was still in awe as he looked at Ron and Shan who had left out of the door. "Wow, my assistant is quite capable and fast darling..." He commented with a grin while he shook his head.

    Yera laughed and teased, "Well he just took after his boss, don't you think so darling?"

    The couple were interrupted by the sudden arrival of Senior Yang who asked them to follow him to the living room.

    "Dad... Seriously?" Xander sniveled seeing his dad had a lot of puzzles to assemble on the table.

    "What? This is fun... Come here and you two sit down. Whoever completes the most puzzles when the time stops will be the winner. Butler Gary will be our timer." Senior Yang instructed the couple to sit with him.

    "Do we get a reward for winning this dad?" Xander muttered with a grin.

    "Whoever finishes last will have to entertain all others in the house once a week by doing something fun like singing, dancing or acting...Or whatever form of entertainment the winner asks him/her to do... Alright?" Senior Yang explained.

    "I'm in..." Yera immediately jumped and responded, feeling giddy at the thought of her husband losing while she would win.

    Xander looked at his wife grinning like a cheshire cat, raised an eyebrow and said, "You look so excited darling. I can see it all over your face as if you are saying - I will win this and I will make my dear loving husband entertain me tremendously - Your facial expressions are clearly shouting these words.."

    Yera laughed and muttered, "Wow your intelligent son can read minds father..."

    Senior Yang smiled and shook his head and signaled butler Gary to start the timer.

    "In 3, 2, 1, Go..."

    Yera was even humming as she started. Xander would sneak a peek and keep checking the other two more than concentrating on his own puzzles. After thirty minutes, Xander was the one who had the least number of completed puzzles while Yera had the highest number of completed ones.

    "Hmm, shall you entertain us now darling?" Yera teased.

    Xander gulped hearing Yera voice out her thoughts while she told him her options for him to choose from, for entertaining her and senior Yang.

    "Hmm, imitating animal sounds and actions would be funny too... ah, this is so much fun..." Yera giggled as she started picturing her husband doing funny things.

    "Dad, next time prepare something for adults to play." Xander commented with pouty lips.

    Senior Yang laughed and said, "Alright, let's try rock paper scissors next time..." followed by a loud laugh.

    Xander's face twisted.

    Yera chose that Xander would imitate the animal's sounds that she would be mentioning to him, including the actions that would represent each animal.

    "Dad, next time if I win can I punish the loser myself if it's my wife? I would like it to be a private punishment?" Xander commented with an evil grin then he whispered to Yera, "I will punish you to do strip dancing darling... With animal sounds along with too..."

    Yera's face soured. Senior Yang laughed seeing the couple bantering. His son was rapidly coming back to his original good shape and he was glad to see that. In no time, he would probably hear some good news again about him going to be a grandfather. But his face suddenly darkened at the thought of Xander's life being in danger once more.

    He was aware of Dion and Rui's movements. Last night, Yera had updated him. He too talked to Bernards' father and he was going to meet him tomorrow once he was back in the country. He was hoping that Senior Cooper at least knew something through Kelly. He too was getting frustrated so he asked Butler Gary to help him check all of Kanya's belongings which he had already kept safely in another room. Every single thing must be inspected. He was hoping they could at least find something that could help him confirm her identity.

    If only Kanya did not die that night... That same day, Kanya wanted to tell him something about her past but postponed it when Yera went missing...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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