316 More Weeks

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    The next day, Dion went to visit the couple, Xander and Yera who were both startled to see him back a bit earlier than scheduled without a word.

    "I just love to surprise people," Dion grinned and muttered before drinking a sip from his coffee. "How are you?" he asked Xander who was sitting next to Yera.

    "I'm doing great. I can go back to my usual routine in around two weeks." Xander bragged with a grin.

    "That's good then because I have a nice place in my mind for us to stay at, for our honeymoon." Yera interrupted with a grin. Then added, "I told you right... The two of us need to relax so I talked to Bro Ryu to let us stay on his private island, Plumeria Island."

    Yera was now considering asking the Kens for help regarding the Mirage. Keira's husband was already working on a confidential mission because of various terrorist attacks that were also pointing towards the so-called Mirage triad.

    She was considering asking Old Master Ken but was still hesitating. Old Master Ken had already turned his back pertaining to the underworld but if she asked their family for help, Old Master Ken might mobilize a bunch of his people in the underworld and she did not want that to happen at all, so for now, she would have to wait and see what the military could do and if they could get any information about the triad from some other sources. It was actually frustrating on their part because they had never thought that such a triad even existed with really mighty powerful clans in a triangle.

    "Wow... That's actually a good idea." Dion seconded. The private island has a very tight security from the Kens so it would be a peaceful and safe sanctuary for the couple he believed. Plus they would also make sure they had their own security posted for the couple's safety. After all the things that happened, his sister and brother-in-law deserved a good vacation to enjoy each other's company without thinking of anything else.

    Xander did not comment at all and only gave his wife a wink before he jested, "Dion, see how my wife couldn't wait to be intimate with me. Planning to take me on a private island all for her own... I can't wait..."

    Yera gently hit her husband's shoulder and signaled him to stop. Dion laughed seeing how the couple looked good together while teasing each other and then suddenly commented, "Han mansion feels so empty right now. I think I should follow in your footsteps and get married soon. Staying there alone is a nightmare... So I better get married really soon..."

    Yera's eyes widened and murmured, "Ohhh..." She looked at Dion who seemed to understand her interrogating eyes and nodded. "Yes sis, I went to Rizie's condo unit directly as soon as I arrived and she has already accepted my marriage proposal... She was wearing the ring in her finger and has agreed to marry me as soon as possible."

    Xander's lips pursed and muttered, "What's this? Everyone's getting married now-a-days. Ron and Shan just registered theirs yesterday and now it's you. I wonder if Rui will also come and announce his marriage next..."

    Yera laughed and said, "Darling, Rui does not have a girlfriend yet..."

    "Well who knows? But, Dion had to succeed as I was Dion's love mentor, so I'm obviously glad... See the result?... it's quite fast isn't it?..." Xander boasted. Yera and Dion exchanged meaningful gazes but chose to purse their lips in silence and let Xander talk.

    "Where's uncle James?" Dion asked.

    "Oh he has gone to visit Bernard's father who has arrived just today..." Yera simply answered and Dion nodded in understanding. "I won't be able to stay long... will come back to meet you guys again..." Dion bid his farewell after some more chatting.

    He had a lot on his plate at the moment, the investigation of the Yue clan, his patients and not to mention the management of Life Hospitals group. He was grateful though because Mr. Lua was still helping him since the man was one of the pioneers of Life Hospitals and knew how all the hospitals under their group were running. He was an exclusive consultant and acted as the officer-in-charge while he was away.

    When Dion left, Yera checked her husband. "How is your head? Any headache or dizziness? Your wound is already healed from outside but it would take one more month for it to completely heal from inside..."

    "It has started itching already darling... No headache or dizziness at all. Just in a dilemma. I think I'm becoming more perverted every passing day, I have evil thoughts of attacking you every night. I think my temporal lobe got the biggest hit darling..." he whispered as he started smooching his wife in the living room.

    Yera laughed because indeed it was true, and injury to that part of the brain had been linked with an increased sexual drive and other emotions or in other words hyperactive sexuality though it can also result in hypoactive sexuality or reduced sex drive but her husband seemed to be having the symptoms of the first one...

    "Complex emotional, psychological, and social customs are often involved in making love so you have to wait still. Plus we need to get a go signal from your doctors who are handling your physical and emotional recovery..." Yera said while she chuckled because Xander kept on showering her with little kisses on her neck and it was ticklish.

    "Can't just you assess me? It's almost more than weeks after the surgery now..." Xander complained.

    "Hmm, if you ask me you need four more weeks to recover completely. Let's just wait okay?" Yera intentionally stated, grinning  inwardly seeing the crumpled face of her husband. Then she added, "Good old cuddling feels nice darling..."

    Xander's lips twitched and muttered, "You know that I'm a doctor too and even I can assess my condition on my own darling..."

    Yera laughed seeing the corners of her husband's eyes crinkling...

    "One more week..." she murmured with a wink before kissing her husband on his lips. Then she whispered in his ear, "I will let you play a little after another one week alright? No physical exertion though, can't take any kind of risk at all..."

    Xander's ears flapped hearing those words, because he was already dying to get intimate with her but Yera was way too strict as a surgeon and his wife. His eyes glistened as he stared at his wife's beautiful face and asked, "You promise?"

    Yera, still laughing, thought how cute her husband looked at that moment, and nodded.

    "Promise..." Yera murmured.

    "I love you!" Xander declared and hugged her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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