317 Confession**

    [Chapter contains explicit mature content. Skip this if you're not comfortable with it... ]

    Shan was feeling nervous inside the car. Everything happened so fast and she was now Ron's legally wedded wife. It felt like a dream but it was real for sure and she was on cloud nine, getting married to the man she adored and liked for too long. She was not sure if she was in love with him already, but she knew that Ron was the one she wanted to be with... to grow old with...

    Ron picked her up from her apartment with a few of her things because starting today they were going to live in the same house, Ron's house... She bit her lip with that thought because if Ron would hear her say 'his house' she would definitely get scolded again. She should instead call it 'their home' and not mention it as Ron's house like she did the previous day after they registered their wedding.

    'Their home where they will start a family.' she mused and quietly giggled on her own thoughts. She was really happy at that moment but a bit nervous because she was still feeling shy thinking about getting intimate with him.

    Something came up last day so she and Ron both resumed to work and she slept in her apartment alone to also pack her things up. Ron and she had already done it once, making love for the first time, so how come she was still feeling so nervous? Shan unconsciously breathed some air to calm herself. Maybe it was because she was drunk at that time so she did not feel nervous at all unlike now.

    They finally arrived at her new home. Ron took all her things inside the house. She did not bring a lot but mostly carried her personal things and wardrobe. Shan followed him in their room and was taken aback when Ron paused and turned around to face her.

    "What?" she whispered with rounded eyes seeing Ron furrowed his forehead while intently looking on her face.

    She felt Ron touch her cheek and then forehead. "Are you okay? Your temperature seems to be normal. Then how come you look pale." Ron observed wondering also why Shan was too quiet during their ride.

    "Shan what's wrong?" He asked with a worried tone and quickly held Shan's hands. "Why are your hands so cold?"

    Shan gave him an awkward smile and mumbled, "Maybe this is what they call jitters? Wedding jitters..."

    Ron moved closer to her and Shan could feel his warm breath on her skin, making her heart pound crazily. "I want you to be comfortable..." Ron groaned, followed by a gentle kiss on Shan's lips that made her knees quivered.

    "You were not like this the last time..." Shan heard Ron whisper in her ear. She gasped when she felt him bite her earlobe. It was only an earlobe but she had been turned into a putty already by him.

    She needed to cling on to his neck as he started to lick on her earlobe then her neck or else she would slump on the floor because her knees were weakening with his touch.

    "Hmm... I actually need to make a confession." Shan heard him drawl while he was kissing and playfully nibbling on her neck. Her desire was building up as soft moans escaped her mouth.

    Ron slowly undressed her and stared at her naked body for quite some time before she felt being lifted up and carried away in a bridal style on their bed. Shan's face was red while she watched her husband strip before her and slowly crawled on top of her.

    "What's this... Where did my wild wife go?" Ron teased as he kissed her nose.

    Shan pouted her lips and wrapped her arms on his neck. "I'm only wild when drunk... I think..." she stutteringly whispered.

    Ron looked at her lips and touched it with his fingers. His breathing was ragged as he murmured, "You're my wife now and I'm your husband..." followed by owning her lips.

    Shan met his kisses with the same passion, letting herself all out while her tongue probed deeper in Ron's mouth. She moaned and her body arched when Ron's hands began to move and caress her breasts.

    He was kissing and licking her skin going downwards with each kiss, and she gasped when one of her peaks was nibbled by Ron's mouth.

    "You're wet..." she heard Ron whisper while licking her nipple and caressing the sleek folds on her apex. Yes, she could also feel her dampness.

    She whimpered in pleasure as Ron's fingers entered her opening. Shan felt the room turned upside down as her husband's fingers thrust in and out while his mouth continued to work wonders in each nipple alternately.

    She grabbed Ron's hair while her lower body followed the rhythm of Ron's fingers moving in sync with his movements, pushing in and out of her innermost opening.

    She moaned and cried Ron's name over and over again as she was almost on her pinnacle until her body convulsed. She was still trembling after her orgasm when she felt Ron crawl further south with his face in between her legs.

    Shan bit her lip and gasped when she felt Ron's tongue licking her there. She felt like her husband was eating her up down there... Her head turned upside down as another sensation consumed her body.

    She couldn't take it anymore. She wanted Ron inside of her and consumed her wholly like last time. It was a bit painful at first but it soon disappeared last time as the pleasure took control afterwards.

    Shan pulled Ron and whimpered, "I want you now inside of me..."

    Ron who was dripping already just hearing his wife's moans and tasting her nectar heeded his wife's plea and crawled back up. He positioned his rod on her opening and gently thrust it inside.

    His rod felt so warm inside her as they started to dance in the rhythm of love together. The couple cried each other's name as their bodies united as one.

    Dancing in the same tune and speed... Not so long, Shan reached another climax followed by Ron who had his rod deeper in her filling his wife with his seeds.

    Both were panting and Ron was still on top of her. He stared at Shan and murmured, "my confession..."

    "Huh?" Shan asked, still panting.

    "I love you Shan... I've been dreaming of making you mine since a very long time... I've been dreaming of taking you as my wife way before we met again during the merger project... I so wanted to become your husband and I can only thank you for accepting me as one."

    Shan hugged Ron tightly to hide her tears before she whispered, "I love you too Ron... Let's build a wonderful family together Ron..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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