318 No Longer Delay

    Dion and Rizie managed to get a spare day to visit Rizie's family in the villa and informed Rizie's family about their intention to get married as soon as possible.

    "Oh, isn't it too early? I mean you guys... can still wait for a few more months and get to know each other properly. I mean... Seriously getting married that soon. A month from now?" Sheila burst in shock when Dion told them their intended date to marry.

    Rizie was grinning. Dion surpassed a month of their relationship without getting dumped and didn't want to delay their marriage because he still felt a little insecure somewhere, and she felt like she knew Dion enough to share the rest of her life with him, so why not get married as soon as possible.

    Grandma Terry coughed and cleared her throat before saying, "Your mother is actually getting married too..."

    But she was cut off by Sheila and said, "Mom it's not about me getting married in the same month. I mean Dion has been here just once and that was the day when Rizie introduced him to us as her boyfriend... how can they be so sure about marriage so soon?"

    "Wait... Mom? You? Getting married? You and uncle?" Rizie gasped and could not even continue speaking the next words while she covered her mouth with her palm in shock.

    Sheila suddenly pursed her lips while her face reddened. Rizie then continued with a teasing smirk and said, "Wow... I knew you both are getting along very well, but why did I find it only now? Did you even have plans of telling me about this ever?"

    "Of course I would..." Sheila defended.

    "Well I have nothing against uncle and I do support you guys. When do you plan to get married? Me and Dion will talk if we can delay our marriage any further..."

    "No..." Dion quickly interrupted, hearing the word 'delay' about their marriage. They could no longer delay it or else he would go crazy by having about Rizie at night. He was not a pervert but the thought of being united  with Rizie as a married couple was making him anxious.

    He felt like time was as precious as gold, after witnessing all that had happened with his sister and brother-in-law. Life was very precious but that could be easily lost in an instant. He witnessed that with his own eyes in the emergency room when Dami Bridge collapsed. A lot of lives were lost...

    He wanted to enjoy his life like it was his last day and he wanted to spend it with Rizie, every single day.

    He gulped seeing all eyes were on him in the living room. He gave them an awkward smile and said, "I know this seems quite fast for you but I don't wanna wait anymore... I mean as a doctor, I have witnessed a lot. How easily a life can be lost in a snap... I want to share my life with Rizie and have a wonderful family like yours. I would not want to waste anymore days waiting to do it. But then I also give importance to how sacred a bond of marriage is and I want to follow the rules. If possible I would like to marry Rizie today or tomorrow..."

    "This boy..." Grandma Terry commented.

    Then they heard Grandpa Shen laugh out hard and said, "Let them be dear. Rizie is old enough to be responsible for their actions. It's not like we will be the one to be with them in their married life."

    He looked at Dion and continued, "Dion... I will entrust my granddaughter to you. My only request is that you stay committed to her no matter what happens. Marriage is a different thing... It's not always a happy road because it's a journey of a lifetime together. Hence, during that journey a lot would come along the way..."

    "But Shennn..." Grandma Terry interrupted but Grandpa Shen blinked his eyes on her and nodded, signaling her to let him handle everything. Grandma Terry heaved a long sigh and stayed quiet while Grandpa Shen continued to talk to Dion.

    Sheila, who was sitting beside her daughter, asked Rizie to accompany her in the kitchen to bring snacks and some tea to the living room while Grandpa Shen and Grandma Terry were talking to Dion.

    Sheila grabbed Rizzie's hand and guided her to sit on a chair in the kitchen. "Dear, are you really sure about this? You know you're still young and you tend to change your mind a lot over time."

    Rizie gave her mother a warm smile because all that she said was true, however, things changed ever since she got involved in sis Yera's case and ever since Dion came into her life. "Mom, Me and sis-in-law Keira are almost of the same age... She has twins now you know, so what young are you saying? You don't know it's not about the age. Please don't worry much about me because I know what I'm doing now. Being with Dion has helped me overcome my shortcomings and my fears that made me get bored of things and leave them in the middle..."

    "But still..." Sheila keened, still hesitant with the sudden marriage of her youngest daughter.

    Rizie gently squeezed the hands of her mom and winked. "Mom... Do you want me to sulk now? How come you could trust big sis Lyra but you're hesitating like that when it came to me?"

    Sheila finally gave it a rest after a deep sigh. "Alright but you have to promise me that no matter what you go through, even if things seem embarrassing to speak about, you have to tell mom about it... We are always here and we will always be here for you Riz..."

    "Of course mom. Where would I run but to my wonderful family that always gives me unconditional love..." Rizie stated and hugged her mom tightly.

    Then she gently pushed her mom before narrowing her eyes on her and muttered, "Mom... You should tell me more about your intended marriage. How and since when did you two decide to get married? I knew something was fishy with my uncle visiting here often when I was still here. I'm happy you were able to open your heart once more after everything. You two honestly deserve to be happy mom. So where do you plan to go on your honeymoon?"

    Sheila turned deep red with that question because of embarrassment. "Stop that Rizie. What honeymoon? I'm too old for that."

    Rizie's face twitched and said, "Who's old for that? Don't tell me you two won't have a honeymoon?! That can't be and I strongly protest that... Me and Dion will arrange that for you guys... Let me also buy you mom some honeymoon lingeries..."

    Sheila's eyes widened in horror and embarrassment while Rizie laughed out hard.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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