319 Still Bother

    At Lim's Villa...

    Josh heard his twin was at the villa mansion so he immediately wrapped up work in the resort and rushed to go home to join the family for lunch.

    "Frank, take care of everything I will leave for now. I have signed all the docs on my table. Call me if there's anything. I will have lunch with my family," he informed his assistant on his desk as soon as he left his office.

    "Sir, you're not coming back?" Frank asked.

    Josh raised an eyebrow and murmured, "Frank... I won't ask you to take care of everything if I will be returning, alright?"

    Frank scratched his head and nodded as he bid farewell to his boss. He wondered why the boss was in a hurry or if he was sick because he rarely goes home this early. More often than not he would sleep in his office, working overtime.

    The first thing Josh did when he arrived at their house was look for Rizie. His ungrateful twin would often not answer his call or reply to his messages so he had to scold her hard today.

    He saw Dion in the living room playing chess with Grandpa Shen. He smirked seeing Dion who gulped when he saw him.

    "Hmmm... Good timing bro. My barn is in dire need of cleaning. My horses have been missing you, you know..." he tased with an evil smile plastered on his face.

    "This brat... He will soon become your brother-in-law so you better treat him nicely," his Grandpa Shen scolded him.

    His eyes rounded and asked, "Are they engaged now? That fast? Are you sure? Rizie can't last a relationship for even a month and though Dion has broken that record I bet let another week pass and he will get dumped..."

    Grandpa Shen's eyes widened as he grabbed his cane to hit Josh on his leg but the latter was fast to avoid it. "Grandpa... I'm a grown up man now. Stop hitting me with the cane." Josh complained.

    "You brat then stop bullying your soon to be brother-in-law..." Grandpa Shen chided and told Josh that the date for Rizie and Dion's marriage had already been decided.

    "That's quite fast though... Don't tell me you two?" Josh with rounded eyes speculated then continued, "Is Rizie pregnant???!!!"

    Dion coughed almost choked but immediately responded, "No! Of course not! I respect your sister and would never cross my limits before marriage..."

    Josh's face glowered because he could not believe it. He was about to approach Dion to confront him further but Rizzie interrupted.

    "Hey bully... Stop that! Why are you being harsh on Dion. He's telling the truth. Pregnant me? Do you want a horsebacking race this instant? Or let's fight over a drink later so you can see for yourself. Geez you're simply exaggeratedly over reacting... You need a girlfriend to stop being nosy..." Rizie scowled while he blocked Dion from her twin.

    Josh's facial muscle flinched hearing those words from Rizie that he couldn't help but said, "A girlfriend? Did you forget already how you shot all my previous girlfriends before?"

    Rizie's eyebrows collided as she said, "Excuse me... You should be thankful that I saved your *ss from those gold diggers. Josh if they really loved you as much as you loved them... They would have stayed and wouldn't be shooed away that easily."

    Dion held Rizie's arms trying to stop her girlfriend from saying anymore words seeing the hurtful look from Josh. Rizie knew her twin was hurt as he recalled his pasts but she needed to tell Josh those words..."

    "You two stop that already. Aren't you ashamed? We have a visitor. Dion, you come here, the lunch is ready. Let these twins talk for a while..." Sheila interrupted and Dion quickly obeyed. Grandpa Shen also stood up to follow Dion at the dining area. He paused and said, "You two make-up quickly and follow us soon in the dining area. We will wait for you..."

    Rizie exhaled loudly and murmured, "Sorry... I know you're still mad and sulky for what I did but please open your eyes. I only did that to save you from ending up with a wrong person..."

    "Yes Rizie and thank you. But I hope that would be the last time for you to do that. I don't want you to bother anymore with my own matters, especially with my lovelife... Whether I chose the wrong person or not, it will be my decision Rizie and I want to take responsibility for my own actions." Josh vividly stated.

    Another sigh escaped from Rizie's mouth. Josh was really good in business but the man was stupid when it came to his lovelife. She admired Josh for becoming successful and he managed their family business very meticulously to grow it and take it at its peak, where it was right now so how come he so often had bad luck in love?

    "Josh, you know that I love you, so I can't promise that I won't bother when it comes to you having a good and happy life..." Rizie sincerely uttered that made Josh's nostrils flare up as he mumbled, "You... So how about me bothering you and Dion? I will definitely make your boyfriend suffer and if he leaves you because of that, then take it as he doesn't love you enough..."

    Rizie gave her twin a crazy smirk as she proudly stated, "Sorry to disappoint you my twin because whatever it is that you do won't matter at all... Dion will never leave me. Anyway, how come you're here? You're a workaholic businessman. Wait..."

    Rizie's eyes sparkled as something came to mind..."Ohhhh," she grinning spluttered.

    "What?" Josh mumbled. He hated that evil grin on Rizie's face. It indicated that she would soon spout something absurd from her mouth. "Let's go to the dining area..." he immediately uttered as he started to walk past her.

    "You're curious about Cali right? I'm sure you vaguely wanted to pester me about her, that's why you rushed in here..."

    Josh's face crumpled and simply said, "Don't keep them waiting."

    "Wow he did not deny it?" Rizie whispered and ran to follow Josh to tease her brother more. Cali... Hmmm she liked Cali so if it was Cali... She would still bother her twin of course but this time to support him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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