320 Being A Cupid

    At Lua's residence...

    "Nanny Shine... Why is it not okay to use my mobile phone? I'm so bored..." Cali complained because she was not able to do anything all the day but to eat and sleep except for taking her therapies of course.

    She wanted to have fun but their house was filled only with oldies. The only thing she could play with them was chess, with her grandfather and it was getting very much boring for her.

    "Not yet dear. Your grandpa wants you to heal fast. No TV and no gadgets as yet..." Nanny Shine firmly said. Cali rolled her eyes and pouted her lips and turned them down in annoyance.

    "How about we open your mobile phone and I read all the unread messages for you," Nanny Shine suggested gleefully.

    "No!" Cali beamed because she knew that her nanny Shine was only spying on her then would tease her again afterwards. Tease her with that bully man Josh.

    She grabbed the mirror and looked at herself once again and like every time she crumpled her face seeing her bald head image in there. She realised she still looked pretty because of her naturally gorgeous features that being bald did not look bad on her. However, she did not want others to see her bald look. That was the main reason she denied accepting any visitors, she even did not accept visiting requests from her friends.

    Nanny Shine handed her the sewing kits and said, "Here try this... this will keep you busy for a while, or maybe we really can open up your mobile phone you know. You look entertained whenever I read messages of your slave from your inbox."

    "Never mind nanny Shine. I'll just try embroidering for a while, okay? Give me one of grandpa's handkerchiefs and I will try to embroider his initials on it." Cali replied. She could tell from her nanny's face that she was the topic of all talks behind her back by her grandpa and her nanny so no way. She decided to only open her mobile phone once she had a signal from her doctors that she could do so.

    After finishing up embroidering her grandfather's initials on the handkerchief , Cali asked nanny Shine to accompany her to their garden since the weather was good and not too sunny as well.

    As Cali got down from her bed to go to the garden, one of their helpers approached her and said, "Mistress Cali... You have a visitor."

    "Huh? I said I don't want to see any visitors..." Cali answered with a crunchy face.

    "But, he said he was your surgeon..." answered the helper.

    Cali's eyes rounded and burst, "You mean Dion? Oh let him in immediately and ask him to sit in the living room while I come there."

    She was hoping Dion brought Rizie also with her, though she was still a little hesitant to face them in her current condition, but she was gravely missing her newly gotten friends. Especially Rizie whom she  liked a lot for being very honest and an outspoken person. Their personalities were really very alike.

    Cali stopped walking towards the living area and asked nanny Shine on her back, "Wait... How do I look now? Do you think I should change my clothes, nanny Shine or maybe I should get a shawl and cover my head right?"

    "Why are you getting insecure without hair on your head? You still look so pretty my dear... Even more beautiful than many of the women with hair, much prettier than them." Nanny Shine pointed out because it was true.

    Cali lifted the corners of her mouth hearing those praises and said, "Hmmp, you're so biased nanny Shine!" But Cali trusted her nanny with her words, so she walked straight in their living room with her usual sweet and warm smile carved on her beautiful and angelic face.

    That charming smile quickly dissipated from her face and she paused seeing the visitors in the living room, it was not only Dion who was sitting there on their couch and Rizie was also there along with him, but the one who made her smile lost was the last person she ever expected to see in her living room... the one she would rather not see her in that look was also there... Josh, the bullyman.

    Cali blinked several times to make sure her eyes were not pranking her. 'What is this? He's still there? He's really here?' she mused in awe, looking intently at the bullyman who was expressionlessly staring back at her.

    Cali came back to reality when she felt Rizie embracing her. "Ohhh Cali. It's so good to see you, it's such a relief to see you walking and not just lying on the bed! And hey! You look great!" she heard Rizie burst out.

    "Why is he here?" Cali whispered with an unexplainable expression on her face. Rizie's lips pursed and explained, "It's Dion's fault. He accidentally spilled everything to Josh about whatever happened to you. Dion was not aware that you didn't want Josh to know..."

    "Sorry Cali..." Rizie apologized in mutter.

    Cali looked at her with pouted lips and murmured, "See how I look? He will bully me..."

    Rizie laughed and shook her head. Cali was acting like a baby and it was cute as always. Besides, Cali was a few years younger than her...

    "Don't worry he won't. He's actually worried about you, that's why he insisted on coming with us. Come..." Rizie encouraged and held Cali's hand so she would feel comfortable as she guided her to sit beside her facing Dion and Josh on the other couch.

    Dion greeted Cali and stood up to check her wound. "Hmm, it's pretty much healed. In a few more weeks, you can go back to your usual routine but then I suggest that you will not exert yourself too much yet."

    Cali's face crumpled and she complained, "Why would I go back to my routine that fast. I will only be able to go out of the house once I grow my hair back."

    Rizie laughed and said, "Why? You look so beautiful Cali, even without hair. You know your face is so perfect that no one would get tired of staring at you even now. Don't you agree Josh?"

    Josh who got startled gave Cali a quick glance before he meekly nodded. He couldn't believe Cali was in such a big accident and had suffered so much and he was not only unaware of it all but he didn't even have any clue about all that. He couldn't help but feel bad looking at her weak body. Dion told him that she had a major brain surgery and he was actually grateful at the same time that Cali was alive and fit like she had always been.

    "You should make sure to get well soon and grow your hair back because you look like a monk now..." Josh muttered without looking at Cali.

    Riizie wanted to throw the vase on her brother that instant. 'Geez... He's losing it!' Rizie mused. She was actually excited being a cupid but her twin was spoiling the moment by not showing his admiration to Cali with unintentional bullying.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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