321 Seeds**

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion...

    Weeks past and Xander was almost back to his old self. Meanwhile, Yera discouraged him from going back to work for the time being and even did not allow him to leave the mansion once. Her main reason was that she was afraid for Xander's safety and inside the mansion, Xander was safe and remained untouched by anyone who wanted to hurt him.

    "Darling, you don't expect me to stay forever inside our house, do you? Tell me what's wrong. What is the matter? There is some definite reason behind your actions, and I can feel it... Something is definitely bothering you." Xander asked when Yera stopped him from changing his outfit inside their room to go visit Yang Globals' office and see how the company was doing.

    "I mean... You are acting overly exaggerated. I just want to visit for a while and look around a little then do nothing afterwards. So I don't see any point why you are stopping me from going to the office," Xander added, a bit confused on how strangely protective his wife was acting at that moment.

    Yera signaled Xander to sit beside her on the side of their bed and Xander obliged...

    He saw his wife let out a loud sigh before staring at him directly and began to tell him about things. Yera explained everything from the start to Xander starting with the collapse of Dami Bridge followed by the attack by an intruder inside the ICU and the anonymous tips Rui was getting. She knew it was already time for Xander to get updated on everything so she also included the Mirage Triad, the speculations about the Yue Clan twins and Jiang twins then Dion's trip to Country V and finding the details from there.

    Xander pursed his lips and calmly sighed...

    "Hmm, darling, you just blasted my head with so much information..." Xander murmured, trying to process everything in his head slowly. Yera got worried that she immediately sealed her husband's lips to change his course of thinking.

    "Everything is very complicated so don't think about it too much at once. Just go through the details one at a time..." She whispered in his ear before giving him another gentle kiss on his lips. She sensually nibbled his lower lip then did the same on his upper lip. It seemed to be effective hearing her husband groaned.

    Yera continued and kissed him deeper. She gently pulled him towards herself breathless but when she was about to rise from her seat, Xander held her arms firmly. "What are you doing Mrs. Yang? Teasing your husband like this and running?" she heard her husband's hoarse voice.

    Yera could see the fire in his eyes and she bit her lip. To be honest, Xander was already allowed for lovemaking as long as he did not overexert himself, just that Yera was still afraid...

    She felt her husband copied what she did on his lips. He was hungrily sucking and nibbling her upper and lower lips making Yera shivered as his hand became aggressive, caressing her inner thighs while pulling the hem of her dress up.

    Yera's heart was beating erratically as the familiar sensation she was longing for rushed in her blood. She gasped when her husband touched her sensitive spot in between her thighs. She moaned as his fingers playfully traced her sleek folds up and down with her panty still on and paused particularly where her tiny nob was.

    She was now clinging her arms on his neck and answering his wild kisses when Xander's hand went inside her panty. He pulled away from her lips and started to shower her face then neck with kisses. It was too easy for him to unzip her dress from the back and let the strap flawlessly fall on her waist.

    She did not even know how he undid her bra, exposing her bare breasts before his eyes. "Darling, I really missed this," she heard Xander hushed as she felt his tongue and mouth on one of her peaks.

    She missed it too and Yera felt she was going crazy soon because of what her husband was doing both in her upper and lower body.

    "Darling, tell me to stop and I'll stop..." she heard her husband tease. Yera wanted to hit her husband that instant because she knew he was intentionally teasing her, knowing that she was going weak under his touch and spell like that.

    Did she want him to stop? Of course not! She was already quivering as he inserted his fingers inside her cave, deepening each thrust, making her groan and moan for more.

    "I guess I don't need to stop," Xander breathed before sucking another nipple in his mouth.

    "You tease!" Yera hissed with a stuttering voice as it was followed by another moan from her mouth. As his thrust deepened and accelerated, Yera yanked as she reached her peak. Still quivering, she narrowed her eyes to her husband and removed his clothes before gently pushing him to lie on the bed.

    She began to slowly shower him with her kisses, licking, nibbling and making him growl and asked for more. She went further south and touched his member that was already hard and dripping with ecstasy. She lowered her head and attended to his member with her tongue followed by her mouth. He was growing bigger and larger inside...

    She felt Xander's hands pulling her back up and whispered, "Darling I don't want to release my seeds inside your mouth please..."

    He was pleading and Yera arched her brows amused on the way he spoke. Her dear husband was too eager to plant every single one of his seeds inside her womb and just how could she even think of objecting him when she also was aiming for the same thing.

    Yera positioned herself and gently slid his member inside herself. She moaned when it was fully inside her and started to move slowly. Her movements were too soft and gentle, afraid that she would bang him hard that could affect shaking on his head. She leaned down while she made sure to move only her buttocks up and down while she monitored Xander's head if it was causing movements or too much shaking of his head.

    She felt Xander, pulled her head for a kiss after saying, "Shhh... Don't think too much darling. I'm really fine..."

    Yera felt him meet her rhythm and the couple both reached their peak and climaxed...

    "I missed this really... I missed making love like this to my beautiful wife. I love you darling..." Xander whispered, grateful that he was given another chance in life to be with his wife like this.

    "I love you too..." Yera answered lovingly and hugged Xander tight while she rested on his chest.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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