322 Safe Haven

    The next day, Xander asked Rui and Dion to have dinner at Yang Ancestral mansion and to further discuss the matter pertaining to the Mirage triad.

    Xander went to look for his father who was not in his room nor study area. He saw butler Gary and asked, "Where is dad?"

    "He's probably in the basement..." butler Gary guessed because Senior Yang often stayed there and checked his wife's things alone from the past few days. At first he asked to help him out, but Senior Yang dismissed the butler saying he would personally check all the belongings of the late Madame on his own.

    Xander knew what was in the basement. He walked and headed there but paused for a while. Those memories flashed across his eyes when his mother died. He remembered how difficult it had been for his father to bring him out of this place then, he was still a kid since he last stepped foot inside the basement.

    He pushed the button and the door opened. This basement almost became his favourite room for a year... Because all the things that reminded him of his mother were here... memories were the only things that remained then and even until now...

    As he stepped foot inside the basement, he saw his father sitting with a few things on the couch, he was going through the contents of a box, lifting everything that was inside.

    His father looked at him when he felt his presence approaching. "You're here. These are your mother's personal things and I'm double checking everything for any information..." Senior Yang  explained. Yera already told him that Xander was now aware about the twins.

    Xander sat beside his father and looked at the numerous photo frames that were displayed in the Master's bedroom before. There were a lot of them actually because his mother loved taking pictures and getting them framed to hang in her bedroom and admire them. Framing their photos and  putting it all inside their bedroom at any available space had become her routine as well as passion since Xander was born.

    "Your mom loved taking photos," Xander heard his father whisper. But Senior Yang kept almost all hidden in the basement because of Xander who had a difficult time moving on after his mother's death. Xander would always cry whenever he would see his mother in the photos so Senior Yang decided to hide and had it all in a box duly sealed, away from Xander's eyes.

    "Yeah... She was very lovely." Xander muttered, recalling how her mom always had her beautiful smile on her gorgeous face making her look more charming. He looked at the small and big frames and heard his father say with a grin, "Geez, looked at how many frames are there..."

    "I will help you. Maybe we should open each frame to check once? There could be a letter hidden somewhere..." Xander suggested. It randomly came to his mind since mostly people with hidden past did the same things like in movies.

    He heard his father chuckle and jokingly say, "Maybe I should start flipping the pages of my favorite book. Who knows your mom could have left something in there for me."

    "Dad I'm serious... It's a possibility. You should ask a helper to do this because it's too dusty now." Xander commented as he wiped some dust from one of the frames.

    "You leave me here and go accompany your wife. I can  manage in here besides it feels great looking at the old photos of your mother." Senior Yang instructed. Xander ignored him and continued opening each of the frames.

    "Dad... You and mom never told me before how you two met..." Xander murmured. He was suddenly interested to find out about it so he added, "Well I think it will be good if you reminisce those memories. You might remember some important things at some point."

    "Seriously son?" Senior Yang asked in disbelief because his son was not fond of him narrating anything at all. Xander would always leave him whenever he would narrate those and that.

    "Well yeah because it involves mom. Before I couldn't bear listening to whenever you talked, mostly bragging about yourself during your younger years you know." Xander honestly answered with a grin, recalling how he would always walk out on his father whenever the old man would start bragging.

    "Hmm, well it was love at first sight for me..." Senior Yang started his story but was interrupted as both the men were startled when the door opened and Yera entered with a tray of snacks and behind her was butler Gary with some fresh fruit drinks.

    "I thought you guys would like some refreshments..." Yera said smiling and placed the tray on the table. She quickly sat beside Xander and looked at the photo frames.

    "Wow... Mother-in-law was indeed very beautiful. What a lovely smile." Yera praised. Similarities in Xander's facial features were really vivid and Xander was almost the replica of her, if he would have long hair like his mother.

    "You're just right in time darling because dad was about to narrate his love story with mom," Xander commented.

    Yera's eyes widened in excitement as she said, "Wow really. I'm actually too curious to find out and hear about it."

    Senior Yang was dumbfounded, seeing the couple sitting and eagerly waiting for the story like little children... Senior Yang looked at  butler Gary who was still there, and asked, "Why are you still here and not leaving yet?" he asked with narrowed eyes. "I wanna hear it too." butler Gary answered with an awkward smile.

    "Alright this will be a long narration so take a chair and sit..." Senior yang answered with a smile. It  felt so good to reminisce those good old days and have it narrated to his children.

    Yera stared at her husband feeling proud of how he calmly managed the situation. He was making sure to follow her advice on not to think much about everything since they had a lot of people on their side who were sincerely helping them out.

    He was hanging out well, very serene. She was aware that Dion and Rui would arrive later so the three could discuss further since she and Xander would leave soon to stay at Plumeria Island. To be honest it wouldn't be for a simple honeymoon vacation but it was also a strategy suggested by Keira's husband, General Zach.

    She was not aware yet about the entire plan but one thing was for sure... the island would be a safe haven for her and Xander...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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