323 The One For You

    Senior Yang  heaved a long sigh as he recalled the first time he met Kanya...

    "I was standing outside a banquet hall that day, ready to go home after attending an event, waiting for my driver when suddenly a man with a knife grabbed me from behind..." Senior Yang started.

    It was late noon... That day when he first met Kanya...

    James was waiting for his driver outside the building and got too startled when a man suddenly grabbed his neck from behind and pointed a knife with his other hand on his neck. The man shouted at the woman who seemed to be chasing him. "I will kill this man if you don't leave me alone!" the man with the knife screamed.

    James looked at the woman who was panting hard from running, with bent knees she rested her palms on her knees to catch her breath just as she stopped. The man aiming the knife at him kept shouting at her... He could feel his heart pounding hard and fast, not because of the knife on his neck but because of the woman who straightened up her body after catching her breath. She was wearing a police uniform that fitted well on her perfect body and her eyes were glaring fiercely on his spot.

    "Seriously dad?! Perfect body? You were such a pervert! That's how you looked at my mom?" Xander could not help but interrupt and tease Senior Yang during the narration of his story.

    "Ouch!" he cried when Yera pinched on his arms. "Don't you dare interrupt father. You're spoiling our concentration! Shhhhhh!" Yera hissed so Xander immediately zipped his mouth up.

    Senior Yang laughed but then  continued, "As I've said... That was indeed love at first sight, you know, when you suddenly have that feeling of some kind of deep connection with her, like you just knew the moment you saw her that she's the one for you. That's what I honestly felt at that time seeing Kanya at that moment..."

    Senior Yang recalled that incredible scene where the man with a knife firmly held him.

    "Drop that gun!" Shouted that man with a knife, that almost blocked Jame's ear. James stared at her unblinkingly with his mouth agape. For some reason, he could not take his eyes off her for even a single second.

    "You in white suit! Make sure you won't move a single millimiter or else you'll die. You understand?" James heard the policewoman shouted. "Do you understand?" the policewoman repeated seeing no response from him.

    James opened his mouth and said, "Yes!" The moment he closed his mouth, he heard a gunshot. It happened too fast and the last thing he saw was the policewoman hurriedly grabbing the wounded attacker and handcuffing him instantly.

    By that time other policemen had already arrived and he could no longer see that policewoman.

    "Sir, are you alright?" the policeman asked him.

    "Who was that policewoman?" James mumbled instead.

    "Oh Police Officer Kanya Jiang?" James nodded hearing the name before he ran to the hospital since he had a small cut on his neck.

    Kanya's face was embedded inside Jame's head. He couldn't simply forget her face. He was charmed by her beauty but not only by her beauty but her brave and fierce attitude also made him crazy for her. Since then he had got her entire profile and asked his assistant to find out everything about Kanya Jiang.

    "Tsk... tsk... You were delusional at that time dad, I can't believe you were such a stalker..." Xander, again, could not help but interrupted. He was teasing his father who only gave him an arched brow before countering, "Well, look who's talking? Didn't you also stalk Yera before?"

    Yera's eyes widened hearing that because she was not aware of that. "You stalked me? So I was right at that time?" she burst out, recalling how she accused Xander of stalking but the latter strongly denied that time.

    "Of course not just that I checked your profile... and..." Xander explained a bit while stuttering.

    Senior yang laughed and said, "What? Isn't that stalking? You intentionally stayed at Bernard's unit and had Yera..."

    "Stop it dad... Why don't you continue with the story? So when did you meet mother next?" Xander interrupted trying to divert everyone's attention.

    "Well you see I filed a complaint that someone is threatening me and you know... I had my assistant arrange everything so your mother's superior would hand my case to your mother only, and so that was when our second meeting happened... I met your mother at the police office the second time." Senior Yang continued and he smiled recalling how he arranged everything so Kanya would personally look after him to give him police protection.

    James could even recall how Kanya strongly objected but she couldn't do anything since her superior had dropped her the order.

    "Your mom was like a tomboy. But that's what I loved about her. She would shout at me and scold me. She did not care about my status at all. For her all people were equal regardless of their social status. It was really hard at first because she would always ignore me. She even dumped me several times..." Senior Yang chuckled.

    "But your persistence and sincere heart broke her barriers..." Yera commented. Senior Yang nodded. "One thing that became a hindrance was our different status in life and Kanya was too worried for me because of that..."

    "Dad, how about auntie Nerrie? Was she also good at fighting like mom?" Xander suddenly  asked.

    Senior Yang paused and seemed to recall an incident.. "Oh yeah right, both those twins were actually very sharp witted. Kanya was a police officer so it was a given for her to be good at using any kind of weapon including fighting skills but Nerrie was a school teacher... There was this instance when we both families were camping, I saw her throwing a knife and guess what? It directly pierced a snake on the tree, where Cooper was leaning."

    "Nerrie died after giving birth to Bernard so..." Senior Yang added. "Yeah I know dad that she had a natural death but..." Xander muttered, because he wanted to check it still.

    "No Xander. Let your uncle Cooper be. He had been through enough already for you to go back on that case..." Senior Yang scolded.

    He visited Cooper and the latter wished he  could have a quiet life already saying, "They can no longer bring back the dead to life so just let it be Yang," Mr. Cooper said when he suggested that they reopen Bernard's case and Senior Yang preferred to respect that decision instead of forcing him.

    Xander sighed... He strongly believed that Yue Clan twins and the Jiang twins were the same people and later he was going to have a close discussion with Dion and Rui about it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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