324 Boy’s Talk

    Rui had an unexpected visitor in his clinic and he was very well not mistaken that it was Mr. Lua from Life Hospitals.

    "What can I do for you Mr. Lua?" he asked, offering the old man a cup of tea which the latter accepted.

    "I want to seek your help for my granddaughter. Actually Dion has recommended you to me when I asked him for a reference, saying you're the best in this field." Mr. Lua said with a serious face then he asked Rui if he could personally visit his granddaughter Cali and take a look at her.

    "I'm just worried that the accident might have had a huge impact on her though I did not observe anything unusual with her yet." Mr. Lua explained.

    To be honest, Dion had already called Rui to inform him about it though he had not expected Mr. Lua to visit him this soon. "Alright... Mr. Lua, I will check on your granddaughter as soon as I can." he assured the old man who did not stay longer and already bid him farewell since Mr. Lua knew that Rui was too busy from the past few days due to Xander's absence after the accident.

    Mr. Lua was grateful enough that Dr. Rui Dee agreed to personally check on his granddaughter.

    "Cali Lua?" Rui whispered as he stared at his door where Mr. Lua left. He was aware of the story behind Cali and Mr. Lua. Rui was glad that the said set up did not last long because it would then be unfair for Rizie.

    Cali Lua... He actually laughed hard at the time when he heard from Dion that the woman bravely made a proposal to Dion that time, going against or behind the back of her grandfather. She did give him a good impression and he was curious to meet the girl.

    He looked at his wrist watch and immediately prepared to leave. He would have dinner at Yang Ancestral mansion with the whole Yang family and it was almost time.

    When Rui arrived at the mansion, Dion and Rizie were already there.

    "Mr. Lua visited me a while  ago," Rui informed Dion.

    "Honestly, I think Cali is doing alright, her grandfather seems to be worrying too much..." Rizie commented based on her observation of Cali last time they visited. Then she added, recalling something, "Except that I think she has become too conscious with her head being bald... I mean she's not accepting any visitors, not even her close friends...!"

    "That's actually  what concerned Mr. Lua because Cali is otherwise a very confident girl... She's a very friendly person who loves to socialize. Mr. Lua was worried that the incident would affect Cali's mental and emotional state or stability so I recommended Rui.." Dion explained as he drank his tea.

    They were all in the living room except for Yera who was monitoring the dining area and Senior Yang who was in his study room.

    Rizie looked at Xander and muttered, "How about you Bro Xander?"

    "What about me?" Xander mumbled with a creased forehead.

    "Yeah I will look at his mental and emotional state also later after dinner..." Rui remarked that made Xander twitch his face. "No need Rui. I'm so perfectly fine..." he proudly countered.

    Rui narrowed his eyes and stared directly at Xander before teasing, "So tell me... Based on your head injury... I'm really curious.... Did you turn into a hyper or hypo?"

    Dion who immediately got that question almost spit out the tea in his mouth. Rizie who seemed left behind and could not grasp the question frowned and naively asked, "What hypo and what hyper? Hyperactive and  hypoactive in movement?"

    Rui nodded with a smirk. Rizie looked at Xander from head to toe and commented, "He looks fine just the neutral movements to me?"

    Dion gulped trying his best to control his laughter but failed... Rizie pouted her lips and grunted, "What? What's so funny?"

    "Rizie... Go in the kitchen and help Yera. Boys are talking." Xander instructed that Rizie crumpled her face as she quickly stood and stomped towards the dining area.

    As soon as Rizie left, Xander boastfully stated, "Of course my sexual drive has now turned hyperactive, the way it should be!"

    "Let's change the topic shall we gentlemen?" Xander suddenly uttered.

    Dion was the first to speak and said, "I think staying at Plumeria Island is a good idea but we have to plan everything thoroughly first... We have to be precise and not rush with things. Meanwhile, you have to stay inside the house..."

    Rui raised his arm and seconded, "Yes I strongly agree that Xander and Yera should stay quarantined inside the house while we are planning things. Xander you must heed this advice, because this is really serious... For goodness sake, you're not a cat with nine lives... You cannot always succeed in escaping death..."

    "I know Rui, that's why I'm listening. But then you have to stay rooted inside the company while I'm away. Rui rolled his eyes and replied, "Yeah I know right? Next time you come back... the company is already in my palm. I will rob it from you like Mr. Lua did... ha ha ha"

    "Stop joking around," Dion whimpered at Rui who gave him a lopsided grin.

    Rui laughed and said, "What? Let me be because I'm a psychiatrist and Xander needs this kind of session while we are having a serious talk."

    Xander shook his head and chuckled...

    "See? Your brother-in-law is smiling. You should drop being too serious because it's not good for Xander's hyperactive sexual brain!" Rui added. Dion scratched his head for being too slow witted for things like that. Good thing Rui was around..

    "By the way Rui... Do you know that Shan and Ron already registered their marriage? Dion and Rizie would follow soon. Tell me when is yours? You are already so old now, why don't you find a partner for yourself?" Xander bantered.

    "What? How dare that Ron not inform me! Doesn't he want a wedding gift from me?" Rui exclaimed.

    "Don't change the topic. Do you want Dion to get married first? When will you get a girlfriend? Or are you planning to be an old maid?" Xander continued to shoot arrows of torture towards his friend.

    "How could I?! You're giving me a lot of work!" Rui complained.

    "Why? Is Dion not the same? I bet he's more loaded with work and see how he could still play around..." Xander mumbled.

    Dion shook his head hearing the two banter. He saw Rizie approaching with a crumpled face and said, "Dinner is ready.:

    Dion immediately stood and walked up to her. "Geez boy's talk you say? You gossip mongers.." Rizie chided.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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