325 See The Sparks And Feel The Impac

    Rui managed to take out some spare time to personally visit the Lua residence to check Mr. Lua's granddaughter.

    Rui was guided inside by Cali's nanny. "Please stay here for a while. I'll go get Cali." Cali's nanny said. Rui nodded. After a while, Mr. Lua came there and sat down with him and coffee was served.

    "I know you're a busy man Dr. Dee and I'm really grateful that you spared some time to check my granddaughter." Mr. Lua, full of gratitude, greeted.

    Rui smiled, he could smell the great change in Mr. Lua's character based on how he was previously described by Yera. Truly, the incident of losing someone you gave much importance to could be an eye opener for someone.

    The nanny went back with an awkward smile and Mr. Lua asked, "What happened to Shine? Where is Cali."

    The nanny simply shook her head and murmured, "She said she won't come down. Why would she need a psychiatrist when she is not a crazy person?"

    Rui could not help but laugh at that but then quickly stopped seeing the two stared at him.

    "I'm sorry, it's just that most people think the same when they hear the word psychiatrist. The first thing that will always come to mind is that they have mental problems. It's a defense mechanism... Is it okay if I just go to where she is?" Rui suggested with a smile.

    "Oh sure Dr. Dee. Come and I will escort you to her room. I'm really worried about her you see. I don't want her to stay in this state for long. I mean, she used to go out a lot and enjoy being with her friends. But now she only allowed her doctors to see her and only Rizie but after their last visit, she instructed anyone that she will no longer accept a visit except for her official doctors." Mr. Lua explained.

    Rui understood. Mr. Lua knocked and opened Cali's door. Rui entered and saw Cali sitting on her balcony. Rui signaled Mr. Lua and the nanny that they could leave already so they did.

    Rui almost assessed Cali's personality just by looking around her room. She had definitely a bright but stubborn personality.

    "I said I don't want a psychiatrist grandpa. I'm perfectly fine, okay?" Cali muttered when she heard footsteps approaching her.

    "You have a nice view in here..." Cali heard a strange masculine voice behind her. She turned her head to look who was the one speaking and her eyes blinked several times to check if she was hallucinating or was this sound real?

    She gulped, staring at the smiling face...

    Sparks were all over him like there were fireworks and the impact that she was looking for... She could feel it... butterflies rumbling inside her stomach.

    "Oh my God!" she unconsciously muttered.

    "Hello Cali. I'm Dr. Rui Dee. Actually a psychiatrist does not only check on mentally sick patients... It's more of a psychological warfare of the person like for example you are in an accident... I am here to assess if the accident has caused you any traumatic experience. It would be better if I can see whether you have emotional stability at this time." Rui explained, amused at Cali's surprised face at that moment.

    Cali was indeed an adorable and cute girl. Despite being bald, her angelic and tamed facial features could not be hidden. Cali immediately composed and calmed herself but her face suddenly crumpled when she realized her head and how freaking ugly she looked at that moment.

    "Doctor can you go down now? I will follow you shortly. Please wait for me in the living room..." Cali requested, tilting her head down as her face reddened with embarrassment.

    "Oh sure... then I'll wait in the living room." Rui answered and left the room.

    Cali quickly got up from her chair as soon as Dr. Dee left. She immediately checked her walk-in closet. She heard the door open and nanny Shine entering.

    "Cali dear... Good thing that you agreed to be checked..." Nanny Shine commented with a smile and followed Cali inside. Her forehead creased seeing Cali trying to fit and check a lot of dresses.

    "What's going on?" nanny Shine asked, confused.

    "Nanny!!! He's my type, my ideal man... I could see the sparks and feel the impact! Hurry up and help me change into a good dress. Something better than what I'm wearing..." Cali burst as she undressed to change to another one. She also picked a shawl that matched her dress to hide her bald head.

    Nanny Shine shook her head. She was not sure if it was a good thing seeing Cali like that. If she was right, Dr. Dee was somewhat around ten years older to Cali... She suddenly felt sympathy for Dr. Dee seeing the predatory look in the eyes of her child.

    "Wait, what about Josh?" Nanny Shine suddenly recalled. She met that man who is even younger than Dr. Dee. She thought Cali and Josh's personalities would  complement well somehow.

    Cali's face crumpled and said, "Nanny Shine what about that bully? He's just a friend I'm comfortable hanging around with, to banter to. I told you... He's not my ideal type..."

    Nanny Shine sighed and helped Cali zip the back of her dress. That bully seemed to like her Cali though. Well, Cali was still young and had probably yet to experience the rollercoaster journey to love so she would just watch for naught and back her in her decision.

    "Is this better?" Nanny Shine heard Cali asked when she wrapped the shawl on her head.

    "Yes, you look stunning my child. Beautiful as always..." Nanny Shine smiled. Her child was too giddy and even squealing that she couldn't help but jokingly said, "I think you better see the psychiatrist seeing how crazy you're acting right now."

    Cali's face twisted and answered, "Hmmp... that's the effect of spark and impact nanny. I should go out soon to have my head checked. I mean I wanna grow my hair soon!"

    "Also, do you think it will be possible to get numerous visits? But maybe not... I might visit his clinic every now and then if he can't visit me often."

    Nanny Shine gently hit Cali's back and muttered, "This child! You should not act so desperate... You will shoo him away that instant..."

    Cali blinked at her nanny and mumbled, "Really?"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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