326 I Got I

    "Darling... Do you want to go out on a date?" Xander suddenly asked Yera while he flipped some of the books that her mother loved to read. They were in the basement, making sure they checked every single thing for a clue.

    Yera chuckled and said, "Why do you want to go out? Didn't we all agree that it's best to stay inside the mansion? "

    "Yeah, but I think I will need physical appearance... You see the company is facing some backlash and Rui is not actually familiar on how to handle it. My absence is giving the group a negative vibe so I have to show them that I'm in good health..." Xander explained because the report he got from Ron was not really good.

    Ron had honestly informed that Rui was actually having difficulties in handling the PR matters and Xander perfectly understood it. Rui actually did not want a position because he wanted to live a carefree life, however he was the one who strongly requested him to be a COO for personal matters. He somehow wanted Rui to stay longer in their country with him rather than roaming around while he did not know where the latter had been travelling.

    He heard his wife chuckle and ask, "How come you're asking me to go out on a date when you wanna go out to show yourself at your company?"

    Xander grinned and said, "Hmm, I wanna go out on a date too so I thought we can do both on the same day."

    Yera gave him a not so convinced look so Xander grinned and said, "Well I'm sure you will scold me or not agree to it if I said, I want to go out at work... I just wanted to see your reaction if I ever ask you to go out on a date... See if it's the same..." Xander playfully voiced out.

    "Hmm, I think it won't be good to go out for a date but I will consider you to go and show the board that you are now doing well. It is not good to stay outside for too long. It's still not safe for you out there, so if it's not really important, we should not go out."

    "Yeah... I'll just show up once and talk at the board meeting then. By the way Lyndon's trial is almost ending. We should attend the verdict..." Xander suddenly recalled and Yera nodded.

    Xander gave his wife a solemn look. He was feeling bad... He knew his wife's great passion in surgery and saving lives but here she was locked in with him. He bet his wife was dying to hold a scalpel in her hands... Yera's case should be solved  by now since everyone who wanted her dead was now being punished. Though there was still this missing piece on who was the one who killed the leader of the gangster and why? He believed it was not Lyndon because there was also no strong evidence that it was Lyndon.

    Dion said that it could be someone from Yue Clan but the motive was still unclear. He suddenly felt pain in his head that made him cringed and touched it.

    "What's wrong?" Yera asked, full of concern.

    "Is it hurting? Where exactly? Calm your breathing and clear your thoughts right now!" Yera instructed. Xander immediately straightened up his body and nozzled his lips.

    Yera fromwned and asked, "What are you doing?"

    "You say clear my thoughts? My mind is clearing only whenever you kiss me darling." Xander muttered with still pouting lips, aiming for a kiss.

    Yera chuckled at that and said, "You look like a duck..."

    Xander ignored her and moved even closer with his lips still nozzled at his wife. "Faster... I need head clearing..." Xander repeated.

    Yera 's mouth snapped shut as she shook her head. "Why?" Xander complained. "We can only do it once a week for now..." Yera muttered. Xander faked a naive look and asked, "Do what?"

    Yera  twitched her mouth and said, "If we kiss now... We will end up making love and as I've said you still need a few more weeks to be perfectly fine, so we can't do it often. Once a week will be the maximum."

    "We can at least just kiss darling..." Xander convinced . Yera however was not convinced because Xander usually ended up doing more than just a kiss so she firmly said, "No. I don't trust you. A peck will do but not the clearing kiss because that's too long."

    She quickly gave him a simple plain sounding peck on his lips.

    "What's that? Not effective at all!" Xander complained with a grumpy face that made Yera laugh. Yera ignored him and grabbed some random book and flipped it.

    "Don't complain and let's work on finishing this. I'm sure your mind is already cleared hearing you complain a lot." Yera denoted when suddenly something fell on the floor when she flipped the book.

    She paused and exchanged a startled stare with her husband.

    "Is that a note?" she heard Xander asked. "I'm not sure... Could only be a bookmark? I didn't see... Let me pick it up..." Yera mumbled as she bent down on the floor to find what was it that slid under the couch they were sitting on.

    Meanwhile, Xander got nervous finding out what it was. He was hoping it could be something of use. He picked up the book on the table that Yera was flipping a while ago, it was one of the crime books of his mother. Maybe because of the nature of her job, Xander's mother had a lot of crime based story-books.

    "I got it!" he heard Yera burst who was still on the floor with her arm raised up with it.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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