327 Letter

    Senior Yang exhaled loudly before he opened the note Yera found while flipping one of the books his wife wanted to read. It turned out that Xander was right.

    He unfolded the letter... Kanya had written a date also on it, and if he was not mistaken it was only a day before she died.

    Senior Yang closed his eyes seeing it was indeed Kanya's handwriting.

    Dear James,

    I hope I'll be able to tell you all of this in person before you find this letter. I am writing this letter because I heard my dad has passed away at country V. Yes, me and Kelly were not really orphans but we are from country V. For once I thought it's no longer needed for me to write this nor is it important for you to know about my past, but I'm having a bad feeling since my dad has died and that too after knowing that it was not a natural death.

    We are from Yue Clan, one of the three clans forming the Mirage Triad. Each of the three Clans are very powerful and are dominating the world in business... The triad is a sacred group and they have always maintained their privacy and kept themselves a secret from the public, so I guess it will be the first time you've heard of it. Yue Clan were training Shadow Beauties and we were a part of it, me and Kelly. They were girls that were trained to kill since birth, assassins in short.

    When my father ruled and became the King, he strongly opposed the said tradition because he wanted to start a good and clean regime for Yue Clan but only a few people supported him in this idea. Father then started building up a legal company that focused on electronics to show to the whole Clan that we could still be powerful without building up Shadow Beauties but most of his siblings did not want to end that tradition, saying they needed that to surpass  the Quan Clan and Tai Clan.

    Kelly and I were forced to go to a deadly mission and dad then arranged everything to save us from the ugly tradition of the clan. He faked our deaths and eventually sent us here at country D to live a new life. Our father promised our safety as long as he lived, but he wanted us to still get ready in case something bad happens.

    I had a great time here in your country, both me and Kelly met the man whom we could share our lives with. Kelly died while giving birth to Bernard and my father probably was too disheartened because of that. He fell sick and I heard he had been struggling for years to keep his position and keep me safe from his other siblings who were greedy to snatch power away from him.

    I know I should have told you about this as early as I could but I was scared. James, I know it was selfish but I got scared of losing you. I was scared that you will carry the burden of my past and background. It was really hard for me, my dear James, to keep everything inside me and not tell you anything.

    I love you and Xander... I love you both too much... Please remember this if anything happens to me!! If any of my uncles found out that I am alive, especially uncle Yun or uncle Marcus, one of them would probably kill me and then Xander as well for having my father's blood running through our body because in the Mirage Law... My father's blood, as the previous  king, would be the sole heir to reign Yue Clan. Kelly is dead already so Bernard's life would be in danger too if that would be the case.

    Yue Clan has a very cunning way of killing. They should not jeopardize the group or either way they would pay for it. If anything really bad happens and I'm no longer by your side... Please try to contact my auntie, she is the only person you could trust. Her name is Ester Chang.

    I Love you so much James. Please forgive me. I love you and please tell Xander how much I love him too. You two are my world and the reason why I wanted to live...


    James' tears kept falling as he stared at the letter. His heart ached for his poor wife. How much evil did someone like her and Kelly have experienced when they were growing up in that clan. He couldn't imagine that behind such an adorable smile from his wife was her inhuman and cruel past. He felt so bad for Kanya and he himself felt so useless and powerless that he was unable to protect his wife well.

    "I'm sorry too Kanya..." Senior Yang murmured as he sobbed hard.

    Meanwhile, Yera and Xander were already inside their room to sleep. "Do you think father is okay?" Yera asked. She and Xander had already read the letter that they found and Xander chose to give the letter to his father after their dinner so he could read it while he was inside the room.

    Xander sighed and tightened his embrace around Yera followed by a loving kiss on her forehead and said, "Yes, dad will be fine. He's probably crying right now and wants to be alone so it's best we let him be for now."

    "Darling..." Yera heard Xander whisper.

    "Huh?" she breathed.

    "I am sorry..." She heard Xander whisper.

    "Why are you saying sorry?" Yera said as she gently broke away from Xander's arms to look at his face.

    "For having a complicated background like this. You've been through a lot already and yet you've been married to a person who had a price labelled on his head. You deserve a happy normal life..." Xander stressed.

    Yera crumpled her face and said, "Stop saying that! I was the one with a complicated background before but you stayed with me! I will no longer talk to you if you start saying nonsense things like that again!"

    Xander could feel his wife getting furious so hugged her and kissed her cheek and said, "Noted darling..." followed by a kiss on her lips.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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