328 Looked Exactly Alike

    At Life Hospitals Group

    Rizie assisted Dion in managing the company. She blocked Dion's schedule and had the latter stop receiving patients for a while or else Dion would get absolutely drained not physically as well as mentally. It would be better that he focussed at his CEO and Vice Chairman position backing up his sister Yera as the reappointed Chairman.

    She admired her boyfriend a lot because not only was he doing great as CEO and Vice Chairman but he was also helping his brother-in-law in the Mirage case.

    Rizie smiled as she picked up the calling card of the designer recommended by her sister-in-law Keira. Good thing she had her mom, sister and sister-in-law to assist her with the preparations of their marriage. She discouraged Dion from getting involved in everything else except for his suit fitting, because she knew Dion already had enough on his plate at that moment.

    She looked at the clock and it was almost time to get off from work, yet Dion was still in a meeting. After a little wait she smiled when she saw him approaching.

    "Are you done?" she asked.

    "Yup... I'll just get the car keys then we will leave," Dion answered. Rizie grabbed her bag and bid her farewell to her assistant because she would leave first. Her assistant nodded.

    Her relationship with Dion was already known to everyone at Life Hospitals group by now. Well, that news travelled so fast.

    Rizie was humming inside Dion's car when she suddenly choked on her saliva. Dion laughed witnessing that and teased, "I bet Shan is cursing you with all her capacity by now..."

    Rizie grinned and said, "Why? Those are nice lingeries you know. They will soon be blessed with a baby because of my thoughtful gift. I bet I have given the best gift among all the others..."

    She gave Shan her gift that morning to congratulate the latter for getting married to Ron. She was with Dion when she bought those lingeries...

    "Well the others probably gave them the most expensive gifts." Dion replied, indicating towards the gift given by Xander and Yera.

    "Whatever.. Mine is still the best. I'm good at choosing such tempting lingeries. I wonder how mom will react once she also gets those gifts from me." Rizie laughed at the thought of her mom's reaction once she gave her mom the lingeries.

    "It would be epic Di, mom's expression would definitely be epic. Hehe.." Rizie murmured. Dion shook his head while grinning at his fiance who was obviously enjoying being playful in giving lingeries as gifts.

    They were headed towards a restaurant that Rizie book for dinner. Dion could not help but tease his girlfriend during the ride. "How about you Riz, let me choose lingeries for you... I bet you will like them all. Better than the ones you chose for Shan and mom." Dion mumbled with a mischievous grin.

    "Over my dead gorgeous body... I will prefer comfy shirts without underwears. How about that?" Rizie fought back, not letting his boyfriend win the teasing.

    Then she challenged , "Or I might consider one if you also wear something I will buy for you on our wedding night."

    "Call..." Dion quickly replied and snapped his fingers at her. He would make sure to choose the best lingerie for his future wife. Rizie rolled her eyes and murmured, "You're enjoying this huh? Just wait and see. You sure gonna love what I will choose for you..."

    The couple's bantering was cut off when Dion suddenly received a call from Chad.

    "Yes Chad?" Dion asked with the speaker of his phone on.

    "I will be in your country next week. Let's meet. I got something for you..." Chad said.

    "Alright..." Dion quickly ended.

    "Hey why did you end it so soon. I wanna talk and greet him too. It's been a while since I last saw Joh... I mean Chad. Okay then,, I shall go with you when you'll go to meet him," Rizie muttered.

    "No... It's a men's only meet-up so why would you come?" Dion plainly commented.

    "Men's only meeting? You two will talk about Mirage so it's okay for me to be there. Besides, I know John more than you know him. Leave it, just give me his number so I can contact him myself to hang out..." Rizie with raised eyebrow stated. It was really awhile since she last saw John and it would be nice to say hi and hellos since they knew each other.

    Dion was quiet for some time before saying, "No need to contact him. I'll just bring you when I'll go to meet him, okay?"

    They arrived at the restaurant and the couple were still quiet when they were having dinner.

    Rizie was uncomfortable with Dion's silence. She looked around but paused her eyes at the entrance door and whispered, "Oh that's sis-in-law..."

    Dion also followed her gaze and saw a familiar face that encircled her arms on Keira's arm. "Dr. Yao?" Dion whispered. Rizie was startled too.

    Keira seemed to notice Rizie on the table not far from the entrance and she walked towards there.

    "Sis," Rizie greeted. "Dr. Yao?" Riz added, looking at the woman who was with Keira. She looked exactly like Dr. Yao except for her hairstyle and color.

    "Dr. Yao?" Keira mumbled, looking at Rizie with a furrowed forehead.

    "Her?" Rizie pointed her finger to Dr. Yao whose arm was wrapped on Keira's. "Oh her? Right  you haven't met my sister Mara. Remember? She's the one I brought from that isolated island. We kept her  on an island with John for quite some time for her immunity... And you know to  teach her our ways..."

    The woman who Keira introduced as Mara greeted Dion and Rizie with an extended hand for a hand shake.

    Dion and Rizie exchanged meaningful gazes with still a dazed look in their expressions.

    "Hey you two? What's going on? Who is Dr. Yao?" Keira asked in a row seeing the couple confused and shocked. They stared at Mara then would look at each other then look back at Mara.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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