329 Long Nigh

    At Ron's Residence...

    Shan and Ron received congratulatory gifts from their bosses and some of their close acquaintances who got to know that the two had already registered their marriage.

    While Ron was cooking dinner, Shan checked out some of the gifts and her eyes widened especially at the monetary gifts cheque in the envelope from her ma'am Yera and boss Xander. The number of  zeros were too good to be true. Ron and her were both lucky to be working under such good bosses.

    The next paper bag she opened was the one Rizie gave her that morning. Shan reddened seeing what Rizie gave her. There were a few different styles and colors of sexy lingeries in it. "What the hell Rizie? There's no way I'm going to wear this!" she muttered looking at them.

    She heard the clicking of the doorknob of their room and Shan panicked so she quickly hid lingeries inside the paper bag and put it down on the floor.

    "What's happened? Why do you have this look on your face?" Ron asked with knitted eyebrows.

    "What look" Shan innocently answered with an awkward smile.

    "Well... The look that I almost caught you doing something bad or naughty?" Ron replied then added, "Dinner is ready..."

    "Oh alright," Shan answered and quickly stood up from the side of the bed but her eyes widened seeing Ron approached her and then checked the paper bag she put down. Her face reddened with embarrassment as Ron pulled what was inside the paper bag.

    "Oh Rizie gave that. Geez that girl. How can a single woman choose such super sexy lingeries. It's almost like I'm wearing nothing if I put those on." Shan said with a bit of a stutter, hoping Ron stopped checking it.

    "Let's go and have dinner..." she added and was about to walk already.

    Her jaw dropped when Ron suddenly handed her one of the lingeries, the red one. Shan stared at him with rounded questioning eyes.

    "Wear this one later after dinner..." Ron murmured before turning back and headed to the door while he added, "Let's go and eat first. It will be a long night. You have to recharge..."

    Shan gulped then pursed her lips. She looked at the red lingerie in disbelief.

    "Seriously?" She mumbled, cursing Rizie for giving her such too bold designs. She could not imagine herself wearing any one of those at all.

    Her  heart started to recklessly pump out of nervousness once more as she put the lingerie on the bed and hurriedly followed her husband to the dining room to beg him and spare her from wearing those lingeries or maybe she should just wear it and then cover herself with the comforter afterwards?

    Shan went down in a rush. She should finish eating first and let Ron wash the dishes instead because she would need a lot of time in deciding if she would wear that lingerie. A lot of time and confidence.

    Shan and Ron had their dinner. "Slowly... You'll get indigestion if you eat like that." Ron commented because he noticed Shan was having a spoonful of their meal in rows.

    "Do you need to rush?" Ron asked.

    'Yes I need to!' Shan quietly replied. Ron creased his forehead and waited but Shan already finished her plate without another word.

    He watched her drink a glass of water before looking at him and said, "I'll be going up already. Please wash the dishes."

    Ron nodded and watched his dear wife flee their dining room in a rush. He grinned while his eyes were still from where she left off. He bet his wife was too nervous at that moment. Shan was too shy whenever she would get naked in front of him, so unlike her when she was drunk and he found it rather enticing about her.

    He quickly finished his food to follow his wife upstairs and tease her once she wore the lingerie. He was so curious to find out how sexy it would look on Shan.

    When he went up in their room, Ron furrowed seeing Shan was not yet in the bed. He saw the lights on their bathroom so he grinned at the thought that Shan was still inside it.

    Shan had been staring at her reflection in the mirror of their shower room for about thirty minutes already. It was a red sexy g-string bow dress lingerie. There were ribbons tied at front that could be easily removed. Her nipples were the only area covered by the lace. Never in her wildest dream had she thought that she could ever wear something like this.

    After gaining more confidence, Shan decided to get out to run on their bed before her husband got inside their room. Besides her legs were already cramping from standing too long.

    She opened the door still looking at herself thus she did not notice Ron was already sitting on the bedside, waiting for her to come out.

    "Geez, it's so chilly..." she grumbled before tilting her head up.

    Her eyes widened seeing Ron was intently staring at her from head to toe. "You're looking so beautiful and sexy..." she heard Ron breathed in his husky voice.

    Shan turned deep crimson red at that praise and she unconsciously covered her bare rounded breast. Ron stood up and approached her with his burning gaze.

    "I should thank Rizie, for giving you such an awesome gift." Ron teased as his fingers started to trail on Shan's arms going up on her shoulders to her collarbone and neck. Shan wondered when would she stoop trembling on her husband's touches like a naive little girl.

    She gasped when his fingers started to trail down...

    "You should wear one of those lingeries each night. Rizie was really thoughtful to gift you an entire week of excitement..." Ron whispered. Shan chuckled because she did not even bother to count how many were inside the paper bag like her husband did.

    'So there are seven different colors and styles?' she inwardly thought before it was followed by her soft moans. She wondered how long would this night be?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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