330 The One Responsible

    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    The next day, Keira went out to visit Xander with her husband Zach together with Mara. She still could not believe what happened last night when they accidentally saw Rizie at the same restaurant.

    That morning, Rizie sent her the profile of a pediatrician named Dr. Candice Yao, who used to work at her cousin Xander's hospital and Keira couldn't believe how she looked exactly like Mara. So she decided to go and visit her cousin that early because otherwise the curiosity would kill her.

    Yera was the one who first greeted them on the door and like Rizie, Yera had the same expression. "Dr. Yao?" Keira heard Yera mutter, totally in shock.

    "I guess Rizie and Dion did not tell it yet to you guys..." Keira mumbled.

    Yera led them in the living area, still confused about why Dr. Yao was with them, though she could feel something strange about Dr. Yao and she even looked a bit different. When they reached the living room, Keira introduced Mara and explained everything including their accidental meeting with Rizie and Dion last night.

    "So we want to find this Dr. Yao and have a DNA test done between them, because this is something so unusual..." Keira voiced out including her husband's intention to talk to Xander about an important detail on the Mirage.

    They waited for Xander to finish his therapy so Zach could discuss things about the status of the confidential investigation on Yue Clan.

    Yera could not help but to sneak glances at the woman called Mara who would give  her a warm smile whenever their eyes met. She looked exactly as Candice except her smile because Mara had this genuine warm smile on her face while Candice always donned her characteristic devious cunning smile.

    She was curious to see how her husband would react once he saw Mara. Senior Yang also came down and Keira immediately greeted and hugged her uncle. Senior Yang invited Keira and her company to have tea in the garden while they waited for Xander since the weather was nice.

    "So auntie... She was from the Yue clan? Oh God..." Keira gasped when they talked about the letter they found yesterday.

    "Yes," confirmed Senior Yang with a downcast tone. He was in a dilemma overnight because of Xander's life. He had lost his wife already and he did not want to lose Xander like that. He wanted to protect his son to the best he could.

    "The military held some of the suspected members of the Yue clan, Zach would arrange something so Xander can talk to them..." Keira burst, giving a spark of hope for her uncle.

    "Yes I can arrange it but I think it won't be safe for Xander." Zach hesitated knowing Xander's life was now in danger at any given opportunity for the enemy. So he suggested that they pinpoint all they wanted to know and it would be him to ask those people they held captive on behalf of Xander.

    "No!" Xander exclaimed who suddenly showed up in the garden and happened to hear Zach's suggestion.

    "If they are truly from the Yue clan then I should show myself in front of them... Introduce myself to them and personally ask them about the details." Xander firmly answered but paused when his gaze turned at the woman sitting beside Keira.

    "What the hell is she doing here?" He hissed. The woman stood up to approach him.

    "Hi... I'm..." Mara spoke but paused seeing the awkward reaction from Xander. Keira burst out in laughter witnessing that funny movement from her cousin who quickly ran to his wife's side and explained, "Darling, I don't know why she's here..." He was totally caught off guard and his face went pale at the thought of the reason Dr. Yao was there and how furious his wife could be. He definitely did not want any punishment at that moment from his dear wife.

    "Cuz stop that. She's Mara! The one who saved us from that indeginous island..." Keira explained laughing.

    "The one uncle and auntie adopted as your sister? The one who prefered to be naked than wearing clothes?" Xander asked in disbelief. He had heard about it and even assigned a team of doctors for her but he did not have a chance to meet her during all that time.

    Mara introduced herself and Xander finally accepted the hand shake? "By the way, I don't go around naked anymore..." Xander heard Mara talk with a chuckle.

    "Wow! She even talks now! Such a great progress..." Xander burst.

    "Of course she's good at fighting too. She wants to enter the military..." Keira boasted.

    "Wait Dr. Yao was in the news before... When we reopened the hospital and had an event... She and Yera... Uhn I mean there was even an online poll that time comparing them. How come you never saw her? They can be twins..." Xander uttered at Keira.

    "Cuz, we were so busy at that time that I didn't even get the chance to watch television and read any newspaper. That's why we're here only now because we only found out about it... Arrange a meeting between me and Dr. Yao" Keira responded.

    During the time of the Yang's reopening event, they were too busy with cleaning up the mess involving cases of various terrorist attacks not to mention she was nearing due to her pregnancy...

    They all chatted for such a long time that Senior Yang asked them to stay and join the family for lunch.

    Zach relayed to Xander the information they got about Mirage and Yue Clan in particular. Xander told him also about Yun, Marcus and Ester that were mentioned in the latter.

    Xander looked at his father and suggested, "Dad, I think we should show them mom's letter."

    Senior Yang nodded and stood up to get the said letter.

    "It must have been hard for your father..." Xander heard Zach comment.

    "Yeah... it indeed is. Who would have thought that we'd get involved with a crime organization."

    "Hang in there. I will make sure to help you guys out and look to the bottom of this. Stay strong..." Zach encouraged Xander.

    Xander nodded and said, "Thanks."

    Xander was aware that even the military was facing difficulty in penetrating The Mirage, but was grateful for any help they could provide him given that it was a personal family matter.

    "No cousin, this is not just a personal family thing. That clan... is the one responsible for all terrorist attacks in our country so they must be punished! Whoever from them is responsible should be punished!"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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